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  1. On 6/21/2021 at 2:12 PM, bmh said:

    What is very expensive?

    Fr exemple my mother in France  rent a nice one bedroom apartment in a building with restaurant and elevator. There are nurses 24 /7 . Each person has to wear a necklace  to call for help if they need it. There is a library and games and events weekly.

    Once a week a van take people wherever they need to go in town, barbers and hairdressers also come as well as many other suppliers.

    There is a nice garden with benches  to relax on .

    Electricity heat water are included, You have to contract for phone and internet. You can hire cleaners The laundry people also come once a week to pick up and deliver.

    You can hire help to help you daily if you like.  The monthly price  for the apartment is 200 Euros  My mother spends about 500 euros a month at the restaurant.

    If you become totally incapcitate with Alzeimer for exemple you canot stay there but you are signed in into another facility that has only private rooms and for that the price is 700 euros with nurses and doctors 24/7

    That is in a country where the realestate is more expensive than here and the help is expensive as you have to pay all benefits. Minimum 35 euros an hour for a cleaner  and up from there for nurses and helpers.

    How does it compare pricewise.?


    You are comparing apples to potatoes.  Different country. Different cost.  That does not mean it is not expensive FOR MEXICO.  You cannot make this comparison.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, bmh said:

    I think that if you speak with her nicely face to face it maybe different.. As a last effort.. Do you live in a place where there are rules or in the village? Some communities have rules and the management maybe able to help. In the village it is forget it ..

    The HOA manager has already spoken to her and supposedly she said she would do the best she could and so nothing is being done.

  3. 5 minutes ago, bmh said:

    Pretty uncooperative neighbor.. Are you sure the gardner spoke with her.. You should talk to her directly not via the gardner.

    Quite sure and I spoke with her once and typed a very nice note asking her to assist in solving this problem.  Never heard any response.

  4. On 7/21/2021 at 8:19 AM, bmh said:

    Zed first you say the palm is droping branches, which in my gook is part of life... you pick them up and put them in her yard or dispose of them. . 

    Then that the shrubs are damaging your fence, Can you ask her to let a gardener come in and cut the hedge back or the bushes back? That is what I do with the neighbors at the back. who let their bugam billia gtow all o our roof. THey have no problem as long as they do not pay..

    Her gardener told me she does not want to trim anything as she likes it that way, so it is not about money.

  5. 1 hour ago, artsnob said:

    try throwing a gallon of bleach over the wall, works every time...

    Bleach comes in flavors/scents????

    The roots are on her side, however, the overgrowth pushes my chain link fence.  Frankly, at this point, I am tired of being nice and getting no cooperation. All she cares about is what she wants with no consideration for me.

  6. 12 minutes ago, RickS said:

    I'm guessing Zeb is not going to ask for this kind of help here again. Too bad.  Seems to me that he/she DOES have a right to protect the  home property/fence and has seemingly done the right thing first for 2 years.... contact the neighbor looking for a solution.... to no avail.   


    Your observations are accurate.  I am reluctant to post anything because someone invariably finds the need to criticize instead of help.  I don't know what makes people behave this way.

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  7. 14 hours ago, MexSeekin said:

    If the tree cannot be trimmed any further back away from your property, how about simply picking up whatever debris falls onto your property and putting it in the trash?  I own a home in a heavily forested neighborhood in the States, and cannot imagine how I would react to a "politely worded" letter from my neighbor asking me to keep my trees' leaves from blowing onto her property.  I doubt, though, that the letter would be received favorably.  Leaves and other debris from trees scatter.  That's nature.  In the interest of friendly neighborly relations, I suggest coping with it -- and I don't intend this to come across mean spiritedly.

    I have done that the past two years, but now overgrowth etc is damaging my fence.

  8. I am having a problem with one of my neighbors.  Her palm tree drops its branches and dead parts onto my fence, yard, or driveway.  I have spoken to her about this.  I have also written a polite letter asking her to take care of this.

    She does nothing.  I went to the HOA with my problem.  I doubt that the Board will do anything.

    What are my options at this point?

  9. 1 hour ago, geeser said:
    331-763-8554  • Rosey 331 738-1814.  • Rosey
    In Chapala, Sastreria Karla, on Del Velesco (between Degollado and Miguel Martinez) 13:00-19:00 tel 332-131-5521. Turn at Bus station on Miguel Martinez to Rt on Acapulco to Rt on Del Velasco. Brown door on left

    Thanks.  I will try to locate.  The lady I have gone to in Ajijic is okay, but has no full length mirror and, really, that is a huge impediment.  I don't understand why she did not allow for this.  I cannot tell if something looks right or if the length is good.

  10. 8 minutes ago, bmh said:

    No, it is a reataurant accross from Barbara´s bazar


    Efren Gonzales is doing something with the 14th of July name in it.

    Well, not knowing what the heck it was, I looked on line and results showed a dating app.  I had no way to know it was the name of a restaurant in Ajijic. 

  11. 11 hours ago, bmh said:

    Zeb "le 14Juillet is celebrated on the 13. We dance all night and have fireworks on the 13th at 11pm or so. On the 14th it is a quiet day with military parade. No special meal for the 14th if you want to be authentic.  It is one of the rare holidays that we do not celebrate with food. 

    My questions was and still is "are there any events planned in our area?"

  12. I had used a seamstress I liked in Chapala, however, I cannot now find her location.  If anyone knows of seamstresses in Chapala, please let me know.

    I already know about Rosie and someone else in Ajijic, however, that is not for whom I am searching.

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