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  1. I had been working in cardiac fields for decades and had worked with pacemaker companies such as Intermedics, Guidant, Sorin and Boston Scientific in Japan, I would recommend that you should visit drs nearby where you are now and ask for what kind of pacer would be suitable for you as there are many cardiac generators, single/dual chamber, leadless, MRI adoptive. The prices for devices vary a lot country by country as manufacturers mark up depending on the national health care coverage. And of course, the prices depend on the functions.
  2. I am happy to tell you that I had reserved a room with kitchen facilities at Hotel Villa de Angel 19th, and I have told and got a permission to have a couple of friends. So far I have 4 attenders. 2 more people can join us. Will PM for details for attendants. Cstone, thanks for info. Klm, appreciate your generous offer. Arigato!!! MG, CG, I became a kind of "loco" and not sensitive now. Do not worry I am happy. To see smiles is one of my wishes this time.
  3. AM, thanks for your input. MG, will get a permission before I conduct a seminar or meeting. The numbers are limited and no traipsing person is expected. CG, it is all right, I will not give up yet. The reason why I like to hold a seminar in Chapala are is simple, we do have a home in GDL where I can conduct without any husstle, but I thought it might be more convenient to do a course in lakeside area . My motive is very simple too, I just want you to learn what is authentic Japanese foods are. I have travelled many countries and understood only a few restaurants served me right. I'd be very happy if the attendees can pass on whatever learned to your family or friends.
  4. I am looking for a hotel with a kitchen space in lakeside area. I do not mind charges. I am planning a sushi seminar on or after the 19th of Feb., I will show you how to prepare gyoza and how to sharpen knives as well. The admission is free. There are still rooms for attendees (3 more) . First come, first served. Arigato in advance
  5. AM, I am no scientist, and I can not explain you why but from my experiences as a mechanic and a racing driver(I have overhauled many engines) I can tell that carbon deposits built onto spark plugs and valves will be blown away if you run engine under little bit lower the redzone for a while. http://www.ngk-sparkplugs.jp/english/techinfo/qa/q14/index.html
  6. AM, Generally speaking regular gasoline does not contain additives as premium ones because it does not produce cinders much. Of course it will formulate/accumulate carbon sludge and cinders for a long running time. Premium gasoline produces more cinders because of its octane natures=low ignition point. It has to have additives to prevent from engine deposits. However it is not powerful enough to clean up combustion chambers and/or fuel systems throughly as many oil companies advocate. It may be more practical to give a engine high rev shot once in a while for burning out carbon sludge.
  7. There is no any specific maintenance procedures as to German cars as far as I recall. I had driven German cars, and had maintained my racing cars by myself for years. I am not a professional mechanic but do have a mechanic licence (engines). I guess you just find some good experienced mechanics who will do good jobs.
  8. CG, I had similar plants in Tokyo a long time ago, and the plants got diseases called anthracnose which is curable. Just go and find some pesticide. Yo no creo o no guess, pienso que it will work so relax, ja ja ja.
  9. Honorandfaith, if you can wait 3 mos or so, I can do it for you for free. FYI, most of all Japanese knife smith does not finish the edges, they make and deliver the knives to sharpen nurses to get the knives sharpened. It is old fashions and practice for protecting their techniques from each other. All the knives sold here are not well sharpened; you have to sharpen the utensils by yourself or ask storemaster to sharpen according to your taste and skills. Japanese sushi chef does good job of preparing sushi but about 40% of them do not sharpen the knives well. As you may know, you need to maintain the sharpening stones properly, ie making the surface horizontally flat to give exact edge angles. (pls refer the 1st and 2nd pics) The last pic shows some of my knives (single edged) to prepare sushi.
  10. Yes, it has been 9 years since they bought a company and started productions in Japan. They also get synthetic sharpening stones locally and distribute to the world market
  11. CG, I agree. I would ask a whistle man to sharpen axes, butcher knives and machetes to get shrpened, because they do not require fine sharp edges. When we cut the hard objects with force it is even better to have rather rounded bevel to maintain cutting quality for a longer time. But when it comes to sharpening cooking knives I prefer hand sharpening with stones The most difficult part is sharpening curved part(belly) right before the point, you need to lift up the edge angle slightly in order to trace the curve. It depends on the coditions of knives but it only takes 10-20 mins to get razaor edge. If you use wooden chopping board instead of the plastic ones, sharpness lasts longer. FYI, a Solingen knife maker, Zwilling J.A. Henckels has been manufacturing in Japan, so many products are not made in Germany anymore.
  12. If the tyres you want to change are not common ones, it might be better to check the manufacturing dates of the products which are generally shown in 4 digit on the sidewall. The first two digits shows the week and the last digits exhibit the year made. The picture below exhibits the tyre was made in the 39th week of 2016. The Japanese manufactures such as Yokohama, Toyo and Bridgestone including Firestone will not ship out the products exceeding 3 yrs post manufacturing date. They also guarantee quality and performance characters will not deteriorate for 5yrs if the products kept and stored properly. If the brand new tyres passed too many years on the shelf it may be better to change shop or brand.
  13. Sharpening knives is one of my hobbies. I have been doing for over 50 yrs. There are many ways of sharpening. I believe hand sharpening with sharpening stones would be the best. If you do not cook often you may use sharpening bars (sharpening steels) to get your knives sharpened. However, it will hold the sharpened edge for a very short period of time as you can see the butchers do many times a day. If you can find the utensils like shown below which does much better jobs than whistle men. It does not require any special technique. I brought sharpening stones from Japan since I could not find any sharpening stones such as Arkansas oil stones or Japanese wet stones in GDL. Next time(Jan or Feb '19) I come to GDL I may show you how to sharpen the knives if you take interests.
  14. Are AEDs(Automated External Defibrillators) available in Mexico? If you have a cardiac disease history in the past, it is better to think of getting the one which really saves your life. In case you have VT (ventricular tachycardia) or Af(atrial fibrillation) etc. and get fainted, your partner/spouse and/or bystanders can apply by simply following voice guidance. It is not cheap (around $1,200) and requires routine maintenance, ie battery and electrodes exchanges in 4-5 yrs. But it may be worth it.
  15. If you stick to wild salmon, go and see where you can find Alaskan, Canadian, Russian salmon at stores. All salmon from Norway or Chile are farm raized! The difference between wild and farm raised salmon are: Wild taste much much better and expensive. Nutrition wise as per one of my friends who works in salmon farms in Chile, farm raised one got more fat but rest are basically the same. However farm raised salmon get overfeeded such as maiz, pork, chiken, antibiotics, artificial vitamins and colorants. In fact in 2013 Norwegian government warned pregnant women not to take farm raised salmon more than twice a week. I do not know how you would cook salmon but if you prepare sashimi or sushi, salmon should be defrosted beforehand. As sometimes wild salmon have parasites(anisakis) as shown in the pic presented by AngusMactavish. If you cook, grill, or boil they will be dead and safe. Besides freezing I always use small black light to check fish.
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