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  1. This is exactly what we are looking for. Haven't found anything yet.
  2. You are spot on. We also had the benefit of Silver Sneakers for one of us the previous year as it was a benefit of that particular insurance, which meant we had one membership at zero additional cost.
  3. Regarding the place in Riberas: When we were there, we were given a price sheet which I no longer have. This was within the last thirty days. There was a yearly membership fee as well as the monthly fee. All you got was the pool class. It came to around $65 a month, I believe. It as really quite a shock. We paid around $25.00 a month/per person at 24-Hour Fitness for full privileges at almost all their locations, which did include all the classes, all equipment, no hour limits, and heated pool with no extra fees.
  4. I think that is expensive, more than we paid in Texas for a full gym membership including classes and indoor pool.
  5. Other than their bureaucratic regulations, what purpose does it actually serve for them to be notified of a change of address?
  6. Ok, so now I am getting confused. You had your surgery done by Dr. Claudia, the daughter in Guad and it was a positive experience. What's the story on the mother? She is also an ophthalmologist and also does surgery?
  7. This us what was done at those prices: Biometria Hermatica which includes a very long list of results. Also, Quimica 6 which included Urea, Triglicerines, Uric Acid, 2 types Cholesterol & Createnin, Indice Aterogenico. I may not have spelled everything correctly.
  8. I don't know what a DIF discount is, so it must all be retail.
  9. The same tests were done at each lab. Care Diagnostics $882 Chopo $443.38 Dilabim $311 Wish I had known or price shopped. Hopefully, this will help someone else.
  10. I want to go to Lerdo Tejada in Col. Americana. I was told that you must know what neighborhood something is in, in order to find it.
  11. What old bus station in Ajijic? I only the one in Chapala.
  12. Here's the purpose if anyone can help. I need to go to a place in Col, Americana, so trying to coordinate taking a bus to Guad, then cab to that location.
  13. To be clear. You are talking about the buses departing from the large bus station in Chapala going directly to the old bus station in Guadalajara. Yes? Do you know what part of Guad that is as I don't have a clue where the Walmart or theatro Diana are?
  14. I know there are buses that can be taken from the bus station in Chapala to Guadalajara. I have learned there are two bus terminals in Guad; one is the old one and the other, newer one, is in a most secluded area of Guad. If anyone knows about these locations, please let me know. I have to try to figure out where they are in Guad in relation to where we need to go to see what our options are.
  15. How effective is this type of medicine and for which ailments?
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