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  1. Only 93,000 miles. For sale to someone that wants to return to the US or to convert into an RV Excellent mechanical condition, clean title, current South Dakota registration.
  2. My dad came from Canada and had it done in Guad in November. In addition to the price below there was about $190 USD in pre op exams. I wrote about the whole experience here: https://www.retireinlakechapala.net/single-post/2017/12/18/Health-Care-In-Mexico-First-Hand-Experience You can PM me for more information. Here is the Quote: reatment : Hip Replacement Hospitalization : 3 Nights Total Stay in Country : 10-14 Days Doctor's Notes : Doctor's Notes: X-rays needed inorder to measure the prosthesis. We use anterolateral approach. Quantity : 1 Price : 15575 $ CAD Canadian Dollar (Price to pay at the clinic : 12500 USD
  3. All the agencies that do rentals in Ajijic are listed on this blog article. Hope you find it helpful https://www.retireinlakechapala.net/single-post/2017/08/17/Ajijic-Rentals-Where-To-Find-Rentals-in-Ajijic
  4. The day is finally arriving. The new pickleball courts in Chapala will be open for public play at the Monte Carlo Hotel on Wednesday, Feb 21/18. Entrance is at the end of the street through the side gate. Come out and play! For more information and to keep abreast of all the pickleball events and clinics in Ajijic, you can visit the Pickleball in Ajijic website. See you on the courts.
  5. My 89 year old father just came down from Canada and had his done by Dr. Mendoza in Puerta de Hierro. He had an excellent and efficient team and my dad is returning home this Sunday with a new hip. If you want more information you can PM me.
  6. Thank you. I did google it but must have missed this one. Tried Facebook too.
  7. Where can this place be found? Is it still in operation?
  8. There is more than one group interested in starting a new facility for pickleball in Ajijic. Right now there are some investors from Minnesota who are trying to start something. There is a group of them coming in February to check things out. I'll keep you posted.
  9. Pickleball is alive and well in Ajijic and being played at the Raquet Club in San Juan Cosala. Here is the club website: https://drhook50hp.wixsite.com/pickleballinajijic There is also a major move afoot to bring tournament play to Ajijic along with major new facilities. I will update this post as things progress but right now it looks like there will be a unofficial but large tournament to be held at the end of February.
  10. Thank you all for your replies. I believe we have chosen Dr. Mendoza who works out of Puenta de Heirro. All reviews and testimonials from previous patients are excellent. I will update this thread after the surgery in November.
  11. My father is in excellent health. No pills, no problems whatsoever. He has checked into private in Canada but there is only one in Vancouver that does hip replacements at the University. It takes a month to see the surgeon and the wait list from then is 6-7 months. Almost the same as the Health Care System.
  12. Thank you ladner for your recommendation. The fact is my father is in terrible pain and can hardly take a few steps. The hip is completely worn out. They won't give him anything more than Tylenal as a pain killer. He is finally seeing a specialist in 3 more weeks (after seeing doctors for the past 6 months) and the wait time for him in B.C. is another 10 months! The fact is that the Medical system in Canada is completely broke. He is going ahead with it whether he waits in pain and has it done in Canada or comes here and has it done. I know it seems crazy for an 89 year old to undergo such a surgery but I have a client who is now 92 and had the surgery done at 89 as well. She's a happy and healthy as can be and still living independently.
  13. My 89 year old father can't wait any longer for the crappy Canadian Medical System to get around to replacing his hip. Who has had a hip replacement done here who was happy with the job? Which Doctor? Clinic?
  14. First off, Superlake is NOT the place to do your grocery shopping. They have anything you can imagine and IF you just can't do without it then you have to suck it up and buy it there but you will pay for it. Think of it as a high end convenience store. Do all of your shopping at the Wednesday market (in Ajijic), Walmart, or Soriana (in Chapala). If you can't wait for Wednesday, as you already figured, it's the same market in Joco on Thursday or in Chapala on Monday. The Wednesday market IS significantly cheaper and keep in mind too it depends on which vendor you buy your produce from. They do not all have the same prices. The restaurants you mentioned are certainly mid to high end for here. Watch for specials like Johanna's Schnitzel on Tuesdays and eat at places like Cocinart or Teocintle. There are many excellent quality restaurants that are cheaper. Also don't be afraid to take out pizza from the Wednesday market (only 110 pesos for a huge pizza), or take out chicken from one of the roadside stands or chicken places. Even Adalita's has specials that reduce the cost, like their Tuesday rib special, (which not as good as it was) still helps to reduce the price. Once you make the move to live here you will find many ways to reduce your expenses in time. I, too, have been keeping accurate records of expenses and coming from Vancouver, I find the savings to be closer to 60% than living back there.
  15. Try using WIX and doing it yourself. It's so easy. They got great videos and lots of online FAQ's answered.
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