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  1. Can a Tourist bring in a trailer behind a car as well?
  2. We will be driving from Houston and crossing at Pharr. Really could use some recommendations on a place to stay on the US side in or near Pharr, Texas. We plan to spend the night on the US side and resting before crossing the border the next morning. Someone is to meet us on the Mexico side , what would be a good place to meet up--could be at a hotel on the Mexico side where they could spend the night.
  3. I just know we will cross at Pharr heading for Reynosa, then onto Lakeside.
  4. Want to verify something I read somewhere on this Forum. Are there still several military stops after crossing Pharr coming into Jalisco?
  5. I agree that it is preposterous. That, however, is what they do to people who lose it out of the country. They have computers at the airport, so I don't even know why a piece of paper would be needed. I was stuck at the airport for over an hour even though they looked on the computer system. They said they needed some numbers or something that was on the card. Mexico is not known for efficiency. The whole procedure they put people through to get a card replaced when lost out of the country is simply another money maker and job creator for the government at the expense of the tax payers. There's no reason it has to be this way. All that data can be in their computers and a card could just be a back up for the person in case the computer system was down.
  6. Your neighbor lost it in Mexico I am quite sure, and that's why a replacement could be issued here. When it is lost out of the country, then it's a whole different thing.
  7. Your last critique should have been addressed to Alpha1. That was the posted who said it was beyond his comprehension. I am quite clear on the procedures as I personally lost my card out of Mexico, so I know quite well what it took to replace it.
  8. Not sure why it was necessary to file this report. I had lost my card while traveling as well. What was required was a visit to Immigration and then I had was told I had to leave the country to re-apply. Same with some friends of ours.
  9. We are trying to reach the Dentist, Dr. Cotty Salas. Land line is disconnected and cell phone indicates temporarily suspended. Anybody know what's happened to her or have different numbers?
  10. Is Scallion 's open Saturday night for dinner?
  11. 2006 Mitsubishi Outlander - 141,000 miles - $70,000 pesos Black with dark grey interior - Luggage rack. Mechanically good and in working order. Sun Roof not functioning. Interior in very good condition. I am the second owner. Have all documents. Exterior looks faded. Tires about one year old. Photos below. Contact Number 332.495.5564
  12. Excellent! I will wait for the contact information and use one or both of those for donation purposes.
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