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  1. Well then you will like it. Horses, goats and sheep in our area. We have a great breeze when people in Riberas are further down and homes hotter. We also have better water. Riberas has the worse water in the area. If you are buying, no matter where you are, plan on having several security features. One thing I want to mention. Thieves like high walls because, once they are in, they do what they want without being seen. Have watched videos of former thieves and they like homes with lots of concealment.
  2. Looking at the map, Pharr really is less of drive from Houston, so we will take that route. Hopefully, find some good hotel on the route.
  3. Agree. Actually, governments kill more people than anyone, so they are the ones who should not have weapons. It's also a fact that, although there are quite a few episodes of lives being saved my a gun owner, those are intentionally not reported in the mainstream media. They are reported elsewhere, but main media does not it known.
  4. I have not crossed the border back from the US into Mexico in quite some time. As I am planning a trip, and information changes, I'd appreciate some feed back on safety and anything that could help me decide which border entry point to pick. I will be coming back from Houston, so Pharr is definitely closer. If I opt for to cross at Pharr, I will need two things: A secure place for me to spend the night on the Texas side before crossing over the next morning. There will no pets, so that is not a consideration. Does not have to be in Pharr. Could be within 30 minutes or so from there and the same is needed on the Mexico side for the person waiting for me. If I opt to enter through Laredo, I know a good hotel there so no problem on the US side, however, I don't know where one would stay on the Mexico side. It can be a thirty minute ride or so away from Laredo into Mexico.
  5. I cringe when someone says these types of things are free. They are not free! If they were the doctors would be volunteers; the drug companies would give a way medications, the labs and everyone associated would all donate their time and products. Our taxes PAY for all of it, so the better way to describe it is "included". This word free is deceptive.
  6. There site was awful last time I used it, so I agree. Are you suggesting I can get info on their flights on Expedia?
  7. We live in CH and like it. There is a right spot for everyone; some like city life; some like a country feel. We like the country feel, plenty of nature around us, most neighbors nice people. Around the holidays, one resident has a party for everyone. All I can say is, we've been more successful at meeting others here than other places with all the high walls. We lived in Riberas for more than two years and never were able to really connect with the neighbors. If you have a horse, it's a good place. Safety...well things happen everywhere, so no one can tell you where it's safe. If we could predict crime, we would and what a world that would be. Things have happened here as in other places. Develop good safe habits and be cognizant of your surroundings. Many of your neighbors will probably have pools and if you make friends, you may be invited to use the pool. If you choose this place as your home, send me a PM and we'll be happy to meet you.
  8. Quite right. Just ordered from that source, so thank you Geeser.
  9. If you have had temporal the right number of years, then no financials are required. Insofar as other documents, I am not certain. I know you will need the temporal card and your passport. Immigration here in Chapala will let you know what else may be needed. They do speak English.
  10. I agree. Most of us can figure out to make phone calls. There is always a reason for asking someone who has actually used the services. I get frustrated with those types of replies also.
  11. We are looking to purchase for a LG K-10 and up cell phone. If someone has one they want to sell and no longer using, please PM me.
  12. Thank you. I used to fly Volaris and learned to hate it, but will consider it again as it will only be one way and I seldom need to go to the US.
  13. Thank you to those who responded to my request. I did visit with Dr. Liana and my impression of her was very positive.
  14. I want to get to Houston sometime in October or November. The cost of a one way flight is exorbitant and I don't drive it. If anyone is interested in sharing a ride and expenses, please PM me. Thanks.
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