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  1. Hope what I heard is wrong! Consistantly excellent and wonderful staff! Enyone know?
  2. Call Carlos! 3331009690 only if you want it fixed and really fixed. Our devices, our desk top Mac was running sooooo slow, my email, my new Mac book Pro all a mess. I spent 1.5 hrs on the phone with Apple Care. They couldn't figure it out so my mess was sent up to enginerring and for me taking too long! Carlos untangled the mess and it was a mess everywhere! It is all running smothly now. He is one of those rare guys that gets it all done right the first time. Look for IHelp Ads for a coupon!
  3. I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND iHelp! Carlos Martinez 3331009690 benno pronounced our computer Dead, and time for a new one. We called Carlos. He took it home with him researched our model and learned Apple had received a bad batch of electric circuts. He told us what part to order with a link to where we should order the part. When it came he took the part and Mac up to Guadalajara to a shop that had tools or this delicate surgery and it came back good as new. I dont recall what the cost was This happened last April. He is resourceful, helpful, also an excellent teacher fo
  4. Anyone have info? Saw 2 ambulances that left the scene. Around 3:00 pm
  5. Hoping to find a thermographer in Guadalajara. Usually they do both full body and breast thermography. Thanks
  6. Been there twice. Ordered the smallest steak that was veyr big. And very rare. Second trip I had the first appetizer on the menu and that was perfect for my appetite (small) toke 1/3 home. You have to ask for postres ! I ordered flan my fav!!! And it was a wow presentation. They should bring their potrres offerings on a tray to the table and they would sell more! Yes hot inside the grill generated heat. The menu descriptions needs .work! Sides need work their fries frozen need work! Staff very gracious they could use a host. It's small low budget operation. Concern I have is the wooden p
  7. Went to Monte Cristo last week. It was very busy one big group. Your meals were beautifully prepared. And presented timely. Service very attentive. They have doors now to close off the front, so it is cozy inside, Haven't been to Anica recently but it looked busy last drive by. Eric needs to be there to be the charming host that he is. His energy makes big difference!
  8. I too thought he's is thoughtful very good with our cat and I'm glad to know he does pet sitting as well. He is there before 9:00 but I'm not sure how long he is there. He offers his cell number. Give him a try. I was happy.
  9. I want to keep our new Equipales Patio furniture looking nice. What should I use and where can I get it. I was thinking Lanoline or mink oil? A place that repairs or sells saddles for horses. Thanks!
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