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  1. I could recommend. Depends on what you need done.
  2. Personally, I will not take any vaccine. Another great way for Big Pharma to profit and medicate us unnecessarily. I am in favor of businesses profiting, but not with bunch of products that really are ineffective and when there are other options. If you notice, there are more and more drugs on the market, and yet people are not better. Still lots of high, blood pressure, obesity, heart problems, arthritis, so their drugs don't fix anything. If they actually healed, it would not be profitable.
  3. I love that quote. It is exactly what I think. Thank you for posting these comments.
  4. I don't think a policy of listing people as COVID when it is not is an acceptable decision. As I mentioned earlier, this is not the first nurse who has said this is being done. Mixing everyone on the same floor equally unacceptable. We are told it is a pandemic. Perhaps it is is not, but convincing everyone certainly gave them the excuse to put a lot of control in our world. Scaring people is a great way to take away their rights and all under the guise of keeping us safe because they assume they know better.
  5. I watched part of the video posted by CyberTramp. No doubt hospital staff is working hard.That i8s not in question. Does not change the fact that people are being listed as Covid when they are not and someone being handled as DNR when he does not have a DNR. That was recorded. This doctor seems quite emotional,and defensive rather than factual. Also, this not the first nurse to describe these types of actions. The entire world's activities have been controlled, so I think it is important not to be gullible and believe everything is done "for our own good".
  6. Although the video I posted is not specific to our area, I believe it was relevant. as the handling of the virus situation has been affecting the entire world. and that includes us. The idea is that perhaps it is being mishandled in general, with information that is not factual. Definitely, people do get sick. Nonetheless, it is the idea that the reactions and information on which decisions have been made are not truthful. This has had terrible impact on many and governments in general are not known for their honesty and competence. Greed obviously may be a factor as some do benefit from this mess. We must not be naive and believe everything we are told. In response to the nurse's "perspective". It is not an opinion or a perspective, but rather a description and reporting of the situation happening in her location.
  7. This nurse is retired military. It exposes what is really happening with Covid. https://selfreliancecentral.com/2020/06/15/perspectives-on-the-pandemic-the-undercover-epicenter-nurse/
  8. Does anyone know if the long distance buses within Mexico are running? I will need to travel from Chapala to a coastal area.
  9. What is the name of the lab in Chapala? I think it is on Juarez.
  10. Totally agree. Government is now a dictatorship. When the government is afraid of the people, this is freedom. When people are afraid of government. This is tyranny. Some famous person said that. Don't remember who.
  11. Veena, I cannot locate the information on my glass person. When I can locate it, I will send to you. Also, I have a suggestion for future safety with no burglar bars and how this can be prevented from happening agai. I will PM you on that.
  12. Totally agree. Personal attacks totally unacceptable.
  13. Such intense criticism and judgment! The person asked for suggestions on glass replacement, not for your opinion of how they should live.
  14. New person in town looking for housing. Her budget is 9,000p. Has one cat. Best near transportation.
  15. Finally! Someone who gets it. Thank you.
  16. So am I getting on the Periferico or bypassing it to the next exit?
  17. Thank you for those suggestions. My idea was to shop in Guadalajara in order to have more options as well as be able to do other errands there.
  18. I did that and did not see what I wanted, so I thought I would try this board. Some of these places have terrible web sites.....
  19. Absolutely right. Staying home all the time not good for one's health.
  20. What about the option of giving key to a friend? I realize that was not your question. Offering an alternative as I have also checked around for safe deposit boxes and have found none.
  21. I was in Guadalajara last week. Some shops are open and , in any event, that was not my question.
  22. Anyone know of any good area in Guadalajara to shop for lighting (lamps, chandeliers, etc)?
  23. My solution was to make my own. It's a simple mix of Molasses and white sugar and it makes perfect brown sugar, same as what we are used to purchasing in the US. I can post proportions if someone is interested, or you can find it easily on the web.
  24. That used go be the attitude and thinking toward slaves. Whites just thought they were superior. Government officials are just as flawed as anyone else. The point is who decides for someone else. Certainly not government officials. I have never not nor will never surrender my personal judgment or health decisions to an government bureaucrat. They have not been elected for their wisdom and superior knowledge and judgment. That is not their role. If you wish to surrender your life's decisions to another, then go ahead, but you have no right to force that on others. Otherwise, we are being treated as stupid slaves.
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