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  1. 4 hours ago, chapalence said:

    The ground in CH is constantly moving and if your house is one built on escombro fill it will move even more.

    Our realtor had a similar problem as yours in their house up on Codornices. Soon after we bought ours, they hired the same crooked crew we used in remodeling our house to assess the cracks in their house. He advised them that filling the cracks in the walls and floors that were as wide as 15 cm would do nothing but cover the real problem, but that's what they opted to do. They sold the house shortly afterwards. Buyer beware! 

    Bueno suerte in finding a real solution.


    2 hours ago, chapalence said:

    Yep. They were told that, yet they chose to pass the problem on. BTW, these weren't short cracks. Some, as described to me by the "contractor" went almost ceiling to floor. 

    Who is the crew that was hired?  I want to make sure and not hire them.

  2. 46 minutes ago, mudgirl said:

    It was a clueless suggestion. She doesn't need to go to the US to get something notarized that will be accepted.


    Maybe.  However, I was commented on the fact that you said he assumed, which he did not. Yes. There are other options. 

  3. 59 minutes ago, HoneyBee said:

    Walked in to Soriano this afternoon to get some coffee filters (stuff I can not get in my neighborhood ) and was happy that masks are no longer required. Was sad  to see that the furniture store next to Soriano went out of business courtesy of these stupid lockdowns. 

    It is called Soriana.

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  4. After reading all this about the RFC numbers being false, I searched for my auto title documents and found something which contained original my RFC number which did not come from that link I provided.

    It had the first two letters of my last and first name, followed by nine numbers.  I don't know what to make of all this.

  5. 17 minutes ago, Tingting said:

    Zeb, if you're still looking, I think ours is looking for more work. She's as honest as they come and has been with us for about 15 years. She doesn't speak English but if you speak Spanish, even badly, she's pretty quick to catch on. If interested, she'll be here Monday and I can talk to her. We're also in CH.

    Yes. I am looking and would like someone this week. Can you send me a PM with your info?

  6. On 4/6/2022 at 5:35 PM, geeser said:

    AT&T got off to a horrible start in Ajijic in 2018 due to an employee Jorge who who activated cell phones for gringos and possibly nationals as well. If cash was paid it seems it went in his pocket but I activated an iPhone with a credit card. After a couple of months most of these phones were turned off by AT&T. It waa in the Gusd Reporter that the money was taken by the employee who never filed an actual contract. Who knows how much the thief made off with.  Not ATT fault anyone can hire a rotten apple. ATT's  huge mistake was the refusal to honor the paper contracts many people received for a cash payment. So they refused service and would not honor these contracts and refused to refund the cash paid shown on these contracts. This was a public relations  disaster caused by a thieving employee who was improperly supervised but the company refusal to correct his crime probably doomed them at lakeside for a generation. The 2 year contract we used a credit card to purchase provided excellent service with unlimited data, calling Mexico, USA and Canada and allowing  roaming there as well. Last week we received an email notifying us that both our phones were going to be. out of service on April 4, 2022i We went to the store and he (sic) looked up the contracts   We agreed to renew them both and wanted the 2 year contract quoted at $4640mn.  The current employee tried to run the credit card, but said the system was down but cash would work or come back later. 4 hours later it was still not working. I smelled a rat.  We returned once a day on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. The story changed from system down to credit card not approved on three different cards. Then our Mexican debit card was not approved . Each time he insisted cash would work. Today we drove to an ATT office in the center where Superama was located on  south of Fresco grocery on Lopez Mateos/ Colima highway just south of Costco but on the west side if the street. The credit card renewal went right through of course and the cost of the 2 year contract was $4537 now with unlimited calls and text Mexico, USA and Ca with roaming in each. Avoid the AT&T store in Ajijic. The current employee may be honest but all the symptoms were there.

    My plan with them is going to expire this month.  Is there anyother way I can renew it besides the Ajijic shop?

  7. On 4/10/2022 at 5:15 PM, MtnMama said:

    Let's be honest here. NOB AT&T was an absolute disaster to deal with. No reason to think they would be any better in Mexico. The fact that a billion dollar corporation won't make good on a dishonest employee's theft should tell you all you need to know. Couple that with many 'dead zones' Lakeside and I can't understand why anyone even bothers with them.

    I can tell you why on my experience.  I had Telmex phone with supposedly unlimited service.  One month , as I was preparing for a trip to the US, I had to make a lot of calls there.  My service stopped working. The Telmex office said they shut down my service because I made "too many calls" on my unlimited plan.  The clerk also said this has been done to other customers.

    Telmex is also dishonest.

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