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  1. Yes. I am looking and would like someone this week. Can you send me a PM with your info?
  2. Need a weekly maid in Chapala Haciendas.
  3. My plan with them is going to expire this month. Is there anyother way I can renew it besides the Ajijic shop?
  4. I can tell you why on my experience. I had Telmex phone with supposedly unlimited service. One month , as I was preparing for a trip to the US, I had to make a lot of calls there. My service stopped working. The Telmex office said they shut down my service because I made "too many calls" on my unlimited plan. The clerk also said this has been done to other customers. Telmex is also dishonest.
  5. I need some as well. I don't see any responses to this question.
  6. If anyone has an inversion table in good condition they are not using and would like to sell it, please contact me.
  7. Any leads on one for sale? Or a shop recommendation in Guadalajara?
  8. Any other recommendations? This is for a labor issue.
  9. I would appreciate a labor lawyer referral. I know there are several corrupt ones in our area and I prefer not to use Spencer.
  10. Well..okay, but I really can't do much with that information. I would need names and contact info.
  11. Thanks a bunch. I will get back in touch. They JUST arrived.
  12. There is a Ukrainian refugee here I am helping. I thought it would be helpful to introduce her to someone who speaks her language. She has lost everything.
  13. Yes. I have that as a last option.
  14. Anyone know someone who speaks Ukrainian?
  15. I was not asking for criticism of people with whom you don't agree. If this is not something that interests you, then PLEASE do not respond to my post. Do not participate. Start your own topic. Only answer if you have information I have requested.
  16. I don't know what a nutbar is, however, it does not sound complimentary.
  17. Anyone know if there are any Conservative groups Lakeside?
  18. I have extra second hand suitcase in good condition I can spare.
  19. Tons of beautiful color fibers, silk, wool and cotton. 1,200 pesos. I also have other supplies and completed and incomplete hand painted canvases.
  20. The hospital on the Libramento does not have an anesthesiologist and I need one for this situation. As to the hospital in San Antonio, I have had bad care there.
  21. I am checking around to see where to best place is to get an MRI. I have read some negative comments about San Antonio Hospital and, I must say, I also had a bad experience there when I had a procedure done. The staff really needs training on how to care for patients. The newer Riberas Hospital does not have an anesthesiologist, so that location is not an option. I'd appreciate any recommendations.
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