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  1. There are actually, many strains which contain CBD. The seeds can be ordered and the vendor can tell you the percentage of CBD and THC in each strain.
  2. Legality of medical treatment is in the works. In the meantime, all those types of things are legal here in Mexico in small quantity. I know where you can purchase an oil with has a combination of CBD and THC. For many medical conditions, you must have both chemicals as they work in concert with each other. This is a complex topic, but that's the simple explanation. The other option, of course, is for you to grow it (very discreetly) and make your own oil. The insanity and stupidity of the governmental system is this. You can possess a small quantity, but you are not allowed to grow it, so that begs the question, if growing is illegal, then how to you possess any??? Anyway, that's a bit off topic from what the OP asked.
  3. Zeb

    Furniture Needed

    Do you have photos?
  4. Purchased an empty house. I am familiar with most of the resale shops and a few stores in Guadalajara, so I am looking a bit everywhere. Also know about Julie & Wayne's sales. If anyone has anything for sale, please pm me. This is what we need: Bedroom Furniture (chest, Armoire, end tables of sorts) Everything does not need to match. Dining Furniture -- If you only have chairs, no problem as long as comfortable. Coffee Table - Round or Triangular. Comfortable set of occasional chairs with a somewhat higher back. We are looking for simple lines as the home is contemporary. It can be something that needs to be reworked or fixed up. We are looking for good prices, not high end.
  5. I am also interested in Natasha's response to this as we have chronic problems with insects and have two cats.
  6. I don't think everything there is organic.
  7. Thanks for your willingness to help. Here is her contact information: Linda 331.699.0914
  8. Zeb

    "Tourist visa" question

    Yes. It is all peculiar. You can buy a home with a Tourist Visa, but not a car.
  9. Zeb

    North American size Queen bed

    If anyone is interested, Meubles Placencia also sells memory foam mattresses, Mexican sizes.
  10. Zeb

    North American size Queen bed

    I am so glad you posted these measurements as I just ordered a Mexican Queen size and need those exact measurements in order to make a platform. Thanks!
  11. Okay. It will come from cryptogroup.net
  12. Zeb

    UBER "problem," or maybe not?

    We have had the same experience using Miramontes. All that you said is exactly accurate.
  13. Thank you for responding. She is in her 70's and alone here. People end up alone for so many reasons. I don't really think that's important in this case. Her children live in the US. She is just on very limited income and it is hard when you move into a rental and so many things are missing. The previous tenant even took the gas tank, light fixtures, etc. It is really hard to find an inexpensive rental when you have limited funds here and this is what she could find, which puts her in the position of having to buy things one would normally expect to be in a rental, even an unfurnished one. She is having to do some fix up in a house she does not own, and funds for that were not in the budget. She has linens, etc. The biggest problem is lack of cabinetry and storage type items so she can put things away. Imagine closets, bathroom vanities, and kitchen with no shelving. What a mess. The front door lock is also an issue as anyone can put their hand through the gate and open it from the inside. She could use some paint for a couple of areas to replace the dark colors.
  14. A friend of ours has just moved into a Mexican style house. She really has no funds to spend. I am trying to help her. If anyone can donate anything, we'd appreciate it. She is in need of organizational type items such as shelving, plastic organizers, etc. The bathrooms, kitchen and closets are lacking shelving, drawer, etc.. If you can think of anything that would help organize those spaces, that would be great. Her things are on the floor at the moment. You get the idea.