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  1. Thanks so much for this, Go Solar and Mostly Lost - the solar panel guys are coming this week to "reinstall". An animal of some kind (squirrel?) seems to have chewed through the panel wires and there is an opportunity to improve on the original installation at the same time.
  2. Many thanks for explanation Go Solar. This is helpful. I am still wondering about the installation though - is it direct from invertor to CFE meter or from invertor to house wires to CFE meter. Based on what you have answered, I believe it is the latter. Muchas gracias
  3. great advice, sm1Mex - they are coming this week. gracias!
  4. Interesting reading! I am interested in hearing about how others' panels are installed. Is your inverter connected directly to the CFE meter on a dedicated line? Or is the invertor connected to your existing house electrical lines ? If I understand it correctly, your panels create solar energy that can either be: 1) 100% pushed back to the CFE grid and CFE only charges you for what you used in excess of what you generate. 2) Or you can use the solar energy directly for your household consumption through existing house lines and then push back to CFE what is in excess to your needs - or if you need more that what you produce you can buy it from the grid. Would like to know if I have properly understood the two options and hear if one is more beneficial than the other. We have 8 panels on the roof and I do no feel we are getting the production/benefits (last bill was $2624 Dec 9 - Feb 8 ) Granted there have been some cloudy days and the panels have been completely off for ~10 days due to work at the house) Thank you!
  5. Can anyone recommend a professional chandelier cleaner? This is a handblown glass chandelier hanging from our cupola - it needs careful dusting by cleaning professionals with their own ladders and tools. Gracias/Thank you
  6. Thanks everyone - For sure not having liquids around electronics is the best way to ensure these kinds of things don't happen. In this case, horse has already left the barn. 😞 The "patient" is undergoing surgery with Luis Algavin - his shop is in the same complex as Pancho's Deli and Market. No prognosis yet...hoping to at least recover the data if not the actual laptop. Recommendation for Ruben is much appreciated. I am sure he is very good but we had already made contact with Luis, who appears to also know his stuff.
  7. Spilled coffee on laptop 😕... Can anyone recommend a reliable computer repair / triage service in the Ajijic area? Thank you
  8. great question, Mainecoon - I am also interested in this service if it exists. Someone suggested to me that Costco may do this ? I know they do so in Canada but I am not a Mx Costco member.
  9. Does anyone know where I can buy photoshop software on CD for Mac/Apple ? Must be on disc (CD) not a subscription. Thank you!
  10. Cheers Chillin! I am on the hunt and will report back ! BTW - I grew up in Victoria - Haven't lived out west in years but still have family there.
  11. Does anyone know where I can buy photoshop software on CD for Mac/Apple ? Must be on disc (CD, DVD) not a subscription. Thank you!
  12. Thanks Chilin - steaming sounds promising - do you know if there is anyone in the lakeside area that provides this service? If not, I am not opposed to buying a steamer but not entirely sure what it is. I use a steam cleaner on my tiled floors up north - same thing?
  13. UPDATE: We sprayed with power washer (just water) before I posted for advice. I agree this has the risk of breaking down the bricks - some weren't in great condition to begin with but I can see where good bricks are now pitted. Suggest going easy on power washer - if you can turn down the dial or use a less powerful alternative. A long handled stiff or wire yard brush might have been handy but I couldn't find one in local shop. Stiff scrub brush (handheld) - used it on small test area and it worked ok but the elbow grease required to do whole pool area and patio was just too overwhelming and Gardener would probably quit! We followed up with diluted bleach (chose to forego the muriatic acid solution based on the above advice from Stream) and it did seem to soak into the bricks and so far they remain fairly clean and less moldy (some are good, some are still blackish but in a less dramatic way). The areas in the shade took days to dry out but now that they are dry they look better. The best part is that the acrid moldy smell has dissipated (although I can still catch a whiff from time to time ). Getting rid of the smell was the reason for all this effort in the first place. I can see that this is not a "one and done" kind of chore but will need to be added to the growing list of regular maintenance post rainy season...just a reality of life in this area. I also think staying on top of it as one poster remarked is a good idea. Thanks all for your help, everyone!
  14. Thanks everyone - I appreciate the insights. I discussed the bleaching option with my gardener. He has power sprayed all the bricks to remove the black mold and now he is going to try a bleach/water solution. He also mentioned Muriatic acid/water solution - I am not keen to use anything toxic but apparently this is safe. We are going to test both out - I will post with results.
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