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  1. Thanks for your assistance with my search for a driver.

    Happy New Year, ZEB!

  2. Mexico is a huge silver producer. I have sent you a Private Message with where to purchase in Chapala.
  3. Thank you for that. What you wrote is exactly how I have typically seen things done.
  4. Yes, of course. That's common sense.
  5. Yes and I do agree with that. The medical profession is mostly symptom management and not curing.
  6. I have fed my cats the raw diet for many years and they have always been well, then my spouse died and I stopped making this food as it was a bit of work for me to do by myself and I had so much responsibility with a sick person. The result is several months later one of my cats developed some serious problems and was not absorbing nutrients, losing weight etc. I went back to making the raw food and is he now back to his normal weight and well again. I make a large amount, and freeze in small plastic containers, thaw as needed. The commercial food for cats is terrible stuff. These cats are carnivores and by feeding them commercial food (especially dry), we feed them totally inappropriate food for their species. We need to give animals the closest thing to what they would eat in the wild. Same for dogs.
  7. Well I can be wrong. That was just the experience I had when my spouse was ill.
  8. There are several psychologists in the lake area, however, I don't think any of them are ADHD experts. Psychiatrists are typically used for medication only.
  9. Adult. Specifically looking for counseling/psychologist.
  10. Does anyone have a source or referral for a specialist for treatment of ADHD?
  11. The information with respect to the link indicates they are authorized in every state.
  12. I think it's all too expensive. I would also go to Dr. Camacho. She has great references from anyone that has used her services. I have also been to her for eye exams. I agree that you can get someone else to drive you to Guad for much less. I do realize that if the driver must wait for you, then you pay more for that waiting time. You can just get an Uber on the way back without having someone wait. I used to take my spouse to Guad for treatment twice a week and never paid that amount.
  13. Governments are lousy with money! That whole way of thinking about them collecting and disbursing is totally a communist method. I earned my money and I get to decide to whom it should go and how I wish to spend it.
  14. We have things to donate. Any suggestions on where to do so?
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