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  1. Yes. That is correct. Thanks for clarifying what I wrote.
  2. There is more than one option. (1) You can write a US will yourself. I have an old one which I modified several times . This is called a Codicil. You could or get a sample from someone to copy the types of information you will want in it. (2) You get get a US attorney to do it remotely. In either case, you will need two witness signatures with a US Notary to place a seal.
  3. I just got a license as well through another source and want to see if it appears different from yours as there is some concern with authenticity. What color is the background? Does it have a greenish tint or is it white?
  4. Same question. How do they determine fake versus authentic?
  5. Rene Herrera 500 pesos. 332.042.4452. Totally fluent English and Spanish. I realize that is most that the previous posters' information, however, I know this is dependable.
  6. How do you know if they are counterfeit. It matches other licenses including the highlighted design (I can't think of what that is called right now)
  7. I think this can be done depending on what type of medication it is. If it is something over the counter here, then the carrier can just bring it as his/her own. If it's a controlled substance, then yes a prescription would be needed. Perhaps a doctor here can make the script in the carrier's name. I'm sure someone will object to this thinking, however, no one is harmed and someone is helped if it can be done this way, as long as all parties agree.
  8. I got a Mexican driver's license. Never went to Guad. Never took a test. Paid a service fee to someone who handled all of it and delivered the license to me within a day. If you want referral, then PM me.
  9. We use Dr. Daniel Hernandez as well.
  10. Thank you. I have located it.
  11. Does it have a sign or something recognizable as I was on the street and did not notice it.
  12. Problem with locks already resolved. Thanks a bunch to those who responded.
  13. There is a sewing co-op (I may not be using the right terms here) that was just opposite LCS and they have a sign on the door that says they have moved to right by the church. I was by there and did not locate it. If someone knows more specifically the location, I'd appreciate some details.
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