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  1. 20 minutes ago, mudgirl said:

    Have you even asked at local viveros for someone who can do this for you? That is your best bet. The owners themselves or some of their employees may very well provide such a service.

    Have I "even" asked at local Viveros comes across as critical.    I know how to drive around and ask and I also know many will say yes, and yes I have done that.   That doesn't mean they can really do it or that they are reliable. After living here several years, I am not that trusting anymore.  I get a lot of "yes" I can do from people and the work is shoddy.

    The best way is to get a referral from someone.  Also, I had a person who said he was a landscaper and yet when I asked for drawings , more than once, he never provided them and what seemed obvious to me, is that he considers himself a landscaper because he installs landscaping.  That is not a landscape designer by any means.

  2. 9 hours ago, dichosalocura said:

    Well Zeb, I don't always agree with Mudgirl but seriously if all you want are edible plants, herbs and medicinals.  It might be more rewarding to research tropical or subtropical varieties that interest you and just order them online.  What can't be found in the local viveros Mercado Libre can be pretty amazing and sometimes the most available option.  And many of these edibles and herbs might do very well in decent sized pots and you can move them around as you see fit.  

    As stated above I don't want all,

    (1) just some incorporated with ornamentals.

    (2) someone experienced to counsel me on which to buy.

    Same original request.

  3. 34 minutes ago, AndyPanda said:

    Sometimes we want to pay someone else. In this case, someone who already knows all that. Or, you could take up auto-mechanics. All you have to do is look it up, right?

    Yes.  I did not want to have to do all that research or figure out the layout so that it is aesthetically pleasing and there is also the best way to combine them with Ornamentals.  Lots to know.

  4. 4 minutes ago, Natasha said:

    Yes, you are. In the sense that they DID meet in person until pandemic rules took over. Being the professional person that she is, Valerie would have changed the manner in which meetings are conducted until such time as person to person meetings are once again considered safe for all.

    I think you are answer should have been No that I am not mistaken as currently they only meet on Zoom.  Yes, it was an in person meeting originally, but now that information is irrelevant.

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  5. Quote

    I should have been more specific.  I am no looking for a virtual meeting on line.  I want a meeting in person.  That is what I want to start and if anyone from that group would like to join me, then please PM me.  If you have reservations and fears about this, then no need to send a message.  Everyone else, please do.


  6. Just now, Zeb said:

    Do not use R & R CONSTRUCTIONS.  It is a nightmare getting him to come back to fix one leaking skylight.  He is totally unreliable. He sets a time and is a now show.  Warranty means nothing!!!

    He is an :() because we discussed him doing my foundation work, so now he will not get that job over his not giving a damn attitude to honor his word.

    I don't know why that word was eliminated.  It is not a nasty word. I.d.i.o.t.

  7. Do not use R & R CONSTRUCTIONS.  It is a nightmare getting him to come back to fix one leaking skylight.  He is totally unreliable. He sets a time and is a now show.  Warranty means nothing!!!

    He is an :() because we discussed him doing my foundation work, so now he will not get that job over his not giving a damn attitude to honor his word.

  8. I really to find some Slippery Elm capsules to help with my medical problem.  I have checked El Jardin next to SuperLake and they do not have any.  I checked Amazon Mexico and there was none. 

    If anyone has any resource to get this, please contact me.

    I know there is another health food store in Ajijic on the Carretera not far from a butcher, but I don't know the name so I can call.  Getting out there personally is not so simple for me right now.

  9. So, R & R came out and did the job.  The roof is better, however, there are now two leaks.  He said he gives 5 year warranty.  He has failed to come out and repair the leaks after several unanswered calls.  Finally, today we spoke and he is to fix things, so we shall see......

  10. 7 hours ago, Ferret said:

    Interesting website but nothing about pricing that I could find. One thing that many people forget is the amount of space that you actually need as you get older. I purposefully bought a one bedroom/one bathroom one level house because it's perfect for aging in place. What about guests? I decided that I would rather pay for my family guests to stay two weeks in a local B&B than pay the extra $$$ for a larger home (and the maintenance that it entails) with multiple bedrooms & baths that are unoccupied for a large portion of the year. YMMV. imho, IF La Pueblita had some onsite short term rentals available to rent to members' guests, it might help some people downsize more easily.


    The pricing is under Membership types.  I finally located it.  A notation also states that there will be a adjustment of the monthly rate based on inflation, PLUS 0.5 % per year.  I have a feeling if there is deflation, there is no adjustment.....

  11. 35 minutes ago, Tomas said:

    I thought the admission fee was based on their : Silver, Gold or Platinum buy-in. Other than huge differences in upfront cost I do not know what one receives for the price differential. They ranged between $10 US and $100K. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

    I cannot do any correcting, because you may right.  I have been there, but I do no remember the fees and did not save the information. 

  12. 55 minutes ago, CHILLIN said:

    I have told this story before. It is supposed to be true, and concerns an American lady who moved to San Miquel Allende. She was a movie actress, who in good times built her dream bungalow. She had a full time housekeeper all the time. Well work dried up, as often happens with older actresses. Money became tighter, and the housekeeper decided to retire and move back to Mexico in a village near SMA. Money became tighter still, and the actress was forced to sell her home. She telephoned the housekeeper, to explain what was going, and how difficult it was to find a reasonable rental. The ex housekeeper told her, come live with me, I would love to have you and always enjoyed your company. The actress decided to do that. She flew to SMA and got a taxi to the address. When she got there her jaw dropped - the house was an exact replica of the bungalow she had built! The ex housekeeper explained that she loved that house, and carefully saved to get the copy built. As far as I know, they lived happily together ever after.

    Yes. I do remember this story.

  13. 25 minutes ago, bmh said:

    The no price on ads or come on is aMexican thing.. they list things for sale on the internet and then you have to ask for the price and then they send apprivate message like if the price was amajorsecret , it drives me nuts. In an Cristobal se las Casas I helped someone find an apartment and I would say that 90' per cent of the listings have no price and you have to ask... 

    I agree. It is insane thinking the can lure a prospect in this manner.  I just had an idea.  The next time I see something like that, after I have made inquiry as to the cost, I wold post a reply to it stating the cost for everyone else's benefit.

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