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  1. It appears no one has any recommendations. I did stop by two optometrists, however, they don't have anything in small sizes, other than a few children's frames. I did get a lead on a Fabrica de Lentes in Guadalajara. Supposedly, there is a big area with tons of optometrists and related supplies. Is anyone familiar with that?
  2. I have learned much from functional/integrative physicians as well as Naturopaths. So much of it makes sense.
  3. It's a case of "my mind is made up, don't disturb me with the facts." He's one of those. I used to be a big believers and doctors, prescriptions, etc., until I started doing some studying, etc.
  4. Anyone have recommendations for the largest selection of eye glass frames in Lakeside area?
  5. Well then, you and I agree on how we do things. And...it is personal choice.
  6. He's just a hostile poster, loves to attack, no matter what the topic may be if he doesn't agree. Doesn't have any regard for others or a sense of diplomacy.
  7. No, I do not care to and I explained why in an earlier post. If someone is really interested in some holistic approaches, then they can PM me. Do your own research. I don't want to get into debates and arguments with people over this, as I know from being on this forum, no matter what is posted, when someone doesn't agree, it will be cause for being discredited and start an argument, personal criticism, etc., which is already happening.
  8. Watch out here. You could be next on the attack list.
  9. No. I did not say that. Where do you see that I said strangers on line should be trusted? Where did I say I was an expert and knew everything? Nor did I imply I was an expert in medicine. I wrote my opinion, based on my reading, about CDC. No one has to take my word for anything, nor agree. You should not trust anonymous strangers. Research and investigate everything on your own, whether it be a doctor's advice or someone else's. Once again, it seems it has become necessary to criticize me personally. Why is this necessary? Why can participants simply not discuss whatever the topic is without personal attacks and criticism? I suppose it is because we are not face to face.....
  10. There is science behind what I do as an alternate to flu shots. If you cannot be tolerant or accepting of others' opinions, do not participate, but be quiet.
  11. What is the vaccine for people who are insulting and intolerant? As usual, someone, in this case you, has to make a snide remark and insult. This is why I wrote that I did not post to get into arguments with people.
  12. Sounds awful. It is quite frightening to get that ill. I do agree a person should consider ALL options.
  13. I have never done this, however, I had a discussion with someone who is quite experienced in this area, and his suggestion to me was to hire an accountant to handle the payments.
  14. Good for you. I also do not get sick and do not get flu shots. It's about the terrain and your overall health. I do occasionally catch a cold, and recover pretty fast. As I said, each person does what he/she thinks is best to prevent illness. I just know it can be done without pharmaceuticals. I hope I never had to resort to them and I consider those a very last option. I used to be one of those who trusted the doctors and took their advice most of my life. I no longer do that. There are many things we can do to prevent illness. I realize most are not interested in doing them, or knowing what those things are. Most of the world is happy to delegate their health and illnesses to someone else. It's a matter of choice and education. I just wanted to offer an option to those who are pro-active in their own prevention without pharmaceuticals. I could post lots of links and data to support what I say, but I will not do so as my intention was not get into arguments on this topic.
  15. CDC cannot be trusted. To each his own health. I am assuming a person wants to get a vaccine to avoid the flu. There are other options that are effective to avoid the flu and illnesses in general, and do no harm.
  16. Suggest you research flu shots before getting any. There contain aluminum, which is toxic to humans, and they are ineffective at boosting the immune system (if that is your goal and purpose in getting it). There are about six things you can do to boost your immune system yourself which don't involve any harmful chemicals and actually are effective in fighting off these issues. Just a suggestion, or perhaps you have already researched and decided to get them anyway.
  17. Posting specifics would also be a real service. Many of us do not or will not use Facebook and that should not be required in order to benefit from valuable information.
  18. People. Please don't insult each other. We don't have to agree.
  19. It's really simple. The globe's climate has changed since the beginning of time. That's how God made it. Greenland is so named because, at one time, it was lush and green and is now totally different. That area got cool while somewhere else probably got warm. This is the nature of things. I think the implication in this discussion is not such much as to whether or not climates change, but who do we want to blame for it, so we can control their behavior I don't want to get into arguments over this. This is just the way it is. Islands have disappeared under water and new ones cropped up. Another natural phenomena.
  20. LAKESIDE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH San Jorge #250 | Riberas del Pilar | Ajijic/Chapala, Jalisco | 376.106.0853 To get there: Turn towards the lake at the corner where Mom's Restaurant is located. It's about three blocks down and the church is on the right. The class is held upstairs in the balcony area. BTW, this class is not just for women.
  21. Sonia, You are a real sweetie to help answer these questions. I am the only one going as my spouse already has residency. I am the one that lost the residency card in Houston and has to start over. I did not want to apply through his residency as it is my understanding that it would only give me temporal and they I would have to wait quite a while to obtain Permanente. It would certainly be easier than going to Laredo though. I will bring my marriage certificate in that case due to the names being different. Also the address on the financials are different from the address I wrote on my application as we don't get mail at the residence address. Hopefully, that won't be an issue either. I have been so burned by the Houston Consulate (after three visits there) that it makes me nervous about not having something.
  22. The round trip with ETN that we took was nowhere near luxury, in fact nowhere near comfortable. Several items didn't work. Maintenance was not done on much. There was supposed to be a coffee bar in the back. That didn't work and had nothing in it. The bathrooms were questionable for sure. Now, maybe one has to ask for the luxury version? I see that computer guy replied saying they are all luxury, supposedly.
  23. Anyone taken the bus the Nuevo Laredo from Chapala area recently? I've made this ride once, but it was a couple of years ago and things may have changed. I also don't remember when we boarded leaving from here. What I do remember is how miserably uncomfortable it was.
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