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  1. So, when we don't agree, we Censor and call it misinformation. I wonder who the final authority is on what's true....and what's false or inconvenient. I don't know what's true. I do know I don't believe in censorship. They do this in communist countries. Government decides what's true and what gets told. So, some are all okay with that. I am not. I think people need to make their own decisions.
  2. This site does not always work right. I did a search about CFE a few minutes ago and got nothing and I know for sure there are posts about CFE. In any event, I would like to know if I can pay my CFE bill at an Oxxo without having the paper copy. All I have access to at the moment is the amount and the account number. I have attempted this on my phone and on line and it has not worked. I am out of the area, so physically stopping by is not an option.
  3. I know the buses go from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta. Is taxi the only way to get to the Guadalajara main bus terminal, or is there a bus to be gotten to get to that bus station?
  4. 1. What if there is no family? 2. The site does say an interested party. Someone else was able to do it, now the question is whom to ask about where the rescued people were taken?
  5. That is exactly right. A denuncia has been filed. I believe the police found the person, but now trying to find where he was taken. It was fowl play.
  6. I am hoping you know the answer to the question I posted below. The victims that were held hostage at the home in West Ajijic. Police rescued them. Where were the ones that needed medical care taken? Police knows where they all are. How to find out?
  7. The group of people that were rescued from the house in Ajijic I believe had someone we are looking for. The police that handled the raid knows where the victims were taken for care. Who will out that information?
  8. This person may have been found and taken for care. Trying to find out where and I was told we have to have that report and in order to get information from the hospitals, etc.
  9. Interesado--Does that mean any interested person?
  10. In order to find a missing person a Denuncia needs to be filed. I have been told only a family member can do this. I'd like to know what the law actually says and if this is true. What someone has no family? What if family is in another country? Perhaps Spencer can answer this.
  11. Thank you everyone who took the time to respond.
  12. Thanks a bunch for providing all of that!
  13. Did a search on line and was unsuccessful. Can someone give me the names of the public hospitals in our area including Guadalajara?
  14. David 393 934 9284 He has spotty English. I sometimes will use google translate to type what I need into What'sApp. when we are not face to face. We do pretty well in person though. If you don't mind giving me your first name, I will tell him you may call. You can PM if you don't want to place on the Forum for all to see.
  15. I have an excellent handyman who is looking for work. He can do plumbing, welding, etc., and many things well. If anyone has any need, please let me know and I will pass on his information.
  16. Too bad he has not answered. I know someone who does a good job on many things and is now in need of work.
  17. I could recommend. Depends on what you need done.
  18. Personally, I will not take any vaccine. Another great way for Big Pharma to profit and medicate us unnecessarily. I am in favor of businesses profiting, but not with bunch of products that really are ineffective and when there are other options. If you notice, there are more and more drugs on the market, and yet people are not better. Still lots of high, blood pressure, obesity, heart problems, arthritis, so their drugs don't fix anything. If they actually healed, it would not be profitable.
  19. I love that quote. It is exactly what I think. Thank you for posting these comments.
  20. I don't think a policy of listing people as COVID when it is not is an acceptable decision. As I mentioned earlier, this is not the first nurse who has said this is being done. Mixing everyone on the same floor equally unacceptable. We are told it is a pandemic. Perhaps it is is not, but convincing everyone certainly gave them the excuse to put a lot of control in our world. Scaring people is a great way to take away their rights and all under the guise of keeping us safe because they assume they know better.
  21. I watched part of the video posted by CyberTramp. No doubt hospital staff is working hard.That i8s not in question. Does not change the fact that people are being listed as Covid when they are not and someone being handled as DNR when he does not have a DNR. That was recorded. This doctor seems quite emotional,and defensive rather than factual. Also, this not the first nurse to describe these types of actions. The entire world's activities have been controlled, so I think it is important not to be gullible and believe everything is done "for our own good".
  22. Although the video I posted is not specific to our area, I believe it was relevant. as the handling of the virus situation has been affecting the entire world. and that includes us. The idea is that perhaps it is being mishandled in general, with information that is not factual. Definitely, people do get sick. Nonetheless, it is the idea that the reactions and information on which decisions have been made are not truthful. This has had terrible impact on many and governments in general are not known for their honesty and competence. Greed obviously may be a factor as some do benefit from this mess. We must not be naive and believe everything we are told. In response to the nurse's "perspective". It is not an opinion or a perspective, but rather a description and reporting of the situation happening in her location.
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