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  1. Glad to know that they don't all operate the same way. When my spouse needed blood, we had three donors be rejected for some of the reasons mentioned above. I would donate if I could, but I am underweight and am slightly anemic.
  2. Also, they don't accept anyone taking prescription medications or if you have had sex with more than one partner in a year........and you have to be the right blood type they need.
  3. Zeb

    Mexican Passport

    Thanks a bunch! I just looked .after reading your message, on the SRE site and it does have the needed information.
  4. Where does one go to apply for a Mexican passport?
  5. Chapala Haciendas is using the water supply as leverage. They drastically reduce the amount of water supplied to the non-payers. It is my understanding, there is not the option of placing a lien on the property as in the US. There is process of foreclosure here even for taxes. The government does not do this and, frankly, I think it's a good thing although really unfair to those of us who do pay the dues. They do need to pay up at the time of sale.
  6. How long to drive there?
  7. Kenmore Washer - 22 Kilo - Used - Excellent Condition 4,300 pesos. Can PM me or call at 332.495.5564.
  8. Anything other activities there?
  9. I will do that. Thank you for the resource.
  10. We are interested in a short term vacation, about 3 -4 days, preferably not in the heat. Any suggestions on where to visit within Mexico that would be fairly inexpensive?
  11. Anybody have the number for the cab service at the airport or how to get it? I need to know if there are any cabs that have vans if someone has a larger amount of luggage.
  12. Anybody know where a couple can take dance lessons in group setting?
  13. Here's a brief update on the situation. I am correct about the amount of the tax. The Notario actually has an attorney do all the work, and there is a title search and some other things that need doing for the transfer and that s how the Notario fees are so high. Evidently, it's just not as simple as I would like it to be. A Mexican will is definitely needed. Also, you cannot just place a beneficiary of your choice on your property deed. Here is must be a relative. So in effect the will does not complete the task, but allows you to leave the property to a non relative. Even so, it appears some type of probate will still be needed. This is why there are properties here with so many heirs over many years and the deed remains in the original person's name as the cost of doing all this is so ridiculous. Many simply cannot afford it.
  14. From what I understand that is not correct. It would make total sense that it should be the way you are thinking as this was my thinking as well. But, of course, the government has to make is complex in order to get more fees. Someone I know was trying to purchase a property where this situation existed and before the sale could be completed, the property had to be transferred in the name of the remaining owner and it slowed everything down for two months or more.
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