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  1. Oops!! Meant to ask about BORDER crossing.
  2. When driving to the McAllen TX area, where is the immigration office enroute? We understand that you should stop and get your passport stamped prior to exit and upon re-entry. TIA
  3. sanditoes

    Female American doctor in town

    No need for you to explain yourself to a rude and judgementalhis response was a waste of time to everyone but himself.
  4. sanditoes

    Telcel Reference Checks

    Tried to edit my post . Not Telmex, but Telcel.
  5. sanditoes

    Telcel Reference Checks

    No phone, just the plan.
  6. Yesterday, my husband and I applied for a Telcel plan rather than paying monthly. A matter of convenience for us. They ask for 3 references which we provided. This afternoon, a rep from a Telcel showed up at our doorstep asking how long we lived here and if we owned the house. Has anyone else had this experience? We think this is overkill to simply get a cell phone package.
  7. sanditoes

    Where can I find Valentine cards?

    Also Jose Melendrez’s store on the Ajijic plaza.
  8. sanditoes

    Telcel Wifi When in the US

    Thanks all.
  9. sanditoes

    Telcel Wifi When in the US

    How do I turn roaming on? I am able to make phone calls.
  10. I was told that I can use data on my Telcel phone while in the US. Any suggestions how to access this? Upon my arrival I turned my phone and data on and received service. Have not been able to access the service since. TIA
  11. sanditoes

    Shipping address for Amazon US

    Perhaps ask a friend who lives locally if it can be shipped to their home. I know several people who have items shipped from Amazon US. Gated communities are very easy to locate.
  12. sanditoes


    NOT CLOSED!! Dance Fit and Sit Fit. See link above. Studio is on the Carreterra just west of Juarez, mountainside. James is the instructor.
  13. sanditoes

    Inexpensive car rental guy

    Also snowbirdrentalcars@outlook.com.
  14. Thanks to all that replied. My results were, at best inconsistent. I call I’d made successfully would not go through a second time. But, I didn’t know about turning on roaming. Thanks Canyon Wren for this tip. Unfortunately, back in Mexico before that suggestion came through.
  15. I’ve searched the threads and don’t seem to see an answer to this particular topic. I’m in the US. I want to use my Telcel phone to call another US number. I’ve tried 001, 011, just 10 digits but nothing seems to work. Has someone had success roaming in US and calling US numbers? Thanks in advance, I’m on the go and no time for further research. It’s rather urgent.