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    Casa Linda

    Location of restaurant please.
  2. We called Gabe Gheda twice. Did not call us back.
  3. Could you provide contact information?
  4. Are you saying Benno lost the laptop at the airport? Just want to be clear I understand.
  5. Called him two days ago to get computer service. It would have been our first. He couldn't talk and asked that we call back in 20 minutes. Never offered to return the call. We tried to reach him many times after that, unsuccessfully. Finally got him the next morning and set an appointment for 11 a.m. He said he would call when on the way. No one showed. We called back. He said couldn't come until 4 p.m. No one showed again. At 4:30, I called and spouse was told "she" could be here the next day. We were never told it would be someone else. We said no. He called back a few minutes later and I asked what happened. Was told "she" was delayed on another appointment. I asked why no one called. He had no answer, but wanted to re-schedule. I finally said no. No apology. No business sense whatsoever. If this is how new business is treated, I wouldn't want to be an existing customer.
  6. Zeb


    That , and drug money, is ALWAYS the excuse used to making more regulations that do not favor the consumer.
  7. Zeb


    It is good that these services have shown up to compete with the banks' not user friendly services.
  8. Isn't it great that we have government OF THE PEOPLE for the PEOPLE. It is evident that the whole thing is so out of wack and we are now accountable to them instead of them to us!
  9. It would be nice if they also refunded all the money you paid in if they stop giving the benefits!
  10. I couldn't find that either, so if someone knows where to get them, that's great. I finally ended up preparing two pie crust doughs using the mixer and freezing.
  11. Can anyone verify the days Bruno's is open? I called today and there was no answer. I have notes that say Friday through Tuesday.
  12. We have the same number of bottles each time. We give him the empties and he gives us filled bottles. We are not in any business.
  13. Both numbers, price and deposit.
  14. We by many bottles at once. I understand how it works. The problem I was having is feeling that our delivery person keeps changing the numbers frequently.
  15. No. It's just that the last time, he seemed to be charging more for the water, so the deposit then came into question and then Today, he said it was a 75 pesos deposit for new bottles. That would make each bottle 95 pesos. The deposit amount just keeps going up by large amounts.
  16. Yes. He picks up the empties and we get full ones.
  17. We suspect we are being cheated by our water provider. I have the hand written receipts from the past year that I had him write. I quit asking him to write deposits a while back, but now I am thinking this was a mistake. The deposits had been 30 or 40 pesos per bottle and now he says 75 pesos. The cost of the water itself 20 pesos per bottle, although it was 18 just a couple of deliveries ago. I think he is making up the numbers. We have been his customers for over two years. We need an alternate source. I'd appreciate some feed back on this. What are people paying for deposits and water deliveries?
  18. Very good information. Thanks for posting and sharing that.
  19. Crohn's is totally fixable with proper nutrition changes. I also sent the OP some information. Doctors don't have a clue as they don't address the cause of the illness, only the symptoms, then give people drugs, and then surgery. All so unnecessary. A naturopath/nutritionist I respect says those two diets are off shoot of the previous ones which were heavy in protein, and there are even better options. But, basically, nutrition and chemical laden water is what makes us sick. Garbage in/Garbage results.
  20. Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply. I will follow up on all of these.
  21. I need a US Notary. I have already read previous posts on this topic, along with the admonitions and warnings. For what I need a US Notary here to notarize a signature will work. If you know or someone or are one, please send me a PM.
  22. Yes of course. I agree with that. I don't think I expressed what she said properly. What she meant was people make financial decisions on how they perceive things are going economy wise. She said decisions are based on two factors: fear or greed.
  23. We used to trust in the advice of our professional advisor. After some rather painful reading and learning, it seems that they get some of their information and number from government agencies, who want to protect the US economy. When the numbers didn't look good, then those agencies would simply change the criteria to make them look better. She used to say to us that financial results were the results of what people believed. I think before the great depression, things were looking really good according to the experts.
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