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  1. Tracey just ask Google, there are many sites with exchange daily rates

  2. At Guadalajara Airport is the window for the cab service open/available late in the night for those needing a cab in the middle of the night? Thanks.
  3. Can you write the names and phone numbers of those two massage therapists you know about? Thank you.

  4. Back home in Washington state each week I used to make kombucha with blueberries added before the second fermentation. My husband and I both liked it so much that I had to create two sections in the refrigerator so we would have our "own". So, I also am looking for a SCOBY starter. I'll try to remember to let you know when I find it!
  5. Hi Red River Valley, I accidentally deleted our conversation about the thyroid medicine and your trip plans. I left my cell phone number for you in a pm. (I think that was a pm! I'm new here, so please excuse my fumbling.) so, could we talk on the phone further about this situation? Thanks.
  6. What are the rules of sending non-prescription medicine through regular mail from the USA to my Mexican address? Thank you.
  7. Thank you for your comments. Some names to consider.
  8. Has anyone yet found dessicated thyroid meds like Armour or Nature Throid brands in Mexico? I have been using it for a year with much success back in the states; and now that I'm living here, I don't know how to get more (besides a return flight back home)! Thanks!
  9. I need to see someone who can treat an underactive thyroid. How did it go with the specialist in Guad?
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