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  1. And there are those who made these remarks without knowing what all had already been done, but nonetheless, continue to make judgments.
  2. I will reply with PM to this post. Thank you.
  3. This person is totally judgmental , critical, with absolutely no facts or knowledge of the personal situation. Best to ignore his content and not respond. There is a way for me not to see it anymore and I cannot remember how to do that. If you know, please PM me.
  4. You come across as just plain nasty and critical. If this is your idea of being helpful, then please don't help. My post is about getting help for sick, hurting person.
  5. You haven't even heard mine. All I provided was minimal details. Wouldn't that be fun or do you just want to start an issue here? I have an extremely ill person in my household and I don't need criticism. I need help. He wrote a prescription for pain meds which we could not fill as the pharmacy was out of it. I nicely asked for his assistance in locating the medicine. This is a hard scrip to fill and he knows that. We had JUST left his office. He made me wait through an entire other patient's consultation and was going to see another patient while he kept me waiting some more. I stepped in to please ask if he could rewrite it, and he got irritated telling me how busy he was. This was urgent. The worse part was his tone of voice. We will relieve him of one patient and lighten his work load by going to someone who is polite.
  6. Pain patients are committing suicide because they cannot get help. My topic is about getting help with a serious medical condition, not about addition. If you want that discussion, please start your own topic.
  7. I am starting this topic once again. I so wish we had a separate section on this forum for Medical/Dental. We need to change doctors again. This physicians seem to be great for a while, then the whole picture and attitude changes. We have been seeing Garcia at Maskaras for a couple of years now. He has become rude and difficult to deal with. I really can't believe the tone of voice he used with me when I was there last. If anyone wants details, I can share it through PM. The result is we need to move on. I'm tired of being treated badly when we pay someone. We need someone who can write opiates and knows the rules. I realize there are specialists that come weekly or monthly. It would be preferable to have someone who is here all the time and charges a fair rate. The rates go from 250 pesos (Dr. Lastra) to 800 pesos, other doctors. Garcia is at 600 pesos, but you'd better not ask for any additional help if you can't find the medication or you will get chewed out. The problem with Lastra is that he will not provide a prescription as he gets it from someone else and you cannot take it and fill it yourself. You would only get the meds from him at a cost for us, of another 800 pesos.
  8. Not yet. We'll have a look. Thanks for the reminder.
  9. Since the house is quite contemporary, then that's what we need.
  10. Thanks a bunch. We go to Guad regularly, so I believe I am familiar with that location. The upwards incline is to the left. If you don't don't that, then you are continuing on straight. I think that is what you mean. We will probably go with some friends and a GPS to help us. We haven't purchased new furniture in years, so I am afraid it will be sticker shock. We furnished most of our Texas house with resale items, great prices and nice pieces. However, the resale shops here don't really have much that is as nice as those items in the Texas resale shops.
  11. I just did some searches on the forum and got tons of results, but not what I had seen previously. I am looking for the name of the area that has lots of furniture stores. Can someone provide the name of town/area?
  12. When we were looking for a rental, we had a terrible time as well, especially if you want it all on one level with a budget. There just wasn't that much available. We were appalled at the cost of rentals and the condition of some of them. It's a tough rental market. Too many people chasing too few rentals, I think. This is why I posted that we are moving out. It may help someone here looking.
  13. We are currently renting and are planning to leave this rental end of our lease October 30. We have good landlord who repairs things and is a nice person, location is Riberas, 2/2, one floor, pets okay. Short walk to bus stop if needed. I don't know what he will charge when we leave, but I can say that your budget will probably be no problem. He will only take a long term. Rent is in fixed US dollars, auto payment for the rent is arranged.
  14. I don't want to work in a pre-made system into the space. Those systems have limitations. I want the system to be made to accommodate the space with no wasted space. Maximum efficiency is what is needed.
  15. I have gotten many good ideas from Pinterest. The challenge is putting it all together in the space. I have been unable to put it together, so the whole thing works efficiently with no wasted space. One is a walk in closet and other is not. I was able to plan the kitchen cabinetry, but the closet is more difficult. I know it seems as though it should be easy. That's what I thought when I started, but it is not.
  16. I guess no one knows of anyone since there are no responses.
  17. Anyone have a recommendation for a closet designer?
  18. I wrote exactly what I was thinking and there was no implication. I was not thinking it and it was NOT my intention. I have a spouse who suffers from your problems and does at times, utilize pharmaceuticals, so I am quite sensitive to the problem and the suffering. As to who gives a crap to the cause, I do, because I want to help alleviate the suffering and want to help prevent it. I believe people have a right to their own choices, even if they disagree with mine.
  19. I wrote nothing about anyone abusing medications. I also said nothing about no need for medications. I don't understand why you read that into it. Sometimes symptoms are terrible and must be alleviated. Nonetheless, prescriptions medications typically don't address the cause and that's why I posted the link. I would think one would want to fix the cause of the problem and in our experience with physicians, they typically don't heal causes. Also, what I wrote was that there are alternatives to prescription medications, for those who don't want to go that routes, so I really don't get the angry response. It's all your choice.
  20. The prescription medications are treating the symptoms, not the cause. I am placing a link below from Dr. Axe's web site. He explains the cause and the solutions. The symptoms can be treated without pharmaceuticals. It is fixable for many people. https://draxe.com/acid-reflux-diet/
  21. Is anyone here growing them and if so, would you be willing to share either seeds or a couple of starter plants? I understand this is a highly beneficial medicinal flower.
  22. Housebreaking is not difficult. No rolled up newspaper or hitting needed. This is the cruel way to do it. I have had three dogs in my lifetime, housebroken and well obedience trained. Also, please read up about the cancer epidemic in dogs and cats. We just watched a documentary put on by expert vets in this field. The causes are the toxins in the commercial pet food and environmental factors, both which can be remedied. Most vets don't know enough and the problem is they make money on the food they sell, so there is a conflict of interest there.
  23. Makes perfect sense to me. I have no idea why the shipper (Lake Chapala moving) would not allow any fabric in his shipment. He told me it was "customs regulations". We ended up not using them anyway. They were way to restrictive.
  24. I can't recommend a US attorney to prepare a will. However, I will give you very cheap options for accomplishing this important task. First, sign up for Prepaid Legal Services. The law firm at that time was Ross and Matthews. Do a search on line and you will find it. It is very inexpensive and they will do a will once a year at no extra charge. A lawyer does it for you through this service. This is how we made our very first will, then prepaid told us how to make changes any time we wanted. It was so simple. Second option, you can prepare your own will. Just get a sample on line, then you just get it notarized. I am amending these comments. I just looked it up. It is now called Legal Shield.
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