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  1. I have a friend (male) looking for a room to rent or he can do work in lieu of rent. It must be really inexpensive, probably around 200 USD. He can fix and maintain just about anything. He has two small dogs. Any leads would be appreciated.
  2. I would not leave the two together until the cat is older. It's just not safe. Kittens are just too innocent as they have no fear or boundaries. A more mature cat would have learned to be more careful around a dog. That combined with the size difference and abilities, etc., it's all just too risky. I have successfully obedience trained three dogs, however, I have not had to face the challenge you have. I don't know if my comment will be of help to you, but I would not combine the two for quite a while.
  3. We are getting our info from the Nephrologist who is not local. We do go to a Primary care doctor for one purpose only and trust it for absolutely nothing else.
  4. That link takes you to a page where you have to sign up, etc., or agree to things and I don't know if under the free section that article would be visible. If you want to share, best to cut and paste it directly on the forum.
  5. I was about to make a mistake here, so I deleted my comment. I believe you are correct.
  6. I think we have been conditioned into being afraid of bacteria. Certainly a pet doesn't belong in the operating room, but the rest, I think, is nothing to be worried about. Service dogs accompany their handlers everywhere after all. The dog is probably not licking the dental instruments..... People sometimes have terrible habits which spread their problems to others. One of the worst offenders , IMHO, is sneezing in your hands. Guinness, ask yourself if you do this. Right after that, do you touch everything as if nothing has happened? This is way worse than having a pet on the floor in a dental office. For a while I worked for the Hospital Corporation of America and their were signs through the facility that stated you should cough in your elbow. Excellent habit to develop, one which I have adopted.
  7. Does anyone know where the closest Dialysis clinic is where my spouse can be treated?
  8. Wow! What a wonderful offer. We would love that. I will send you a PM assuming you have it set up.
  9. Blood Type is O+. It is my understanding they will accept other blood types, the idea being to keep the supply replenished for the hospital. I did not know Red Corss and LCS had donor lists. Thank you for that information.
  10. I need it to arrive within a day or two at the most.
  11. We are in need of a blood donation for my spouse who is quite ill. The requirements from the blood banks are that the person be younger than 65, taking no medications and in good health. These requirements are not the same in the US. They are more stringent. I realize our community is heavily populated by older people who will not meet these requirements, however, there may be younger relatives or hired help who would be glad to do this. We would pay for the transportation to and from the hospital in Guadalajara.
  12. Thanks to all who replied. I am not certain of the DHL and Fedex locations. Can somewhere provide that info?
  13. I did search the forum prior to posting this, however, I got many things with the word mailing in it that didn't apply and there were just too many, so I am asking for suggestions now. We need to get a small item sent to the US very quickly. Recommendations would be appreciated.
  14. Lying is not okay. Neither is cheating people. That's how it becomes acceptable to do so.
  15. Thanks. I will do exactly that.
  16. Can someone tell me where to purchase beef tallow in Chapala?
  17. Absolutely and that is how you have a better chance of connecting.
  18. Some very good ideas there. We have been using some of those for years (cloth napkins, cloth dish towels, etc.). I grew up with those anyway. I really don't care for paper napkins. It's the American way and quite wasteful and cloth napkins are much more pleasant to use.
  19. Some people get sick and others do not. We are not all in the same physical health depending on habits, etc. Those harmful elements were still not meant to be consumed. I prefer to not wait until there is a problem.
  20. Perhaps this can be of some who are unfamiliar with it. They also offer a filter for the shower as all is absorbed through the skin as well. Berkey Fluoride Water Filter- PF2 (Set of 2) Adds the ability to reduce Fluoride, Arsenic and MTBE to the Black Purification element
  21. Tha Abastos in Guadalajara has many bulk items at a better price.
  22. Zeb


    I made our yogurt for years and it was much better than any store bought product. For starter, I did just buy a good plain yogurt and used part of it. Making yogurt is very simple, then I would strain it until it reached a consistency we liked. This how Greek Yogurt is made and is just strained for a longer time to achieve a thicker consistency. One trick I did also use was to add powdered milk to it when being made. I would use our crock pot as a vessel to make it(of course, do not turn it on) due to its convenient size and thermal quality and cover with towels to maintain the temperature.
  23. As if Mexican citizens could not possibly be thieves......and expats only would. What nonsense that would be.
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