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  1. $30 X 12 = $360 USD. I am thinking this is the cost of one flight. Great if you don't care.
  2. Overpaying means creating inflation and higher prices for everyone.
  3. What a great way to get interest free loans. None of the airline policies are for the benefit of the consumer. Imagine if we could just book a flight, fly, then pay afterwards. How would that work for them? They use our money. We should use theirs. What a concept.
  4. Yes. Thank you for fine tuning that. That is exactly what I need to do and have done in the past. This time, I totally forgot this residency issue when I completed the reservation form. Since they are crooks, there is no other way to handle this.
  5. I don't think anyone is moderating as the rules for personal attacks are never enforced. This was a simple request I made and it turned into people criticizing and insulting each other. Why????Why is this not stopped????
  6. Correct. I said nothing about killing anything, only trimming.
  7. It is called a "non-resident" fee not a "non-citizen" fee.
  8. Rick, Maybe that is true or not. Are you a Permanent Resident? If so, and you are filling our their reservation form, it asks your citizenship. What then happens, automatically, is that they are charging a Tourist Tax on each entry into Mexico. This is illegal. We are not tourists and are exempt from this tax. Even their Call Center does not know this. I made the mistake of completing the form and putting in my correct citizenship. Years ago, my travel agent said the only way to fix this is to type is that you are Mexican. Instead of creating a field on their form asking for the Residency Information, they just take the money. It's about 30 USD on each trip.
  9. That's the most creative idea yet!!!
  10. Anyone have the e-mail address for Volaris Customer Service? It is almost impossible to find and I know why. It is the worse airline ever.
  11. You are comparing apples to potatoes. Different country. Different cost. That does not mean it is not expensive FOR MEXICO. You cannot make this comparison.
  12. Not trying to kill any tree, maybe some bushes.
  13. Actually, there are several options: Boiling water, bleach, white vinegar.
  14. The HOA manager has already spoken to her and supposedly she said she would do the best she could and so nothing is being done.
  15. Quite sure and I spoke with her once and typed a very nice note asking her to assist in solving this problem. Never heard any response.
  16. Her gardener told me she does not want to trim anything as she likes it that way, so it is not about money.
  17. Bleach comes in flavors/scents???? The roots are on her side, however, the overgrowth pushes my chain link fence. Frankly, at this point, I am tired of being nice and getting no cooperation. All she cares about is what she wants with no consideration for me.
  18. So many topics on here become nasty and critical and why is this necessary ??? I asked for suggestions on solving the neighbor problem. If someone cannot be kind and helpful, I am not interested in a response.
  19. Your observations are accurate. I am reluctant to post anything because someone invariably finds the need to criticize instead of help. I don't know what makes people behave this way.
  20. I have done that the past two years, but now overgrowth etc is damaging my fence.
  21. Again, the overgrowth of bushes on her side is pushing my chain link fence and the large palm branches are doing damage to my fence.
  22. The palm tree droppings are not hanging on my side. They are on her side, however, when they fall, because of wind and weather, they end up landing on my fence or in my yard. This is the problem.
  23. When they drop, they bend my chain link fence and her plants are not trimmed back so more of the same.
  24. I am having a problem with one of my neighbors. Her palm tree drops its branches and dead parts onto my fence, yard, or driveway. I have spoken to her about this. I have also written a polite letter asking her to take care of this. She does nothing. I went to the HOA with my problem. I doubt that the Board will do anything. What are my options at this point?
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