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  1. Thinking of going shopping in Tonala this Sunday. I am looking for a large rug. Does anyone know if the shops are open that day and if there are rug shops?
  2. I have tried to reach him today and no luck. No answer at the cell number and home phone disconnected.
  3. I have found carpenters here to be totally unreliable. I have waited five months for a project that was to be completed in two-three weeks. Another took three months for another two week project. They don't show up. They don't call. I need more carpentry work done. If anyone can recommend a reliable person, I'd appreciate it.
  4. This is for TV watching and that is too expensive, but thank you.
  5. I was just there and they have plenty. Maybe I should describe as TV.
  6. I know several places to buy monitors (Costco, Wal-mart, Best Buy? I want one for watching TV, Netflix. I'd appreciate any comments on place to get a good price. I will also need one of those full motion mounts.
  7. Thanks a bunch to those who responded.
  8. I want to make sure I am understanding about the driving test. I am not asking about the written one. The driving test is not required if you have a current license from anywhere?
  9. Rene Herrera - 332.042.4452. Dependable. Can fix just about everything. Fluent in both languages.
  10. Typing errors on my part. Originally I did not receive a verification code. Later I disabled the VPN and did receive a code to access my account.
  11. Some time has passed since I posted on January 10 that I still did receive an e-mail verification code. That is no longer an option. I just spent a wasted hour on the phone with them and basically, they are insisting on a US number, etc. I find these places ask invasive question that go beyond security for the customer, such as "when are you coming back to the US". Gee, since when am I accountable to a financial institution? I also find it incredibly presumptuous that they call you by your first name as though we are friends. Oh, and they think Mexico is overseas....really! I will not answer those ridiculous personal about my travel and what do I have in the US.. My travel plans and activities are none of their business. Anyway, after a wasted hour, I just temporarily disabled the VPN just as Computer Guy said. I actually did know about this method, I just did not want to use it. It does work.
  12. What a big deal for just a change of address, but then all the paperwork here is like that.
  13. I know many of us are in need of help with our homes, government related administrative matters, getting to the airport, etc. One of the issues with help is reliability and honesty. I have a wonderful helper that I would like to recommend. He does not own a car, however, he has a chauffeur's license and can take you in your car. It will certainly cost you less than the other drivers. Anyway, he has many more skills that I cannot enumerate. Rene Herrera 332.042.4452 Fully bi-lingual.
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