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  1. Makes perfect sense to me. I have no idea why the shipper (Lake Chapala moving) would not allow any fabric in his shipment. He told me it was "customs regulations". We ended up not using them anyway. They were way to restrictive.
  2. I can't recommend a US attorney to prepare a will. However, I will give you very cheap options for accomplishing this important task. First, sign up for Prepaid Legal Services. The law firm at that time was Ross and Matthews. Do a search on line and you will find it. It is very inexpensive and they will do a will once a year at no extra charge. A lawyer does it for you through this service. This is how we made our very first will, then prepaid told us how to make changes any time we wanted. It was so simple. Second option, you can prepare your own will. Just get a sample on line, then you just get it notarized. I am amending these comments. I just looked it up. It is now called Legal Shield.
  3. I second MudGirl's suggestion. We had the same issue when we came. In fact, one of the movers said fabric and paper products were not allowed. Unacceptable rules we said. We divided things up in different boxes and used them to wrap things. Everything got here with our shipper.
  4. This whole process has moved forward since my original question about the payment. I made that first payment to Banamex. My status is now approved and I just went to Banamex again to make the final payment and have the receipt and one copy as they requested. Once I have photos, I will go back and give turn those items in. In about two weeks, I should be getting finger prints done.
  5. There is a group of expats dedicated to cleaning up the Grafitti by painting over it and Bradshoe is offering to provide some paint. Mainecoons is the point of contact for this. He is in Ajijic.
  6. Although this question was not addressed to me, I would agree based on personal experience as well another person's whom I knew.
  7. My information was to only go to Banamex, which is what I did, so that part is completed. Thanks.
  8. We met with her. She was not diabetic. She had Fibromyalgia.
  9. I believe that is the one. I will make a note of your instructions. Thanks.
  10. Can someone provide return directions from Costco using the new marco libramiento. Tried Google and a bit confusing for us. The main issue is finding the entrance on the way back. We've got it down to get there.
  11. I use the Vinegar and Water combo as well. I also add a few drops of Peppermint Essential Oil. Pleasant smell and a bit of anti-bacterial benefit. Insects also don't like it.
  12. Yoli at Yoli's. Quite nice and will not ignore your wishes.
  13. Thanks for those suggestions. I will investigate.
  14. There is certainly much I don't understand about these systems. My only basis for comparison was my previous TelCel phone service, which was never a problem inside our house. I did try the AT&T service out in our patio and it did not work there either. I appreciate your ideas and certainly selling it is a creative solution.
  15. Yes. This is exactly what we are doing.
  16. The phone itself worked has worked fine when I had TelCel service. As the phone works in the AT&T office, it seems to us, by process of elimination that the phone is not defective. We have some other phones which are currently locked. Nonetheless, we can have someone unlock them and try your second idea anyway. There is nothing to lose at this point.
  17. To be clear, when you mention a slide in oven, you mean a wall oven?
  18. Thanks for your viewpoint. We will probably do as you suggest. Life is too short for this kind of crap...frankly. What is iLox? A different land line service? We are having our new home hard wired, and need to pick phone service, so all information is appreciated.
  19. I would file the complaint against TelCel, not Telmex. I may have made a composition error in my post.
  20. I will go there tomorrow. I just thought it might good to look at more than one store.
  21. Went to Costco a few days ago and they had no ovens, cook tops or wall ovens.
  22. This is the first time I've had this type of reaction from people in a shop and I hope the last. I don't see how how this is my fault. I don't think laughing at customers who are upset is okay. Thanks for those who offered realistic options. I will see what we can do. One thing I want to do is file a complaint against Telmex, with Profeco for cutting off my phone service for too many calls. I don't know if they will accept the complaint or do anything about it, but I was not the only one to whom this has happened. I think it is not okay to advertise unlimited calls ,then cut someone off because they don't like the numbers of calls being made.
  23. We are in the market for a cook top and wall oven. We will check out El Tio Sam. Anyone familiar with any good stores in Guadalajara for these types of items?
  24. I did not ask for sympathy. I asked for suggestions on how to get the refund, or file a consumer complaint.
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