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  1. Thanks Rick - Will probably get month to month for our time in the US. I would call the data speeds in the US as barely usable...even at 4G. The ping on speedtest.net will be around 280 ish and download speeds certainly under 1mbs. Regularly 3G and often E.
  2. I've been using Telcel as my only cell provider for a while now, rather than buying a monthly plan from Cricket (ATT) or Straightalk while up in the US. Telcel partners with T Mobile in the states. While this works OK for calls etc...it isn't so great for data use. When in the US, the data speed drops to crawl. It is the same whether I am in rural areas or large cities where T Mobile has great service. I am using an iPhone XR. My wife experiences the same...using an iPhone 6. Is anyone aware of a way to avoid this? Is there some type of cell service setting that needs to be changed? Thanks in advance!
  3. THanks all. Lots of great options!
  4. Could someone point me to a store that sells bakings pans, muffin tins, bread pans? My wife looked at Walmart, but either missed them or they didn't have them. Thanks
  5. Thanks Cedros and Liliana. Liliana - How did you set up automatic payment from the Mexican bank account? Does your bank account see Telcel as a payee, and then you have a place to enter your cell number as the account? Not sure where I'd even start. Currently, my bank account is with Actinver.
  6. Thanks Bournemouth and MostlyLost. I will check out the MiTelcel website.
  7. I use the Amigo Unlimited Paq (month to month), and would like to try using it north of the border while I am in the US for a few months. Does anyone have experience paying from abroad? Could you outline the steps? I realize that I could leave money with one of the Telcel offices to pay for the service each month while I am gone, but I'll leave that as a last resort.
  8. I am wondering if the high price of receiving items at local shops like Soy y Luna or ishopmail could be that there are customs charged on the items. I am told that items Over $50 in value have a customs charge. This is what I have gleamed from talking with the people at these shops.
  9. Just stopped into Actinver - they will an account if you have a tourist visa. We were told that a couple utility receipts OR a compra- venta for a house.
  10. Hello. We have been told that some banks require you to be a permanente or temporal in order to be able to open a new bank account. But that other banks allow you to open a bank account even if you are only here on a tourist visa. Just wondering if folks here on the forum can point us in the direction of banks that will allow someone on a tourist visa to open a new bank account. Thanks for your help!
  11. Thanks BMH - Could you explain more? What and where are these stores?
  12. Hmm. How did they know what you were shipping (and how is it there business to ask)? Did you get quoted before hand. Not challenging your experience at all. This is really good to know. I asked 3 times during the conversation to clarify with them 'vas a cobrarme 30 pesos, no mas?' and the answer was Si each time. How long ago was that shipment, Chicamysterious?
  13. I am looking to receive a couple packages via UPS from East Asia. Walking by iShopMail today, I was told it is 30 MXN per package....which is a great price in my opinion. Somewhere in my memory, I recall folks saying that they paid significantly more when receiving at the different mail services. Anyone with recent experiences lakeside?
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