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  1. Thanks! I have not had any problem until now. with 16 panels and very little use of electricity, this is a surprise and concerning. Hope you continue to have good luck!
  2. My CFE bill shows usually over 400 KWH of power.. I'd be very interested in how you dealt with them.. A friend had solar installed a few months ago and. hasn't yet shown signs that they are giving them credit for their production.
  3. who installed your solar panels




  4. I posted a few months ago about a hinky CFE bill that I received. I have continued to be billed - even though I have 16 solar panels and use very little power. It appears that what happened is that they simply have stopped giving me credit for the 400 KwH energy that I produce each month, then charge me for the 125 KwH that I use. Hum... A visit to their office got me nowhere so I am now talking to my attorney about this, who says I am not the only one who has had this issue and she has another attorney friend who is helping someone else try to straighten this out with CFE - to no avail as of yet. Is anyone else having this problem? If so maybe a group of us should combine efforts to push back against CFE
  5. Go Solar - I did ask CFE when I was in their offices about the credit for solar users and they told me that once a year they drop all credits from accounts. I had been told a couple years ago - sorry, not by them because I did not have any issues with this until recently - that the policy was for a 12 month rolling credit cycle as you have previously noted. I asked if this was a change in policy and the gal I spoke with seemed a bit unclear. She had to go into the back office for about 10 minutes to find out why none of my previous 2,500 KW credits were not applied to this month's bill.
  6. What Go Solar wrote is absolutely NOT what I was told yesterday. The gal I spoke with took my documents and went into the back room for about 10 minutes, then returned with the word that they had dumped all my credits and I had to start over. I am suspicious as this seemed to also happen about 8 months ago. Bottom line is that it appears that if I am not producing for them, they charge me and no credit is applied. 😞
  7. I posted a few weeks ago about a whacky CFE bill. I just came from the CFE office in Chapala and was told that even though I had a credit of over 2,500 kwh units that showed on the last billing period and i had an additional credit of 332 Kwh's credited to that amount for the billing period that ended in February, that this past billing period was a "new year" and they totally deleted all past solar credits. I had an odd thing going on with my electric last month and used 300 kwh's more than I produced but because they did a total dump of past credits, I had to pay for the over use. It was my understanding that solar owners were on a 12 month rolling cycle and only the back 13th month of credits was dumped each month - not an entire 12 months worth of credit. Has anyone else gotten the same story from CFE?
  8. I have the meter that shows 1 and 1.1. What do those numbers represent?
  9. This has been VERY VERY helpful. Looks like I need to go to CFE and ask what happened to the credit that showed on my previous bill. I'm looking back at bills from where I first bought the house 5 years ago and the usage appears to have doubled - If I am reading the bills correctly. So I guess I need to get a really good electrician in to figure out why because I have not changed my use at all. I don't run an AC, I don't run heaters in the winter. My father was one of the "turn that light off if you are not in the room" school, so I a very frugal with lights, etc. My meter doesn't have the 1.8 and 2.8 numbers. They look like this attached.
  10. Current and last bill. I looked at old bills and the last time I have a back page to a bill it showed 282 kWh credited for that billing period , for a total of 4884 kWh. I have NOT changed any of my usage. I'm attaching the latest bill and the one before.
  11. My meter flashes 3 sets of numbers. One is a string of nine 8's. One has a code on the left that says 1 and the other number has a code of 11.
  12. I have taken photos of my meter readings and looking at my bill but I have to admit I have NO idea what I'm looking at. Would someone be willing to call me and explain this bill to me? I just heard on another list that someone's neighbor who has solar and never has an electric charge just got a bill for $3,300 pesos.
  13. Has anyone received a hinky CFE bill this month? I have 16 solar panels and NEVER NEVER have a charge for electricity. This month I got a charge for $400 pesos. HUH? I was told a couple years ago that given my usage and how much I produce that I could go back onto CFE without my panels and not have a bill for a year. Not sure how to deal with this issue.
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