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  1. No, I read it. Just not fact/science based, in my opinion. As to my comparison to the other "choice" hot button issue it was only an attempt to show that some folks are able to pick and choose which life is worth saving and which choice should be protected by one's own beliefs. On both sides of both issues, by the way. We humans are a fickle bunch. Alan
  2. I must admit that I am a little puzzled by those staunch (or semi) anti maskers, who in spite of medical evidence saying masks can help prevent infection that might kill somebody, claim it is their constitutional right to have a choice about their own health. Many of those same folks are also "pro life." So seems to me some lives are worth worrying about and some aren't. Remember, masks are mostly to protect others not just yourself. Same with hand washing and distancing. Just be nice out there. Alan
  3. Yeah, next time you are in for a surgical procedure, just explain to the doctors that you don't need them to wear masks since you understand it is no longer medically recommended and it might be uncomfortable for them anyway...Forget the gowns, gloves, and all that hand washing beforehand. It probably dries out their skin anyway and those gloves just get all messy and they make the hands sweaty. And those gowns on top of perfectly good clothes? Please, read an article on the internet if you want the real (Q) truth! Alan (being sarcastic)
  4. Just over a week ago Saturday we went to the Akron Stadium in Zapopan, after several friends went the previous Friday, to get the AstraZeneca vaccine. There was nobody there and the guard said the Friday turnout was so low they didn't think it was worth doing it on Saturday. 52,000 doses left unused. I don't think those lakesiders who went on Friday "stole" any vaccines from any Zapopan locals. The object of all of this effort is to get as many vaccinated as possible as soon as possible no matter how you do it. The same is happening in the US...doesn't matter where you are from just get i
  5. I don't have a smart phone but do have a cheap cell phone in the car for emergencies. Personal rights and societal needs, including fighting crime, have always been fluid situations. Think about gun laws. Think about banking policies. International travel. Health mandates. Eminent domain. Seat belts. There are countless examples. In any "democracy" or representative republic like these North American countries, people are elected to try to represent the wishes of the majority using socialist ideals. That is the way it has worked since the start. I never use the fire department but I
  6. In Ixtlahuacan they are giving the Cansino (one shot) not the Sinovac they gave out here. As to mixing vaccines for the second shot, there seems to be some research just starting on the topic. I'd probably stick to the same brand if it's a two shot type. Efficacy after one shot of the Pfizer is higher than the one shot Cansino (or J&J) but for some folks the extra hassle of getting a second shot outweighs the possibility of less protection. After two shots of Pfizer or Moderna they claim 95%. After one shot of either they now say 80%. All will probably suggest a booster after six mon
  7. All they wanted to see was the vaccine registration which has your CURP number on it. We took all the other stuff with us just in case but it wasn't needed. I'd take it just in case. Google "best route Chapala to Universidad Politecnica Tlajamulco." Take road to airport and turn off to go to Cajititlan. You have to use a returno. As you approach Cajititlan there will be a sign directing you to the right towards Tlajamulco. The 4 lane road goes to town but if you look at the map you turn off before getting into the busy town center The UdeG is on the east/northeast side of town out in th
  8. We were there today as well. No sign-up required. Just drove in and showed our registration form. VERY well organized with lots of high energy and helpful students who are all volunteers. Tomorrow will be the last day for first shots and second round will be in 4 to 6 weeks. All shots are Pfizer from coolers on site. Didn't hear anybody talking about running out of vaccine. Folks giving the shots show you the vaccine in the syringe and then after use, they show you the empty and then break the syringe where you can see it. All folks are directed to tent garage to wait 20 to 30 minutes
  9. If they are tapping into the "power lines" I don't think it would show extra usage on the bill. They are robbing the power before it gets to the meter. I think the bills reflect only what travels through the measuring device (meter) and not what is traveling through the overhead lines. I have seen many carnival operators, welders, and construction crews drape a bare wire end over a hot power line that is nowhere near a meter or in some cases to work on a house that doesn't even have electricity yet. Not sure how it is being billed to anybody else. Alan
  10. I have no idea why, but our last few CFE bills have been lower than ever. Most recent one was 222 pesos (5.50 USD per month) so not worth getting solar. We have lots of light bulbs, 5 ceiling fans, TV's, and computers/chargers, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. Some folks in our coto have similar homes and use about the same things we use and their bills are much higher. Our meter is fairly new and was installed by CFE when we did a remodel. There is no "diablito" device installed and we are not really all that careful about usage. Sometimes I think we are just lucky. But I'm not going
  11. Just as the TSA is pretty much "security theater", the feeble attempts to control crowds at outdoor events is little but "health theater" designed for the image politicians want to project. Most don't really know what to do (understandably) and so they end up just doing something. They do not want to get caught doing nothing and then see infection numbers climb. I honestly have no idea what I'd do if I was in charge so I'm glad I'm not. I will just continue to encourage individuals to be as careful as they think is reasonable for their own health and the health of others. Wear a mask, wash
  12. There is the smell of smoke in our neighborhood on a regular basis. The need to burn is partly for ag reasons as the local farmers clear brush this time of year in order to plant for the rainy season. It is the way it's done here and I don't begrudge them for continuing to do it. But most of the stinky smoke comes from trash and brush from construction sites and gardeners tasked with getting rid of yard debris. This I can partly blame on the local government for not providing places and ways to eliminate trash without burning it. Most of the construction guys don't have the ability to hau
  13. The Chachalaca birds I've heard but at lower elevations nearer the coast. First time I heard one I thought somebody was using some kind of power tool at the crack of dawn but not the woo woo bird. Alan
  14. The nightjar call is pretty annoying but nothing compared to the "woo woo" bird. It's call is much more regular, louder, and sounds pretty much like a car alarm. More like woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo...that NEVER stops! It pretty soon becomes like somebody poking you in the chest. I'm pretty close to becoming a character in a Bill Murray movie. You know, a simple frustration that soon leads to explosives. Alan
  15. Strange as it sounds, there are birds that make a "car alarm sound" that occurs only at night or very early in the morning. They will go on for HOURS. If you get fed up at 3AM and go out to throw a stick up into the tree, they just pause the "woo woo woo" long enough for you to get back in the house. They are taunting me, I swear. Some nights it is just one and some nights you can hear their counterparts all over Riberas. I have no idea what they look like but several neighbors have suggested a cash prize for the first one that brings home a dead one...just kidding, maybe. They are seaso
  16. Isn't this political? If not, here is my opinion. AMLO, an unqualified populist...like a recent US prez, and is in over his head but doesn't know it...just like a recent US prez. In any case, daylight savings time is obsolete and isn't popular anymore on both sides of the border. Alan
  17. If he really has dementia, and not just forgetful like the rest of us, he probably shouldn't be driving. Hoping you were joking a little. Alan
  18. Less than average rains here for the last couple of years. More ag use in the area. No rain since Oct. and we normally get a few showers even in the dry season. Well levels lakeside are dropping as ground water drops. Do what you can to save a little. Keep pools covered during the day to slow evaporation. Use buckets or pitchers to collect water while waiting for hot water to arrive at sinks and showers. Use that to water plants. Limit run time on decorative fountains. We all know these things...just try to help a little. The city of Guadalajara will be pulling more water from Lake C
  19. Andy's right. Forget WalMart...it is symptom of the problem. Traffic and the government's inability to help resolve the problem is the issue. They had a chance here to make a simple correction and instead created a huge problem. Forget trying to get into the large traffic generator that is WalMart and concentrate on the traffic itself which continues to get worse daily. Now this area from West Ajijic into town is a mess. The area from La Floresta to Riberas is a mess. They spent a LOT of money on a ciclovia, which in and of itself is not a bad idea, and then a lot more on this major int
  20. Originally it meant non-aligned with either first (USA and western allies) or the second (soviet union and allies) worlds but now implies a developing country in terms of socio- economic indicators. Those might include, but are not limited to, things like high mortality rates, especially infant mortality, due to war, diseases, violence, and lack of access to medical care. Other indicators are high national debt and a dependence on other countries to maintain economic viability. Could also include poor or failing infrastructure like power grid, postal service, clean water, public transportati
  21. As the USA sinks into being a "third world" country the crappy postal service is but one indicator. Legislation in recent years has hamstrung the operations in order for the union to be sure that pensions are prepaid into the future. Add to that Dejoy's determined efforts to slow things down even more during the election and the effects Covid has had on staffing and it is almost unusable. A first class stamp used to get something sent anywhere in the lower 48 in two or three days. Now things just disappear or take even months to arrive. The tipping point has been reached and I'm not sure
  22. It's not just to and from WalMart. It is going from Riberas to Ajijic or Costco on the west side. It is an ambulance trying to get from Chapala to La Floresta. It's a delivery truck trying to make a living taking product from San Antonio to Ajijic. It's a person from Chapala trying to get to Tony's Meats. It's visitors trying to get to restaurants in San Juan Cosala. It's people trying to get to CI Banco or Sterens or Telcel. It's not just about you not liking WalMart. Bad traffic affects everybody as you will see the next time you drive through the area. Really bad when logical optio
  23. The problem really began when they decided to put in a bus priority lane. They should have just left the bus pull-off area like it was. Then they could have just made lights at the main intersection with left turn lanes. Both left arrows E and W go at the same time then both straight at the same time. Then both N and S left turns at the same time then both straight at the same time. Simple. Once the eastbound bus passes the light it pulls over just as before. WalMart exit on the east side could be only for traveling east. Exit at the light to head west or straight up the libramiento.
  24. The problems are as follows. Much longer traffic delays. Making a u-turn across a busy libramiento from a parking area where people already make up their own rules. Having to travel through twice as many traffic lights where more accidents occur than any other place. Expecting Mexican drivers to know/obey the rules (even if you are) is a pipe dream. And this is why I won't go there unless I have to. One plus of the whole disaster is that there will certainly be fewer folks traveling to see the newest Pueblo Magico and fewer folks moving here once they get a look at this hot mess. If tha
  25. Well, the expected has happened. Coming from the east to WalMart, the traffic was at a standstill beyond the hospital at Chula Vista. There also doesn't appear to be any legal way to enter the parking lot after waiting 30 minutes to get there. We waited where the light is now working that lets cars go across in front of Autozone from the libramiento and just waited until there was a small break in traffic and turned left with no left turn light. I guess the only way in legally is to turn right at the libramiento, make a u-turn and go straight at the light. The only way, out if heading wes
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