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  1. Loneliness requires companionship, not psychotherapy.
  2. As I had my phone with me, they had he number and access to the SIM card. I had someone go to the shop in Ajijic and add data. That did not help.
  3. Thank you for that. It was not even a review or an opinion. It was just a description of what happened and how he handled it. He was in fact a now show and did handle the phone call exactly as I stated. I was very polite with him and hugely disappointed at the time considering all the comments about him on the board. Actually, I don't think I will delete anything because it is what happened and I did take the time to then continue to explain how it turned out. Workers do screw up and this one one time when he did. I still think a phone to say he could not come or an apology later would
  4. I had not called him back when I posted that and, at that time, had no intention of doing so. Some time passed before I decided to call him again. Also, I am not sure I know how to delete a post. I remember, I used to be able to make corrections, but I think that feature is no longer available. The negative part that I wrote was factual.
  5. To report the end of the story, through a series of events with other plumbers, I called him again and he did come by and fix the problem correctly and was reliable, so I think it's just one of those times when people just screw up and it is not there normal way of being.
  6. Of course, anyone would be put off regardless of nationality.
  7. My plan was purchased at an AT&T retail store but, evidently, the records are not connected to the US.
  8. Can someone recommend a doctor of Sports medicine?
  9. Mine is supposed to work in the US. Last trip, it stopped working. I went into an AT&T store in Houston (actually went to three stores), and no one could help as they have NO record of any plan purchased in Mexico. The only thing that worked was WhatsApp.
  10. Is it possible to get someone to see me for dental care on a Saturday? Dr. Candy is my dentist, but I think the office is closed on Saturdays.
  11. I am making this request for a friend. She is looking for an inexpensive Casita or home centrally located as she will have no car. She is currently in another part of Mexico. She is coming back to the area to live here. She has no pets. Budget around 10,000 pesos. If anyone has any leads, please PM me.
  12. So, it's just as I remembered. They do take returns without a receipt in an exchange for a store credit. Thank you Bob.
  13. I know for sure that I have returned things there previously with no receipt. I think sometimes they just don't want to be bothered. Clerks usually are unprofessional. Once I had purchased a plastic container in Soriana. When I got home, I realized a part of it was damaged. I went there the very next day with receipt and was told they did not take back plastic containers. The return policy was printed right there at the desk and plastic was not under the non=returnable items. She said "oh, well that falls under a totally different category that we don't take back". That was all a lie.
  14. Went to return something today and was refused as I had no receipt. I just wanted a credit as in the past, but the answer was no. Did I get the wrong clerk or is this a new policy?
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