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  1. I have no mobility issues and have to use great caution in Ajijic. The cobblestones make it tricky for eeveryone - always ;look down!
  2. also, go to Trustedhousesitters.com
  3. First, steam cleanng is good *unless* you have a pillow mattress. If you do, you'll destroy the feathers. Amazon sells some matress covers that supposedly are so tight nothing gets through the You might investigate that.
  4. Since it sounds like no one was hurt in the robberies, why not just get a large dog.
  5. I'd like to recommend Ajijic Tree Service. Generally half the price of CTS. It's a family business run by local brothers. They've done a lot of work for me with all the right permits. Ask for Francisco, ‭(333) 452-9843‬.
  6. You might try reloading your stations. In my TV it's in BROadcast, and then something like AUTOPROGRAM.
  7. It's probably too late to help, but I get my form stamped in Guadalajara. The INM guy knows I'm changing IN DF, but stamps me anyway. It's a lot easier and gentler to do it that way.
  8. I just wish i saw swarms of their trucks.
  9. Pian's crispy shrimp is excellent, and their rolls are always fresh and tasty.
  10. I use Calmante. My girl is big so I give her two, and it seems to help a lot.
  11. I've used it coming and going. Follow signs to Zapotlanejo. If coming to Lakeside, you need to reverse direction at the first retorno. Not so for heading north.
  12. Can I sell a Canadian plated car in Mexico? I'm Temporale.
  13. What's happening in the area for Día de los meurtos and surrounding days? Anyone know? Cheers, Michael
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