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  1. Yes. That crap happens too. There are dishonest people everywhere. In my opinion, that clause should have been placed in the lease or the lease could have been set up month to month. Words are worthless.
  2. Different country. Different prices. It's not like getting a bargain rental in the US or Canada. The rents are high for Mexico, so there is zero comparison.
  3. The point is that it is not as in Canada and the US where things are more regulated and landlords and tenants usually follow the law and there are consequences for not doing so. Contracts mean something. Of course, you can get lucky and get a nice Mexican landlord and house. Problem is as stated in my first sentence, so you need to know that going into a lease situation with a landlord here, particularly Mexican.
  4. After reading all this about the RFC numbers being false, I searched for my auto title documents and found something which contained original my RFC number which did not come from that link I provided. It had the first two letters of my last and first name, followed by nine numbers. I don't know what to make of all this.
  5. If you want further communication, please feel free to send me a PM.
  6. Also, leases really mean nothing here as they cannot be enforced.
  7. I can give you one story out of many I have from personal friends. A good friend of mine rented a small apartment. She had pets which was okay per the lease. A few months into it, the landlord decided he wanted more rent or she had to move. She was not well off at all. This was a really modest apartment community with only the minimum provided. There was a pool which was seldom cleaned. When she wasn't going along with his idea, her pets were being harassed and she finally ended up leaving.
  8. I am sorry to see that you are getting sarcastic responses to a serious inquiry. It is terrible, but is typical of people on this board.
  9. I do not know where your are coming from to give you a comparison. However, I can tell you what I know. Mexican law does not require landlords to repair and maintain as they normally do in US and Canada. My understanding is they only have to provide very essential services to the residence. From people I know directly (as you requested), they are typically not good landlords. I am not saying there are no exceptions. I have had personal friends whom have rented from them and it is usually not a happy arrangement maintenance wise. Many times, the expat will spend his/her money to repair or improve the property, then the landlord raises the rent or asks you to move in order to sell. This is not unusual. I know it from several people. Forget getting a deposit back. What most have to do is not pay the last month's rent. If you rent from an expat, they frequently bring their financial requirements from their own country, which are not reasonable here--such as first and last month, pet deposit. Mexicans typically do not pay all that.
  10. The article cannot be read as it is asking for the reader to sign in.
  11. I am posting this in case someone needs to find his/her RFC: https://www.mi-rfc.com.mx/consulta-rfc-homoclave
  12. Yes. I am looking and would like someone this week. Can you send me a PM with your info?
  13. Need a weekly maid in Chapala Haciendas.
  14. My plan with them is going to expire this month. Is there anyother way I can renew it besides the Ajijic shop?
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