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  1. feewee

    Dia de los muertos

    Thanks Bournemouth - Wonderful - I like this idea a lot - and that the money goes to a good cause is even better. Widesky - I think we'll come to Chapala too ! thanks everyone - much appreciated.
  2. feewee

    Dia de los muertos

    Thank you all for the insights. You are right Liana - Patzcuaro and Oaxaca would have been great ...too late or too far. Does Ajijic do anything? I am with a group of people, some of who are not mobile so Chapala might be too much. I was just hoping there would be something in the Ajijic Plaza. I saw the Thriller event and although it sounds fun, it is really the Mexican traditions that will interest them. Thanks again!
  3. I will be coming to Ajijic over Nov 1, 2 - what can I expect to see or participate in for dia de los muertos?
  4. feewee


    Another vote for Jim at Glorioso - very pleasant, great cut....listens to your instructions/needs and also a great conversationalist. I understand the eyebrow thing...me it is the ears !
  5. We drove there from Lake Chapala area - definitely stuck out like unilingual gringos depsite Mx licence plates - we were treated respectfully although with some bemusement and felt quite safe.Recommendation for Villa Victoria in Patzcuaro - wonderful B&B. They also provide off street parking down the road.
  6. feewee

    Where to buy handrail for a pool?

    We found one on line, showed it to our pool service company (JP Home Services) and they ordered it and picked it up for us in Guadalajara. It is getting installed today in fact!
  7. feewee

    Salt water pool

    Cheers to both of you for info - we are investigating right now and will post back in case anyone else is researching this in future.
  8. feewee

    Salt water pool

    Thanks Go Solar and Cedros. I thought I would have to change out the pump and/or the piping to convert? Am I wrong?
  9. Would you please post the address of the Lakeside Presbyterian Church?
  10. Thank you Jay - Dr Pepe is now involved in their care.
  11. feewee

    Salt water pool

    Hi cedros i have "regular" pool but would like to covert it to salt water. Did you do this? Any advice?
  12. Babyface and Wookie Thank you again for your assistance and interest. I wanted to update you .... I checked back on the donkey today. The kids told me the vet (Dr Pepe) had been over yesterday so I was very pleased to hear that. They had her in the covered area and I could tell they love her and were very concerned about her wellbeing. I looked at her close up myself and I could see that her wounds have been cleaned, bleeding is under control, and antibiotic powder administered. I also learned the younger of the two donkeys was also attacked (also got vet's attention) and that it was in defending the younger one from the dog that the female sustained the deep wounds on her nose and jaw. I will spare you all the details but the wounds are to the bone - heartbreaking. She was able to eat a little bit which is a good sign. She seems a very gentle creature. The kids told me the dog that attacked her is from the MinWah restaurant. I have no way of verifying this but it really makes me uneasy that there is a dog with that kind of aggressive nature out loose around kids and other animals. Thanks again Feewee
  13. Yes I think so but I am going by in the morning to check in and will let you know.
  14. Thank you babyface- I will call right now.
  15. Animal lovers: I have just come back from a walk and was passing near Galeana and Encarnation Rosas ( Dona Donuts street) running parallel and north of Lazero Cardenas. There is a piece of land owned by the Axixic indigenous people. (There is a sign on the fence) . There are two donkeys tethered there and the larger female has been badly attacked by a dog. She is bleeding profusely from the hind quarters and from her face. I thought it was a red cloth tied to her face but it was blood. There are some people there with her but my Spanish is insufficient to know if they are the owners or just passers by. Is anyone on this board familiar with the place / owners? Does anyone know a local vet? I am willing to help pay the vet bill if someone can connect me to a good vet who will make a house call to this donkey. If these injuries are not treated she risks infection and apparently she is pregnant so the fetus is also at risk. All help and advice welcome Feewee