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  1. Please pm me for more info if you're interested in Workbook #1 of Warren Hardy. In good condition, no writing in the workbook.
  2. Sandrita, I sent you a pm with a recommendation in case you have not already found someone.
  3. Thank you so much K...I appreciate your help.

  4. Selling set of Warren Hardy Verb Cards. In excellent condition. For use with Warren Hardy Spanish classes offered at Lake Chapala Society. Please pm me for further info. One hundred easy to read 3×5 cards. Contains the 100 most common Spanish verbs. One side shows the infinitive form in big print. The other side shows all conjugated forms of the Spanish verb plus memory tips for easy retention and the noun that goes with the Spanish verb. White cards are regular – AR verbs Blue cards are regular – ER;IR verbs Pink cards are irregular verbs. Yellow cards are reflexive verbs.
  5. I enjoy board games, playing cards, or book clubs. I'd like to join one that meets East of Ajijic--LaFloresta, SanAntonio, or Riberas area. Please let me know if there are any that I could join. I'm not familiar with some board games like Settlers, etc., but I could watch until I learn. Thanks for any info.
  6. Thank you for your inquiries. I'm sorry for the delay in posting a reply. The book is now sold.
  7. Warren Hardy Level 4 Spanish Workbook for sale. Brand new. Never used. 550 pesos.
  8. I'm looking for a hair dresser who comes to the house to cut women's hair. Thanks for any leads.
  9. Is Linda Hardy who provides the meals service via Abuelinda or Healthy Helpings still in the area? I've tried contacting her several times, but no reply, so just wondering if she has stopped the meal service. Thanks for any info. This is the contact info I have for her: Abuelindascuisine@gmail.com or 766-0955.
  10. Is Linda Hardy still providing a meal service via Abuelinda and HealthyHelpings? I have her contact info, but have not received a reply, so just wondering if she has stopped the service? Thanks for any info. This is the contact info I have for her: Abuelindascuisine@gmail.com or 766-0955.
  11. For sale: Warren Hardy Spanish, level 1. Like new condition, no writing. The price to purchase these books new has gone up significantly. Contact me for a good deal.
  12. For sale. Like new condition. Please pm me for more info. (The next Warren Hardy session starts the first week of November.)
  13. Warren Hardy term 2B starting May 12th--they need one more student to run this class. New teacher who is getting good reviews. If interested, please sign up at LCS office--we're a group of students keenly interested in progressing and helping each other.
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