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  1. I am not sure how that is relevant unless he is promoting them as a cure and I did not see that in his article.
  2. Also, based on your comment no physician should ever give any opinion unless he/she could spend money on a research team. My understanding is doctor see patients and get data from labs and places that specialize in the research, and THAT is where owand h they get their data to formulate their opinions and how they advise their own patients.
  3. Nowhere my post did I claim that I had found special research on line that doctors and scientists missed. I simply posted an article written by a physician based on his opinion and expertise. Obviously, you want to make fun of what I did and it seems, for you, if I had posted an article which spoke of the medication favorably, you would be fine with that.
  4. I don't think that would make a good base line research criteria. He is providing data he obtained from other sources and certainly the 40,000 he mentions is worthy of paying attention. I did not see anywhere he claimed that buying his products would cure covid, so I don't think tha
  5. You are free to disagree with his medical expertise and opinion. He may not have his personal research team, however, I am sure he has access to research done by others as almost all doctors do. Most doctors in private practice use data from other researchers as well.
  6. A differering medical opinion does not mean it is automicatically misleading. Otherwise, it is censorship of anyone who does not agree with media reporting.
  7. And the pharmaceutical companies are also promoting their businesses and want to sell the injections.
  8. That is an incorrect assumption. I did not just see it on line, then post. I have lived in Houston and was familiar with this doctor.
  9. Well. He is obviously active in many areas and that is general information about him. Just because you may not agree with his other activism does not mean he is not medically competent. I am sure many other doctors also are involved in some form of activism.
  10. A third injection proposed. Wow! Nice money maker.
  11. So, if they give you immunity, how is it that people who have been vaccinated are getting it?
  12. Also, what bothers me is that my understanding that the function of vaccine is to prevent a disease from occuring, such as polio. Evidently these injections don't do that. They only minimize the symptoms.
  13. The moderator has suggested I repost this as he had locked it because people's responses immediately became political and went into attack mode. You may not agree with this physician's opinion and recommendations. If you do post a rebuttal, then be polite and diplomatic and please stick to the medical topic and don't turn it into a political or personal confrontation. I am currently in Houston and this was provided to his patients. I have been reluctant to participate on this board many times because of personal attacks and this should not be happening here. I post this as info
  14. Makes no sense as I made no political commentary. posted an article written by a well known physician in Houston about the Vaccine and his view of it and his opinion on the data is being is incorrectly handled by officials. It is just a medical view point and a valid one. Evidently, there is no tolerance on this board for an anti "vaccine" opinion and I wonder why...... If in fact, a response became became political, then that one should have deleted. I think it is harmful to withhold a differing medical view point from people who want to make a health decision.
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