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  1. What does "name in it" mean?
  2. Did a search. It is a dating app.
  3. My questions was and still is "are there any events planned in our area?"
  4. I had used a seamstress I liked in Chapala, however, I cannot now find her location. If anyone knows of seamstresses in Chapala, please let me know. I already know about Rosie and someone else in Ajijic, however, that is not for whom I am searching.
  5. French holiday approaching day after tomorrow Any special celebrations planned anywhere in our area? Restaurants?
  6. I want to amend my comments here. He stole most of my gold jewelry. It was a crime of opportunity, so I can no longer recommend him.
  7. Correction, I printed it out in Spanish as in was written on the site.
  8. I printed out the Walmart return policy in English, took it with me, and when the clerk said I needed a receipt, I showed him the policy. End of argument. He took it back and I got a credit. To those who said I should keep receipts--of course I know that. However, this was purchased a while back and I don't keep receipts for 90 days. Nonetheless, they need to honor their policy which is to take returns without a receipt. This was a paper item in its original wrapper. I am keeping that printed out policy in my files should I ever need it again.
  9. There is no broken glass. I hired R & R Construction for this project, so we will see how it turns out. It seems there are some cracks in the roof and the entire surface needs to be painted and he will construct some glass box types shapes to go over the glass blocks. His first idea was to remove all the blocks and reinstall them so they are not flush with the floor/roof. I was not in favor of that. I have sixteen of these group and it will really make a mess in my house, plus I don't want workers looking inside my house, etc. This alternative solution will solve the problem without a mess on the interior I will report back once completed.
  10. Here is a photo of one group. They were sealed with silicone as well and still have leaks.
  11. I will check the size of the blocks and yes, they are grouped together.
  12. Here is a bit more information. My skylights are glass blocks which are flat and aligned with the roof. I don't know if that will change the advice.
  13. I can get on the roof. I have had two people work on this with impermezable (misspelled I am sure) and a sealer, and yet I still have leaks. My skills will be worse than theirs. Perhaps you are volunteering?
  14. I have some leaky skylights. My regular repair person is no longer working for me. After a fairly long term relationship, he stole from me. I'd appreciate a referral for this task.
  15. Yes. Send me a PM. Do you need house and pet and for how long? I just had someone who did a great job.
  16. Loneliness requires companionship, not psychotherapy.
  17. As I had my phone with me, they had he number and access to the SIM card. I had someone go to the shop in Ajijic and add data. That did not help.
  18. Thank you for that. It was not even a review or an opinion. It was just a description of what happened and how he handled it. He was in fact a now show and did handle the phone call exactly as I stated. I was very polite with him and hugely disappointed at the time considering all the comments about him on the board. Actually, I don't think I will delete anything because it is what happened and I did take the time to then continue to explain how it turned out. Workers do screw up and this one one time when he did. I still think a phone to say he could not come or an apology later would have been polite.
  19. I had not called him back when I posted that and, at that time, had no intention of doing so. Some time passed before I decided to call him again. Also, I am not sure I know how to delete a post. I remember, I used to be able to make corrections, but I think that feature is no longer available. The negative part that I wrote was factual.
  20. To report the end of the story, through a series of events with other plumbers, I called him again and he did come by and fix the problem correctly and was reliable, so I think it's just one of those times when people just screw up and it is not there normal way of being.
  21. Of course, anyone would be put off regardless of nationality.
  22. My plan was purchased at an AT&T retail store but, evidently, the records are not connected to the US.
  23. Can someone recommend a doctor of Sports medicine?
  24. Mine is supposed to work in the US. Last trip, it stopped working. I went into an AT&T store in Houston (actually went to three stores), and no one could help as they have NO record of any plan purchased in Mexico. The only thing that worked was WhatsApp.
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