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  1. So, they are going to make you pay to comply with their ridiculous regulations. People are so compliant......this is how governments gets away with this nonsense. I don't see how it is a benefit to let them know where you live. No one seems to think privacy is a right anymore.
  2. This is a serious topic and we all have this concern. What about setting booby traps once you leave the house? In the US, the laws do not favor the homeowner in this regard. You end up being responsible if someone breaks in and gets hurt. How insane that is. This is something we would like to know. What happens here in Mexico if someone breaks in and they get hurt or killed by the trap. What are the laws? Is the homeowner protected and the actual criminal to blame? These are legal questions. Perhaps Spencer could help answer these questions.
  3. No one cares what they are called although there is a difference. The point is, it was theft.
  4. Zeb

    Almond Flour

    If you have a blender, you can make it yourself. Just a suggestion...
  5. Anyone know where exterminating products can be purchased? What we need is not available at places like Wal-mart. Need a more specialized shop.
  6. Type up what you want and get it notarized in the US. Keep in somewhere the person you want to find it can. You can also put those kids on as beneficiary right at the bank (payable on death). If your bank account is US Account, simple. If in Mexico, you will also need to add their birth dates, and perhaps a bit more. If you are unsure of wording for the will, you can get a sample on line and follow that. It can also be amended (called a codicil) whenever you want.
  7. I was on the Viva Aerobus web site, trying to see when the flights from Guad to Houston are. No matter what day I pick, the results show they are not valid flight dates. I know this is a popular airline due to its lower cost, however, I thought it AT LEAST would show which dates it makes that route. Has anyone used them heading to Texas recently?
  8. I have tried those numbers and have never a call that worked. Have you had success with them?
  9. Yes. That's more accurate, but then, we are straying from the topic.
  10. We are trying just about anything, and so far, nada. Thanks for posting them. It may help.
  11. I said nothing about changing it or not liking it, so I don't know if this comment is intended for me. I just don't think we are guests. I think other definitions apply.
  12. I get a kick out of this idea that we are guests. I don't think we are guests. Guests are not made to pay for a visit or a stay.
  13. Okay. Anyone interested, please send me a PM with your information. I'm in the process of trying to find a location, etc. I am editing this post. If you don't want to send much personal info, then just send me a PM with your e-mail address. I am getting a list together to see how many people are interested and how much space may be needed.
  14. Another option. Do some research on large doses of Niacin for depression. This has proven to be effective. I doubt that a regular doctor trained to use only big pharma products.
  15. Anyone interested in a fitness class that would be 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of mat work? The cardio movements are simple so that anyone can do them. The sequence is: warm up, cardio, mat work, cool down stretch. No impact on joints. I would like to put a class together if I can get a few people who are interested. The location I have in mind would be in Riberas. I am not the instructor. It's someone who would come from Chapala to each. The cost would be 50 pesos per person per class. No long term commitment required.
  16. Anybody have any exercise bands with attachments for the ankles they are not using?
  17. High Roberts- His web address with information is: transport@zippmypackages.com
  18. I suggest providing more detail. Where in Lakeside, number of floors, bedrooms, other items of importance.
  19. Intercam will also exchange money.
  20. Same here. I rarely find a reason to go.
  21. If one is really worried, then you could just place in a different bottle with a label that has your name on it if meds look similar or as another poster did, place in vitamin or supplement bottles. No one is telling them what to do, just giving an opinion on how they handle it or have handled it. The whole system does rely on fear and it works on many. That, of course, is another topic completely.
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