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  1. Hi Susy I thought you would like to know there is a Cdn woman and her husband who retired to the south side of Lago Chapala and they seem to be loving it ....here is the link to her blog https://casalunademiel.wordpress.com/site-information/
  2. Thank you everyone for your recommendations - I will research them all and share what I learn. Feewee PS: Mary Ann - I am really sorry to hear of your husband's ordeal. My husband is a serial cruiser and I had never considered the risks of cruise boat infections - this one sounds really serious!
  3. Many thanks for information REC - this sounds ideal! I hope your recovery was successful.
  4. Does any one have experience and/or recommendations on in-home care services in Ajijic - preferably someone with formal nursing or elder care training. Things like changing a dressing, helping getting to/from bathroom, light meal preparation. Looking for post-hip surgery assistance in home for 3-6 weeks. The care giver does not need to live in but that would be an option as there is a casita. Thank you!
  5. feewee

    Dia de los muertos

    Thanks Bournemouth - Wonderful - I like this idea a lot - and that the money goes to a good cause is even better. Widesky - I think we'll come to Chapala too ! thanks everyone - much appreciated.
  6. feewee

    Dia de los muertos

    Thank you all for the insights. You are right Liana - Patzcuaro and Oaxaca would have been great ...too late or too far. Does Ajijic do anything? I am with a group of people, some of who are not mobile so Chapala might be too much. I was just hoping there would be something in the Ajijic Plaza. I saw the Thriller event and although it sounds fun, it is really the Mexican traditions that will interest them. Thanks again!
  7. I will be coming to Ajijic over Nov 1, 2 - what can I expect to see or participate in for dia de los muertos?
  8. feewee


    Another vote for Jim at Glorioso - very pleasant, great cut....listens to your instructions/needs and also a great conversationalist. I understand the eyebrow thing...me it is the ears !
  9. We drove there from Lake Chapala area - definitely stuck out like unilingual gringos depsite Mx licence plates - we were treated respectfully although with some bemusement and felt quite safe.Recommendation for Villa Victoria in Patzcuaro - wonderful B&B. They also provide off street parking down the road.
  10. feewee

    Where to buy handrail for a pool?

    We found one on line, showed it to our pool service company (JP Home Services) and they ordered it and picked it up for us in Guadalajara. It is getting installed today in fact!
  11. feewee

    Salt water pool

    Cheers to both of you for info - we are investigating right now and will post back in case anyone else is researching this in future.
  12. feewee

    Salt water pool

    Thanks Go Solar and Cedros. I thought I would have to change out the pump and/or the piping to convert? Am I wrong?
  13. Would you please post the address of the Lakeside Presbyterian Church?
  14. Thank you Jay - Dr Pepe is now involved in their care.
  15. feewee

    Salt water pool

    Hi cedros i have "regular" pool but would like to covert it to salt water. Did you do this? Any advice?