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  1. How can one obtain a Mexican license without having to take driving tests, etc? We have our US licenses.
  2. Of course not! They failed to show for a previously scheduled different day and time AND never called. Then this past Wednesday, same thing. Things happen and I understand that. However, they have a phone. They could call and say they cannot make it. Instead I called and was left on hold.
  3. Well, I didn't force them to agree to Wednesday. They could have offered me other days. This was my second and third go around with them, so that's quite enough. I will not beg someone to provide service and take my moneyl.
  4. I called ViLuMa for an appointment about a month ago. They never showed at the appointed time and I waited way past the time. Yesterday, I called to get another appointment. Again, no show. They were to come at noon. I called them and was left on hold while the person had discussions with someone else in the background. I finally hung up. About five minutes, later they called my house offering a 3:30 appointment. Forget that! They have no common sense or courtesy, so we won't be giving them any business. I'd appreciate recommendations for someone to make a screen door.
  5. I just drove back from Chapala Haciendias. Not cars allowed to take the libramiento towards Ajijic. Everyone made to turn around. Best to stay of the roads for now.
  6. Both good suggestions. Where did you buy the Oaxacan rug? How can I tell which Sears is a large one?
  7. We are looking for a large colorful rug, at least 10 x 10. We also need a long runner. If anyone has one for sale or can suggests places to buy one, that would be great. I already know about Barbara's Bazaar, Meubles Placencia and the resale shops in our area. Haven't found anything. I don't think the Mexican rugs sold on the main road will work as they are too thin and would be hazardous for a lot of walking.
  8. We buy it at the garden shop in Riberas.
  9. Suggest you watch The Truth About Pet Cancer. Much of this illness can be avoided once we are informed. The medical profession including vets has been compromised. I am not saying that some of what they do is not good, but there are big gaps. One must do independent research and become educated. Watch the series if you truly love your animals, even if you have to buy it now. It was free when I saw it.
  10. No. It is land line to land line No. It is land line to land line.
  11. Well, my phone and internet are Telmex and I am continually being cut off.
  12. I am wondering if anyone else is having the same problem as I am. I am calling my spouse in the US and we are unable to complete single conversation, even for just a few minutes, without getting cut off multiple times. Finally, out of sheer frustration this evening, I got in my car and drove to the Malecon towards Chapala and used my AT&T cell phone to call thinking maybe this was a Telmex problem, as our land line is Telmex. Well...same result, so maybe it's not specific to Telmex or At&Tis and a tower problem.
  13. There are actually, many strains which contain CBD. The seeds can be ordered and the vendor can tell you the percentage of CBD and THC in each strain.
  14. Legality of medical treatment is in the works. In the meantime, all those types of things are legal here in Mexico in small quantity. I know where you can purchase an oil with has a combination of CBD and THC. For many medical conditions, you must have both chemicals as they work in concert with each other. This is a complex topic, but that's the simple explanation. The other option, of course, is for you to grow it (very discreetly) and make your own oil. The insanity and stupidity of the governmental system is this. You can possess a small quantity, but you are not allowed to grow it, so that begs the question, if growing is illegal, then how to you possess any??? Anyway, that's a bit off topic from what the OP asked.
  15. Purchased an empty house. I am familiar with most of the resale shops and a few stores in Guadalajara, so I am looking a bit everywhere. Also know about Julie & Wayne's sales. If anyone has anything for sale, please pm me. This is what we need: Bedroom Furniture (chest, Armoire, end tables of sorts) Everything does not need to match. Dining Furniture -- If you only have chairs, no problem as long as comfortable. Coffee Table - Round or Triangular. Comfortable set of occasional chairs with a somewhat higher back. We are looking for simple lines as the home is contemporary. It can be something that needs to be reworked or fixed up. We are looking for good prices, not high end.
  16. I am also interested in Natasha's response to this as we have chronic problems with insects and have two cats.
  17. Thanks for your willingness to help. Here is her contact information: Linda 331.699.0914
  18. Yes. It is all peculiar. You can buy a home with a Tourist Visa, but not a car.
  19. If anyone is interested, Meubles Placencia also sells memory foam mattresses, Mexican sizes.
  20. I am so glad you posted these measurements as I just ordered a Mexican Queen size and need those exact measurements in order to make a platform. Thanks!
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