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  1. Hi Jim - I am also in search of a stationary bike.
  2. I do not know if this is true or not, but I was told recently that there is a service (presumably offered by a local lawyer) that takes a group of foreigners up to the Laredo consulate and assists them in getting the paperwork rolling on temporary and permanent resident visas. Since I had no luck getting the process started while back in the states in October/November (closest consulate appeared to be closed), I am interested in knowing if the above described service is actually available, and who orchestrates it, contact info, etc... Thanks in advance.
  3. Looking for: Ping pong table in good condition Elliptical or Stationary Bike in good condition drop me a line at other.br@gmail.com Thanks in advance.
  4. Wanted - a Mtn bike in any condition for myself. I am 6ā€™5ā€. Iā€™d take a look at bikes that are sized as L,XL or with a 19ā€ plus frame size. Been to the 3 shops in Ajijic on the carretera and am still looking. Thanks in advance. Please drop me a line at other.br@gmail.com if you have something.
  5. Anyone have a massage practitioner recommendation? I am looking for someone in the style/anatomy knowledge of Erin Dixon. I have went to Erin periodically over the past 7 years, but she is not currently in practice. Thanks in advance.
  6. Heading up to the border soon, and was curious about the various options crossing at/or near the border at Laredo. Looking at https://bwt.cbp.gov/ it appears that just Bridge 2 and Colombia are currently open. Is the Colombia crossing preferred for some reason? I have see several folks mention using this. The ones through Nuevo Laredo (Bridge 2, for instance) seems like it would be a more direct path. I do not know about the traffic up there however. I have directions that include the Banjercito at the Colombia crossing. If Bridge 2 would be preferable, could someone
  7. Chatting with an installer in January, he mentioned that they normally have two for the whole Ajijijc, -> Chapala area. At that time however, it was only him. The other installer had fell off a ladder and hurt his neck and back. This is referring to the guys actually getting service brought into the house and got it going. Do all routers have the ability to load a VPN? I have a Netgear N600 WNDR3700. We use Express VPN for our phones and computers, which has been good...but our current installation is limited to those devices.
  8. Have had iLox for a month and a half, and have been underwhelmed to say the least. Rarely speeds are above 30mbs - which is unfortunate, but the real problem has been the stability of the connection. It gets dropped a lot, losing a lot of calls, or slowing to a crawl. I jumped on the forum to post and see if anyone had similar issues and possible solutions, but this thread proved to be a good place to start. We have the HG6244C model modem as the poster above does. I did the same as another poster and pulled out the fibre optic connection at the modem, and blew out the plug and r
  9. Sorry if this has been posted before...my search didn't bring up any results. I am looking for the names/contact info for folks who rent cars on a long-term basis (several months at a time). I know that there are multiple car rental agencies on the area that do short term rentals. We have used several with good results. At this point, however, we are looking for a long term rental. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks.
  10. Thanks! It is a tiny project (2min or less) PM sent!
  11. Anyone know where to buy a Dremel tool in the area?
  12. Interesting stuff. Thanks Chillin
  13. So basically what is sold as Cemento Blanco in the ferreterias? Seems simple enough. I have some of that around I had the entirety of my interior walls resurfaced a while ago when doing new electric. At the bottom of the walls that there was a sealer (rubbery in feel) that dripped down onto the floor. I am assuming that was something that was added to the cemento blanco? I should have mentioned that the above photo has been primed and painted, and therefore is white from that. Here are pre-painted photos. Sorry, I should have included this earlier. Coarse nylon
  14. Can anyone give me some pointers with both tools and technique in doing a texture as shown? Pretty commonly found in the area. I realize that I could hire someone to do this, but I'd like to know how to do it myself. Thanks in advance!
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