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  1. They may know and not care.....I wonder if there is any type of Health Department here that regulates cleanliness and food handling. I get the feeling there is not. I hope you returned the chicken. If everyone returns these unsafe items, maybe they will reconsider how they are handling them.
  2. We have a VPN as well although through a different provider. It blocks Netflix, so when we want to watch, we have to disconnect our VPN.
  3. I suspect they handle the chickens the same way Wal-mart does.
  4. Now back to the topic of finance. As to the Schwab checking or other account covered by FDIC. The FDIC coverage is an illusion as the FDIC does not have the funds to cover all that they are supposed to insure. I so wish this was not the case. We did research this at length and it took a lot of digging. I cannot provide reference material or links as I didn't keep them. You can do your own research on this.
  5. Yes, of course. I go with the flow most of the time and don't get upset over these types of things (as you described) as I know it's part of living here, power outages and all. I think we people are here at first they are not used to these types of things happening and not get serviced more promptly. Most things I can let ride. Some things I do not.
  6. Purchased a whole lot chickens at Wal-mart today. Got them home, opened everything and it all smelled again. Took the whole thing back. With some discussion, got a refund. It is not fresh. I am done with buying chickens there. Then went to Puritan and got all that we needed. The man at Puritan said yes, he had heard all that before. He had inquired as to how they could sell at those lower prices and his supplier told him they purchase a truck load at a time frozen and they keep them for at least a month. Now, keeping frozen chickens for a month or even more, is no problem. The problem is they take them out of the truck and they thaw, sometimes outdoors, then who knows what happens. Perhaps they get frozen again or not.... Anyway, just thought I would post this for customers to be careful. There really shouldn't be any smell on a fresh chicken. Also, I noticed when the Manager at Wal-mart came over, she grabbed several of the chicken parts with her hands to get samples of the odor. She then began to handle anything else that needed handling. No hand washing. I suppose there is no training for them about handling raw meat, then everything else...... She also said she didn't smell anything. Everyone's nose does not have the same sensitivity.
  7. Zeb


    Good place. Nice people.
  8. I am not certain that this last sentence above is intended for me or not. In case it is, I am disagreeing with the term guest. I like it here just fine. I don't like people who are nasty to me and feel the need to attack, because they don't like my commentary on a word. I don't tell other people to go home because they disagree with something in their location. There are things to dislike in every country and each person has a right to his/her opinion. It's not for me to judge them or how they should feel. I don't consider myself a guest when I pay fees.
  9. Totally agree. Closets insufficient. Also, frequently NO PANTRY in the kitchen. We end up having a metal shelf for some of our food in another room. We are in a two bedroom now and it's really insufficient storage wise.
  10. I have to say there is some good information on the responses. It's all accurate. The square footage is calculated differently as it includes the outdoor covered areas AND there is a huge lack of storage, particularly when you get no garage (carports here usually), and no outside storage, no attic, no basement. We have a small home in the US, along with a two car detached garage and attic. It's only 1860 square feet, however, it holds all our belongings and is enough space. Most homes here are 2 bedroom and what they consider a bedroom is really questionable.
  11. I also strongly urge you NOT to rent sight unseen UNLESS you have someone here you trust who can go look at it for you. On our trip to move here, we ran into a couple on the road who was coming here to come as well and they had rented ahead as you propose. I thought that was really a great idea as they raved about the rental agent, etc., whom they had also talked to on the phone. Once they arrived, the house was a total mess and in an unlivable condition. They were really upset! They had to stay with us at a B&B until they could find housing. It was quite a disaster as they had sold everything, had two dogs in the car and all they owned.
  12. It is ridiculous. You are correct about that! Total police state.
  13. Another point of reference as you are heading east, you will see AutoPartes store on the corner on your left. Do not go up the mountainside. Turn right at Mom's and head towards the lake as Johanson stated. His directions are good.
  14. I meant in Spanish. Is that correct?
  15. What are all those posts with what appears to be asian symbols?
  16. A fitness class will begin October 5, 2017 - For Men & Women Location: Lakeside Presbyterian Church Day: Thursday Time: 10:45 to 11:45 am. Cost: 50 pesos. Pay as you go. Bring: Mat, light weights, towel, water bottle. Wear: Appropriate comfortable fitness clothes, with good shoes, thick soles. Patti's special exercises for painful knees and stiff muscles, working with light weights; emphasis on stretching. The first 30minutes are warm up and cardio. The second 30 minutes is mat work, weights, stretching, cool down. It's a very good class. You do not to be in shape to do this.
  17. I am printing a document and want to make sure this is correct. How would you write 10:45 AM TO 11:45 aM?
  18. Was that a pretty good amount of time to change flights? I have never been to that Frankfurt airport?
  19. What type of crust was it? How would you describe it? Is it a bit like New York pizza, if you have every had it?
  20. I am considering a trip to Nice, France to visit family. I have not flown there in about 30 years.....I did a quick search on flights and, oh my, is it a long trip with many choices on where to make the stops. Most have 2 or 3 stops. For those of you who have made the trip within the last year or so, do you have any recommendations as to the best route to choose for least amount of stress? Departure from GDL, of course.
  21. Thanks a bunch Sonia! Always appreciate you taking the time to reply. Very kind of you.
  22. We will not be using it for trash. We have other plans for it.
  23. The other issue which is holding me up still is that I cannot get original copies of bank statements, so what to do?
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