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  1. Tha Abastos in Guadalajara has many bulk items at a better price.
  2. Zeb


    I made our yogurt for years and it was much better than any store bought product. For starter, I did just buy a good plain yogurt and used part of it. Making yogurt is very simple, then I would strain it until it reached a consistency we liked. This how Greek Yogurt is made and is just strained for a longer time to achieve a thicker consistency. One trick I did also use was to add powdered milk to it when being made. I would use our crock pot as a vessel to make it(of course, do not turn it on) due to its convenient size and thermal quality and cover with towels to maintain the temperature.
  3. As if Mexican citizens could not possibly be thieves......and expats only would. What nonsense that would be.
  4. All valid points. You must do what makes you comfortable.
  5. We have screens everywhere yet they still get in.
  6. I am having the same problem. My name is not there and when I click on the envelope I get a list of unread messages. I do see the list of advertisers on the right.
  7. Could you elaborate? I have had him replace all my watch batteries.
  8. This was my understanding of the procedure as well. I had one about thirty years ago and that was its purpose. Good that you cut and pasted that definition.
  9. Thanks all for the replies. They do collect around the lamps. What a mess of dead ones we have! Good to know this won't last all year. It is really hard to keep the house clean with these insects taking over.
  10. Are they seasonal? If so, what is their cycle? I think also they are a problem for certain plants.
  11. I am sure we are not the only ones with this problem. There are thousands of small grey flying insects outside and some do get inside our house. They are attracted to the light bulbs then we have dead insects everywhere. Does anyone know about these and what can be done to deter them (without harming our pets)?
  12. Steren does not have watch batteries. I asked.
  13. Terrible location for him evidently. Not so for a lot of us who live in that direction. The congestion at SuperLake makes going there tedious.
  14. One good resource for me to start research is to go to Dr. Axe's site and look under conditions. https://draxe.com/
  15. What is his specialty and problem, if you feel okay sharing that. Don't want to comment without more info. I know frequently doctors want to remove body parts because they don't know what else to do, and there are other options.
  16. I agree. It's offensive to ask why.
  17. What do you suggest using to clean things such as the toilet? Baking soda perhaps?
  18. Traveling mailbox does provide a US address in the city of your choice.
  19. I did it myself. The local Immigration office gave me a printed list of everything they needed. I pulled the documents they wanted, brought them, along with photos they needed. I went to the bank to make the payment for the fee as they instructed. It was really pretty simple. The people at Immigration speak English. I did not see the need to pay an attorney just for that. Even if you hire one, you still have to pull all your documents together. If you really don't want to do it, perhaps a facilitator will be less costly.
  20. Speaking of Septic tanks, we were told to never place toilet paper down the toilet. Is there any type of TP made for Septic tank disposal?
  21. I made a suggestion which you may read separately, but as a side note, you can stop the mail you don't want. Just instruct them to stop mailing.
  22. Let me offer a different much less expensive solution: Travelingmailbox.com. After much research, this was my choice. It was a good decision. They will notify you each time mail arrives and follow your instructions, whether it be scan and forward or shred. They will even deposit checks for you. All is done on line with chat available as well if you have any questions. Its been very efficient and way better service and cheaper than any of the local options.
  23. We are in Riberas and have received no notices. We'd like to know when these will occur so we don't get caught unprepared.
  24. If you come, check all the various mentioned here. The south side of the lake is definitely more country like and you may love that.
  25. Thank you. I will stop by and see what they have. We really need chest of drawers, hi-boy nightstands. Actually prefer it not be a matched set, other than maybe just two pieces.
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