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  1. I believe the free part is that it is covered on US health insurace, so not free, but included in benefit.
  2. Anyone have extras of those forms and willing to spare one? I used to have a batch and cannot find them.
  3. I am flying out to the US this week. How soon is it really necessary for me to get to the airport prior to my departure time?
  4. I am looking for medications to help someone who cannot afford to buy them. Sometimes when people die or get better, they have medicines they no longer need. If anyone has any of these, and would like to donate, please PM me. Suerox Lisinopril Paracetemol B Complex
  5. Thank you. Texas is not listed and has no restrictions.
  6. Is a Covid test required for travel from Guad to Houston?
  7. I know someone who is in serious need and I am not sure about all the available charity organizations here. I don't want to be solely responsible for ongoing financial aid, I would appreciate some suggestions. My church does provide food, however, other things are needed I believe.
  8. I have a handyman desperate for work and he is a very good worker. If anyone has any work, please send me a PM.
  9. Location: Chapala Haciendas Pets: Two small dogs, two cats Time: Possibly one month Starting Date: Undetermined as of yet, however, possibly in ten days or so If you have a recommendation, please send me a PM.
  10. Absolutely agree. I have been told many things by "authorities" which turned out to be false.
  11. I just got a new passport as my old one had expired and so now the Mexico Visa showing my Residencia Permanente is not in it as it was in the old one. What is to be done about that?
  12. I don't see the relevance at this point. I may have misquoted the sign, however, my post does state that your policy has to be on their list. My point was they do not take US insurance for payment.
  13. The large sign in front of San Antonio Hospital states "we accept USA insurances". As a US citizen, when a business states they accept our health insurance, to us, this means we don't pay for the medical service upfront. The medical expenses are billed directly to the insurance provider. Here is the information that two people obtained from Lakeside Medical (located within San Antonio hospital )regarding their claiming acceptance of US Insurance. From several communications with them, this is what became obvious. The service they actually provide is to file a claim for t
  14. Thank you for this suggestion.
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