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  1. She probably did not know how are have a lab to make crowns??
  2. Yes and he did not write a ticket. Since I have lived in Mexico over twenty years and I would not have accepted it. Point is he stopped me, for what he said was expired registration. So no matter WHAT the law is or says.. it doesn't stop them from trying to extort money gringos who are not entirely accustom to this type action from law enforcement.
  3. AL Berca, maybe Intercasa should inform the transitos in Guadalajara especially those that stopped me two weeks ago just what the law is??Seems like my registration that is three years old from Texas was against the Mexican Law...
  4. I would like the name of that deal. Sounds good and cheap..
  5. If you are married in civil ceremony if Mexico are you legally married in the United States?
  6. Same thing applies to most other states in the USA not just Texas
  7. There are thousands of probate attorneys in Texas. I would ask one of them>
  8. cb why do you have so much negativity for anything in or about the United States? The US consulate sends warning to US citizens. If you think being married to a Mexican makes you exempt so be it. After living in Mexico for over 20 years I find any buss trip is not without some danger.
  9. With the peso at 18.0 to 1.00 looks like the price has gone down from the past three years. Twenty two bucks each for an afternoon of fun doesn't sound like to much. probably a must attend for local food critiques and such. Plus they say it is a "Fund Raiser"
  10. ezpz when the peso goes in the opposite direction do your Mexican helpers charge a lessor amount. Seems fair?
  11. I too have run into such a man. It was in St Louis at a Holiday Inn he to showed a lack of manners, cursing the clerk, demanding better service, and being a real jerk. But he was not an American but was a Mexican. You can find these type everywhere.
  12. The speech next year should be far more interesting and informative.
  13. With that attitude I am sure they will bend over backward the next time your wife applies for a visa.
  14. Just like Mexico, the United States exercising more diligence in who they grant a visa to>>At least I hope so.
  15. What type of service does Iusacell/ATT provide in Mexico?
  16. Gringal ....your lack of knowledge respect to the Bible only grow with each quote and comment.
  17. Been eating there for at least 15 years never had a bad meal. Maybe it is a little to much Mexican for some people. The owners are great people and will do anything to please.
  18. If you are married to a Mexican citizen is the process easier??
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