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  1. To report the end of the story, through a series of events with other plumbers, I called him again and he did come by and fix the problem correctly and was reliable, so I think it's just one of those times when people just screw up and it is not there normal way of being.
  2. Of course, anyone would be put off regardless of nationality.
  3. My plan was purchased at an AT&T retail store but, evidently, the records are not connected to the US.
  4. Can someone recommend a doctor of Sports medicine?
  5. Mine is supposed to work in the US. Last trip, it stopped working. I went into an AT&T store in Houston (actually went to three stores), and no one could help as they have NO record of any plan purchased in Mexico. The only thing that worked was WhatsApp.
  6. Is it possible to get someone to see me for dental care on a Saturday? Dr. Candy is my dentist, but I think the office is closed on Saturdays.
  7. I am making this request for a friend. She is looking for an inexpensive Casita or home centrally located as she will have no car. She is currently in another part of Mexico. She is coming back to the area to live here. She has no pets. Budget around 10,000 pesos. If anyone has any leads, please PM me.
  8. So, it's just as I remembered. They do take returns without a receipt in an exchange for a store credit. Thank you Bob.
  9. I know for sure that I have returned things there previously with no receipt. I think sometimes they just don't want to be bothered. Clerks usually are unprofessional. Once I had purchased a plastic container in Soriana. When I got home, I realized a part of it was damaged. I went there the very next day with receipt and was told they did not take back plastic containers. The return policy was printed right there at the desk and plastic was not under the non=returnable items. She said "oh, well that falls under a totally different category that we don't take back". That was all a lie. A few days later, I had someone else go there and return it with no problem.
  10. Went to return something today and was refused as I had no receipt. I just wanted a credit as in the past, but the answer was no. Did I get the wrong clerk or is this a new policy?
  11. Got his information from this Board. This is my experience. We had an appointment. Never showed. Never called. I called him the next day. Made some excuse about an emergency, so I said, ""well, you have a phone to call if you cannot make it". His response was "do you want to call me?" He obviously does not need the work. I just made appointment with someone else.
  12. I did message you. However, why not just post the information right here?
  13. I have searched the forum and there are recommendations and comments about different professionals, however, some of those date back to 2015 and the not much recent. If anyone has any recommendations from recent experience, I'd appreciate it.
  14. I cannot answer that question as I don't know. My impression is that they have some things that are loaners.
  15. The owners of this store really know what customer service is and the rest of Mexico should learn from them. If you are in need of a mattress, they will give you one to try for a few days, no money up front. If it does not work out, returning no problem. If you need a mattress topper for it to try out, they will lend you that as well at no cost. Really nice people, owner and brother.
  16. Anyone have a parallel cable I could borrow for a short time? I need it to check the function of an older printer.
  17. I agree. It does not matter your political leaning. Courtesy and respect of others is what matters.
  18. Go sleep somewhere else. No one wants to hear your snoring. This little posting is like what an immature teenager would do.
  19. As I have said before "attack the subject, not the person". It does not matter which side a person is on politically. The topic had to do with masks, not about politics. Why do we always have to check to see how the source leans politically in order to feel that it is acceptable? I think it's insane to do that. I posted something a while back from a reputable Houston doctor and his medical opinion on the vaccines. This physician has been around for a really long time and had a radio show. Immediately, someone looked up his background, and as soon as he saw that he was a conservative and his related involvements, he was discredited. That was hogwash and had nothing do with his medical credentials or medical opinion, but this is what it's come to. It reminds me of when Christians were hunted down for whatever they did, just because of their religious beliefs. This is where society is going....total intolerance towards those who disagree. Very frightening. And quite frankly, I don't know who is moderating this Boards, but it seems that no one really is. We are supposed to have a Code of Conduct on this Board, yet it is not enforced. Posters get away with insulting each other and being snippy. It's high schools all over again. No adult supervision.
  20. Don't know what you are talking about. I just said if it what the other poster wrote bores you, you are not obliged to read or respond. No trashing or baloney.
  21. But what you just wrote is a serious contribution......you are not polite.
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