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  1. Looking for a repair person who can fix the door on my LG fridge.  After searching this board, Gualberto has been highly recommended, however, he was unable to fix the fridge as he says he can’t get parts for LG.  We also had Vincente from the repair shop on Colon.  He could not help.  We purchased the fridge at Costco 3 years ago.  Hoping to find someone locally before bringing a repair person in from GDL.  

  2. On 7/28/2019 at 10:36 AM, geeser said:

    Send me by PM your email address and I will send you my turn by turn log that will eliminate all your doubts. This log is up to date as of 3/19/19 and it the product of more than 65 round trips. 

    Sadly, too late.  Are you the person who created the document that chapalence posted?  If so, it would be helpful to have highway numbers included.

  3. On 6/8/2018 at 2:07 PM, ickytoes said:

    I am trying to get a message to a specific person … described above.  I have numerous Mexican doctors (male and female) and have had them for years.   I will be grateful for information on how to contact this particular doctora.  I'm asking for someone who knows of someone who used her and was very pleased.  People who used her are no longer in town.   Really no need for lengthy explanation here.

    Thanks for helpful information in advance. 

    No need for you to explain yourself to a rude and judgementalhis response was a waste of time to everyone but himself.

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  4. Yesterday, my husband and I applied for a Telcel plan rather than paying monthly.  A matter of convenience for us.  They ask for 3 references which we provided.  This afternoon, a rep from a Telcel showed up at our doorstep asking how long we lived here and if we owned the house.  Has anyone else had this experience?  We think this is overkill to simply get a cell phone package.  

  5. I’ve searched the threads and don’t seem to see an answer to this particular topic.  I’m in the US.  I want to use my Telcel phone to call another US number.  I’ve tried 001, 011, just 10 digits but nothing seems to work.  Has someone had success roaming in US and calling US numbers?  Thanks in advance, I’m on the go and no time for further research.  It’s rather urgent.

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