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  1. Still looking for someone to do this repair.
  2. Anyone know someone who can do stained glass repair?
  3. I'm totally with you in this regard. You are correct about the cow's milk. I also make delicious almond milk, and it's super easy. I also buy the unsweetened soy milk...I think most people want convenience, however, they may not realize that the almond milk sold isn't that great, and making it is so darn simple.
  4. Most charge based on the trip and what is to be done during that trip (shopping, doctor appointments...etc.) Have never had anyone charge me by the hour.
  5. I have made tons of bread in my life. Haven't done much since I have moved to Mexico though. If you are new at this, an excellent site is Breadtopia. Make the no knead bread. If you like european type bread, this is for you. I do want to add that I have NEVER used a bread machine. To me, it is a useless piece of equipment. If you plan to do this with any regularity, then an excellent mixer (with a break hook) is a worthy expenditure. That is, IF, you want the help of a machine.
  6. We are still talking about the one that is NOT in Chapala, correct? It is on Mx. 23....Yes? Once more question--the cost?
  7. Tempura is Japanese. I thought this was a Chinese restaurant.....
  8. Thank you for that. It is confusing when the basic information is not available.
  9. Thank you. That is probably a very good option.
  10. Anyone have any suggestions on where to park a small motor home with hooks ups available? I am familiar with the location in San Antonio, which I believe is full. There are lots of empty lots and land.
  11. Already did that and did not help.
  12. I have a Dell 3110cn laser printer. Frequently does not recognize that it has paper or it will say there is a paper jam. It has paper and there is no jam. I have cleaned the rollers and still not working correctly.
  13. I have a laser jet printer that is problematic. Any recommendations for a repair person? The place in Riberas does not do that.
  14. I agree. We have seen Dr. Daniel as well and quite happy with his services and dependability.
  15. I have the same question. Where in Chapala?
  16. Hard for me to believe this is the monthly rate. I looked on the site,but did not see a price. Is this a monthly rate?
  17. Can you be more specific on the location?
  18. I have two people in my life who are looking for housing. One is a single woman. No pets at this time. Needs something inexpensive not far from bus route. Other person interested in house sitting (single man) with small dog.
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