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  1. Right! The topic is not "what should should I spend and why". Different budgets, needs. Otherwise, all B&B's would be identical.
  2. Of course, you are correct as everyone's idea of economical is different. He did not specify so I will ask.
  3. I have someone coming from Canada and he is asking for suggestions for an economical Bed and Breakfast place. I would appreciate any recommendations.
  4. Yes. The entire community has expanded over time. Most people think of them as three section, although it is just three different entrances as I stated. People refer to the entrances as different sections because they don't really know any different.
  5. There are no borders. There are three entrances. It is all under one association. There is a map of the community available in the office which is closest to Entrance 2.
  6. Anyone have any experience with Resin countertops? And...know anyone that can make them?
  7. Yes!!! Stick to the original poster question.
  8. Yes. Place in pots good idea. I still want a layout for the yard.
  9. Have I "even" asked at local Viveros comes across as critical. I know how to drive around and ask and I also know many will say yes, and yes I have done that. That doesn't mean they can really do it or that they are reliable. After living here several years, I am not that trusting anymore. I get a lot of "yes" I can do from people and the work is shoddy. The best way is to get a referral from someone. Also, I had a person who said he was a landscaper and yet when I asked for drawings , more than once, he never provided them and what seemed obvious to me, is that he considers himself a landscaper because he installs landscaping. That is not a landscape designer by any means.
  10. As stated above I don't want all, (1) just some incorporated with ornamentals. (2) someone experienced to counsel me on which to buy. Same original request.
  11. Yes. I did not want to have to do all that research or figure out the layout so that it is aesthetically pleasing and there is also the best way to combine them with Ornamentals. Lots to know.
  12. I am reviving this topic as I have not yet found a landscape designer who can incorporate herbs and or edibles in my garden.
  13. Thanks a bunch. Prasad had a couple of bottles. Yes. It is expensive, but a necessity for me.
  14. In any event, thank you those who responded, however, my original request still stands. If you have a problem with in person meeting, then no need to debate it or respond as I am no asking for opinions about the meeting method.
  15. I think you are answer should have been No that I am not mistaken as currently they only meet on Zoom. Yes, it was an in person meeting originally, but now that information is irrelevant.
  16. I am forgetting nothing. Personal choice as to how people chose to meet. It was my understanding that group was only on Zoom. Am I mistaken?
  17. Considering starting a widows support/friendship group. If anyone is interested, please PM me.
  18. I agree!!! Stick to the original post.
  19. The site opened. I tried many dates and it shows no facilities available. Has anyone had any success with this?
  20. I don't know why that word was eliminated. It is not a nasty word. I.d.i.o.t.
  21. Do not use R & R CONSTRUCTIONS. It is a nightmare getting him to come back to fix one leaking skylight. He is totally unreliable. He sets a time and is a now show. Warranty means nothing!!! He is an :() because we discussed him doing my foundation work, so now he will not get that job over his not giving a damn attitude to honor his word.
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