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  1. Does one come here and if so where?
  2. Would appreciate any helpful information from experienced person with same via PM. Thanks..
  3. I have an over and under unit and works just fine. You can wash simultaneously.
  4. Can't tell for sure from the photo buy appears to me that the area is boxed out.
  5. The house flies are mostly airborne except when they want to fly into my ear or into my nose. Will the spray be able to mist them down?
  6. I am not content with the fly sprays available in Walmart. Many years I had some from an animal feed store and when you spayed you could see the flies immediately fall. Do you know a local store whee horse and cattle farmers buy their chemicals? Thanks.
  7. They moved about a half block further toward the lake on the left side.
  8. Maybe a leak in your Aljibe or the float is stuck in the off position.
  9. Two blocks North of the stop light coming to Chapala from Ajijic take a left and in another two blocks take a right and about two blocks down toward the lake on the NE corner is a place that does it and fits it to your shoes, They take an impression to you feet.
  10. We are starting to look for a dog. Can you tell me if this golden has been adopted yet?


    Eleanor 766-0926

  11. Exceptions occur. Including when the 3rd is on a weekend or US holiday it is deposited the day before. Delays occur when the 3rd is a Mexican holiday it won't show up until about the 5th add that to weekend days if applicable..
  12. Extraction of water from aquifers would be from wells. They do publish from time to time the depth of waer from them but there is really nothing they do about them without limiting water extraction from them. What could they do in the way of control and oversight?
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