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  1. Here is an update. It works just as Sparks stated. I brought four documents to the Chapala location. These were copies: Passport. Permanente, CURP and one original utility bill from Telmex which was not in our name. No lease or any originals were requested. No questions were asked. Now I think I had an oversight as evidently there is some type of booklet from what I can determine, based on some of the posts. The woman who processed us said nothing about any booklet, however, I know I cannot count on their communicating necessary information. Could someone please tell me where I need to go for the booklet and what to ask for?
  2. I am still asking the original question. Where is the location of SP Centro de Salud or the list of locations? There seems to be no consistency as to whether or not I need my lease and does it need to be in Spanish? RV no longer lives here, so I am not convinced I can rely on his information.
  3. Do you have to ask for this booklet or is it provided at the time you sign up?
  4. No lease in any language needed? Where is the nearest Centro de Salud? We live near Chapala. Did electric bill have to be in your name?
  5. Where do we go to apply? Not sure I understand the process. We bring our documents and they don't give you the coverage on that visit? We go back on the week-end to see a doctor and what does he do?
  6. Not sure what you mean by Visa as we are obviously Permanente. The original visa was a Tourist visa and we no longer have that.
  7. Don't have lease in Spanish, so I suppose I have to ask the landlord to provide that.
  8. What documents are needed to sign up for Seguro Popular? I searched on the site, and there were many postings, but I did not find this information.
  9. Ok. Went where to buy the french pastries? I could not find where the name, etc., of the place is mentioned.
  10. Any idea what it would be called? I tried several options on Google translate and nothing yielded the proper results on the Home Depot site.
  11. We are in need of additional storage. We are familiar with the self storage facility here. What we are looking for is a way to create additional outside storage on the site where we are currently renting. Are there any prefabricated structures that may be purchased? If so, where to look. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  12. I would also like to know who that is. It is important that we share this type of information with each other. It is good if we can help each other.
  13. I am speaking from our personal experience as I definitely don't know everything. He was unable to prescribe what my spouse needed, so we ended up having to go to someone else. I am just giving a comment as this is what happened with us. If others get good treatment from him, then I am happy for them. It is never about me being right or an expert. No need to attack.
  14. I second everything you just said. Government offers nothing but expenses and aggravation. It's all about control and getting money they have not earned.
  15. He is limited in what he can prescribe and this is not his specialty.
  16. That has been our experience as well. They do not ask for your Tourist or other documents when you turn in the TIP. We flew out and left our car once while we were on Tourist visa. Later we drove our car out and got our deposit back.
  17. Here is the official source: http://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/reinounido/index.php/visas/79#7 For food items, there is another source: http://www.senasica.gob.mx/?Idioma=2&id=602 This should take the guess work out of it. look up "items we can bring into Mexico."..choose english and there you are.
  18. Supplements, over the counter and prescriptions items (with a doctor's prescription) are allowed to be brought in by you personally either by land or air. I have checked official websites for this. We have done this numerous times and have gotten the red light and had lots of supplements and meds in the suitcase. I don't have the official list of allowed items available in my current location to send to you. They seem to have a problem with these types of things coming in the mail. If you can get a copy of that list from the web, I suggest print it out and keep it with you when traveling should you get a customs official who is misinformed.
  19. I don't know how this new messaging system is supposed to work as it is asking for your e-m address, which I wouldn't have.  Just wanted to say I appreciated your comments about GMO.  The other issue about that is that this type of produce is not labelled for what is really is and people don't even know what they are eating.  I was in line at Sam's yesterday and asked a woman if the produce she chose was GMO.  She didn't even know what that meant.

  20. Illegal? Are you kidding? Where did these people live? Maybe they lived in a Fracc with those north American type restrictions on your freedom.
  21. It's a matter of value for what you pay. Everyone's perception is different. Also, it is indoors, which is a not an option as the chlorine inhalation has caused lung infections.
  22. Are you referring to the Monte Carlo? We stopped by there and it is not heated.
  23. This is exactly what we are looking for. Haven't found anything yet.
  24. You are spot on. We also had the benefit of Silver Sneakers for one of us the previous year as it was a benefit of that particular insurance, which meant we had one membership at zero additional cost.
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