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  1. When I returned the first one, there was another customer there who said I was not the first person to return a chicken that day.
  2. We have purchased two chickens from Wal-mart, different days. When we opened the package, the bad smell was overwhelming on both packages. Inedible. Just letting everyone know to check what you buy from them poultry wise.
  3. Wow again! Denise's comments seem quite critical and harsh.If you don't want any replies you don't approve of, then don't post. This forum is about helping people, not attacking. It is not always the passenger's "fault." The Volaris website frequently does not work right and trying to get customer support on the site is almost impossible. When you call, you don't get help, you get charged an extra fee for them helping you over the phone. There's no such thing as help with the web site customers. The baggage fees are quite high. I have added baggage at the time of the reservation and it is expensive. The airline's poor service has nothing to do with quality of life at Lakeside.
  4. Are you asking for Patrick Oden's number or mine?
  5. Anyone have any recommendations for US tax preparation services?
  6. Chapala Centro is great if you have no car and don't mind loud noises at any hour, lots of Mexican celebrations......Also, I think you list is doable, except for maybe the bath tub and big yard without a wall. Most houses just have showers. Many lots are small. A week may be cutting it close. Also, don't be afraid to offer less than what they ask. You will most likely end up compromising on a few items.
  7. Definitely bring any tools you might use. Tools are not very good here and they are expensive.
  8. Good idea. I would certainly look into the so called rules of the HOA. We typically don't like HOAs. I can see some fees for common grounds maintenance, but that's about all. I don't like being told what I am allowed to do with my own property. This is how we lived in the US and didn't care for it.
  9. I am aware of this. Buying a residence in which to live is not an investment. It is an expense and a liability. An investment is one that makes money, so unless one buys a home as a rental, it is a liability. If anyone has read Robert Kyosaki.....he makes this very clear. There are, however, very good reasons for buying a home to live it. There is much one cannot do in a rental and you are always at the whims of the landlord. Buying is not right for everyone, nor is renting.
  10. Don't know why articles are older. I am not sure the reason is important. You will find good information on this forum that is current. People are pretty good here about answering new questions as well. Try to ask specific questions, rather than general as there is already a lot on this site. I usually search the forum prior to posting. I recommend you do that as well. Most of us will be glad to help.
  11. Yes. I aware of this. That is why I am asking for suggestions on what to ask for myself.
  12. I am compiling of list of questions that should be asked prior to purchasing a home here. I have real estate experience from the US, however, the things we need to ask here seem to be different. There is no benefit of seller disclosure. I'd appreciate the benefit of anyone's experience.
  13. Is the use for cooking or medicinal purposes? I ask because if it is for medicinal purpose, you could purchase an essential oil and I can tell you where to get that.
  14. What is the name? Never mind. I see that it is right on the title of the post. I just missed it. Thanks!
  15. Anyone have any suggestions for where to buy organic cosmetics that don't contain things such as lead, etc. , specifically make up?
  16. Good to know. It is hard to tell on line when someone is kidding.
  17. Rent control. Horrible Idea. That was going on in New York when I lived there. I think there are still some places where the rent is controlled. The result is that some poor landlords are getting rents that are years behind the actual cost of getting any repairs done, so they can't afford to repair or improve their properties. Whenever government gets involved with finances, things get much worse. don't know why anyone would think some bureaucrats know best. Most have zero business experience and have no business interfering in our business or a private transaction and private parties agree to what they want. Free market principles work best for everyone. Costs go down when there are fewer customers and people just refuse to over pay. This is how the cost of computers and other electronics have gone down over the years. It allows for innovation and lower prices.
  18. Are they ground properly for the French Press, which requires a coarse grind? I have never found anything already ground that was good for a french press as most packaged coffee is intended for a drip coffee maker..
  19. Yes. I do that as well. It's the only option to get overcharged. If you are making your reservation by phone, they will charge the extra tax as they don't know the law. They told me anyone not born in Mexico must pay the tax===total garbage!
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