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  1. I can see that this has turned nasty. Not worth my time.
  2. I am unable to reach The US Consulate in Guadalajara, Federal Benefits Unit. On the SS website, it provides an address and a phone number. This is the number shown: 01.800.772.6393. However, that is a fax. The other number shown is also a fax. If anyone has a good number, I'd appreciate your providing it. I did send an e-mail as well.
  3. Excellent and simple description.
  4. I try not to judge that type of thing. My comment was strictly about the use of the word guest. Insofar as the rest of it with respect to rights, rights are not derived from government, although governments have done a great job of convincing and training the population to believe this falsehood. Government are given the right to govern by the people. About generosity, I am not sure whose generosity you refer to. My view is that since rights don't come from government, government is not "generous" as they nothing to give that we don't give them. God gave us the earth and the rights are derived thereof, and the use of it, but people forget that basic fact. I don't want to get into a discussion about how the earth's resources are being used, that's a whole other can of worms and can be its own topic. It's just great the great propaganda and that applies to governments worldwide. I am not really sure what you mean by "gringoness". If someone is an American or _______fill in the blank, they are whomever they are. I don't anything wrong with whatever nationality a person is.
  5. I get a kick out of people saying we are guests in the country. I don't ask my guests to pay to enter my home or submit documents to prove their worthiness or pay my taxes. I suppose my definition of guest is different. I think the same of hotel "guests". Some stores are using this word now as well...seems odd to me.
  6. Zeb

    Capital One

    I just logged in and there is the option of receiving the verification code via e-mail.
  7. Zeb


    You've got it. I have helped people who needed supplies and rides. This is a way to help others. I think relying solely on businesses or other type of entity not a good plan, at least not for me. It's the same principle as saving money for when it may be needed. Even with saved money, when there is no gas, you cannot buy it. After all you cannot eat or put cash in your tank. Cash is only a currency which allows us to purchase what really matters and makes our lives easier (food, medicine, shelter, gas.....). If people want to rely solely on the gas stations, well then, to each his own.
  8. Zeb


    Buses need gas too.
  9. Zeb


    Instead of picking on how people are behaving, perhaps time to change the way we think. Okay, so, having lived in a State where disasters occur, we have always stored gas for these types of events. I recommend people practice preparation instead of crisis management and not rely on the current system to always be functioning. Buy gas storage containers, purchase a gas stabilizer and date your storage, and put a reminder on your calendar when gas needs to be disposed of and replenished. It may not solve the problem for a very long term, but it may certainly help. Be prepared for the next time. Learn something from this event. Just a suggestion.....
  10. I came across this article and I thought it might be helpful, so I will try it. I am posting for others' benefit as well. IF YOU HAVE THIS PLANT IN YOUR HOUSE, YOU WILL NEVER SEE MICE, SPIDERS AND OTHER INSECTS AGAIN! The main ingredient is fresh mint, a type of aromatic grass of big diffusion, appreciated by its characteristic refreshing fragrance. It is usually used in gastronomy, but many people don’t leave aside its therapeutic properties. How to use it? It is very simple. You should prepare a well concentrated mint tea. Place it in a spray bottle and spray every corner of your home, especially the corners of the doors and the rims of the windows. This will be disagreeable for the insects and it will keep them away from your house. It will also give you a fresh and pleasant aroma
  11. I have been unable to reach the Laredo Consulate although I have the extension and name of the person who can be of assistance. If anyone has the specific requirements from Laredo, please let me know and send me a PM. I have read Spencer's list, however, it is not specific to what Laredo will accept and that is what I need. I don't really want to make an appointment at this time just to get that. I can do so once I have all my documents lined up for review.
  12. Well, then, that is good news.
  13. Which office actually makes the decision on income qualifications? Is it the Mexican Consulate in the States? If the Consulate accepts the income, does that mean that Immigration here won't reverse the decision and they just finish the process?