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  1. Canada-Mike

    vehicle legalization

    Can I sell a Canadian plated car in Mexico? I'm Temporale.
  2. What's happening in the area for Día de los meurtos and surrounding days? Anyone know? Cheers, Michael
  3. Canada-Mike


    Best yogurt in the are is Smitty's, hands down.
  4. Canada-Mike


    I use Uber. Maybe P$250.
  5. Canada-Mike

    How to call 1-800# with cell phone?

    Perhaps. Not sure, so good question.
  6. Canada-Mike

    How to call 1-800# with cell phone?

    This is what I use and it generally woks: Calling from Mexico to US or Canadian Toll Free numbers: For 800 numbers: Dial 001-880 & the seven digit number For 866 numbers: Dial 001-883 & the seven digit number For 877 numbers: Dial 001-882 & the seven digit number For 888 numbers: Dial 001-881 & the seven digit number
  7. Canada-Mike

    Uber from GDL

    I've had luck with Uber. And a local guy (Chapala) gave me his contact info so I can get him directly. Since i'd met him that seemed fine.
  8. Canada-Mike

    Tripadvisor, por favor

    Of course, I never wanted to suggest that TA is a bible. I do find it helpful, even though there are things I can't understand. Ajijic Tango, for example was rated number one for ages, and I don't think that's deserved. Also, some people will give one star because they got (what they considered) bad service. OTOH, when there are a sufficient number of reviews, it can be helpful.
  9. Canada-Mike

    Tripadvisor, por favor

    Even though I'm NOB 😪 I like to follow reviews of new restaurants. I would like to suggest that everyone add their two pesos to the restaurant on TripAdvisor. If you like a place and want it to stay in business then promoting it so it gets a good ranking can help. One of the factors in the ranking is the number of reviews, in addition to the ratings. Some places I have recently read about here like Tremezzo, Xolo Cocina, and Purple Garlic Pizza are ranked way down because of the number of reviews. So, consider using this service which a great number of trvellers do. I review there under the name Canada Mike.
  10. I drive down from Toronto with my 90 lb Bernedoodle every year. Usually we take 6-7 days, as I don't rush. I recommend the La Quinta motels; everyone there has a dog, and there's no surcharge. It's trickier inside Mexico since accepting pets is unusual. I use Las Palmas Midway Inn.
  11. Canada-Mike

    Francisco Mechanic

    I use Felipe Morales, Hidalgo #90A, Riberas del Pilar. Fabulous mechanic. ‭(376) 106-2188‬
  12. Canada-Mike

    Upholstery guy?

    I also had issues with Las Vegas. Try Miguel, Oscar's son: ‭(331) 305-7307‬.
  13. Rick S is correct -- that's the bridge I followed. I knew something was wrong when I was three feet below eye level at the toll booth!
  14. Canada-Mike

    Permanente Needed

    Do use a lawyer.
  15. DO NOT follow signs to International Bridge - it is for trucks only.(As I learned the hard way.)