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  1. barrbower

    CFE deposit?

    We have a new neighbor who just bought place in our coto received his first CFE bill and it was really high. In addition to that he was charged a 2,500 peso deposit. Anybody else had this happen? Worth talking to Lake Chapala real estate agent or better to just visit the CFE office in Chapala for explanation?
  2. barrbower

    documents required to be in car

    FYI, according to the Guad transito head honcho who visited the LCS a couple of years ago, this is not an infraction for which a car can be impounded. He told those present to take the officer up on his threat because he will not have any place to take the car without facing some problems of his own. DUI, drug offenses, accidents with injuries or death, etc can be cause for impounding. Also says illegally parking where a hazard is created is a impounding offense. Had to laugh at that one because I see cars double parked and blocking traffic on a regular basis. Alan
  3. barrbower

    A bit more parking near Superlake

    I don't go to Superlake often because of all the things mentioned by Computer Guy and other issues I have personally encountered. A gripe I have almost every time I have had to buy something there is the price at the register is different than what was on the shelf. Always more. Excuses are "there has been a price increase but we haven't changed the shelf sticker yet" or "somebody moved the price tags and these row of items belongs to the price on a different shelf" or just a shoulder shrug and a "do you still want to buy it at the higher price?" And this happened before Pancho left as well. To me it has always been a poorly run and overpriced store so I just spent my money someplace else if at all possible. Parking, fender benders, and beggars just made it worse. Having more space to park probably won't entice me to change my mind. Alan
  4. Yep, About 1/2 block north of the intersection of Marcos Castellanos and Guadalupe Victoria very near the Ajijic plaza. The store is on the west side of Marcos Castellanos street. Alan
  5. barrbower

    Directions to Home Depot

    Take the airport highway into Guad past the loop around the Tapatio hotel and just as you get past the wild intersection with Lazaro Cardenas get into the far right lane. Watch for cars getting off Lazaro Cardenas using the far right lane at the same time. In about one block exit at the little 1/2 glorieta and keep going north on what is now Ninos Heroes. This is a busy street through a residential/business part of Tlaquepaque. Go about 12 blocks until you get to the traffic light at the tree glorieta at the corner where you would turn right on Morelos to go to the Tlaquepaque plaza but just go around the tree and wait for the light to cross Ninos Heroes. This is one of the streets where you can't turn left...you have to go right and around the tree to cross the street to the left. This street is called Garcia Barragan which heads off at about a 45 degree angle to the left of Ninos Heroes. About three blocks on the right you will see Home Depot. I'd suggest looking at Google and get "best route" directions from Chapala. LIke I said, this one is closer but a little tricky if you haven't been there before...it will be an adventure.
  6. barrbower

    Directions to Home Depot

    If you live in Chapala, or near there, the closest one is in Tlaquepaque near the Forum mall. It is not as easy to get to as the one on Lopez Mateos which is just past the periferico on the right side. When returning from this store, just get back on the lateral until you get to the first place you can make a 180 turn and head back south on Lopez Mateos. Alan
  7. barrbower

    Difficult to post here

    Most days I can't even get the link to the board to work at all. I used to check here fairly often but, like most others, I don't bother much any more and so I wouldn't care if they shut it down. Too bad because it used to be a nice little resource for folks who might one day be real estate customers...Alan
  8. barrbower

    Bucerias or PV

    I like Bucerias but I'm not fond of the Decamaron. There are lots of weekly rentals in Bucerias as well as lots of hotels. Use Google to find what works for you. Everything in town is within walking distance. They have a nice plaza, craft market, beach, bars and restaurants. The locals refer to Decamaron guests as "bracelet people" and the place just seems to try too hard to make sure everybody is constantly entertained including loud speaker games at pool and beach side. Too much for me. There are really no more undiscovered little beach towns that have lots to offer the visitor. If you like quiet, try Lo de Marcos or Chacala. Both have great little bays for swimming and a few amenities for the tourist. Alan
  9. barrbower

    What is wrong with this webboard>

    My download speed is always around 10 mbps here in Riberas. I stream videos and TV without problems. I connect to any website I desire without problems....except this webboard no matter how I try to access it. A few others I've talked to have the same problem connecting here that I have. So...What is wrong with this site? I was hoping a moderator or tech person associated with Chapala.com would answer with real info. Alan
  10. barrbower

    What is wrong with this webboard>

    Although it is working at this moment, in the past it has not opened when using the bookmark or doing a Google search and trying the various sites listed. It goes to a blank screen and then a blue lettered menu opens on the left hand side of the page but it doesn't link to anything. I'm not doing anything different right now than when it didn't work previously. And why do some regular contributors feel the need to be snarky at every opportunity? That question should get a snappy (yet snarky) response! Alan
  11. What is happening with this webboard? It seems to be down more often than not. Don't tell me you are updating some operational aspect. Too much downtime for that excuse. Alan
  12. barrbower

    Where to Buy 20 Lb. Propane Tank Adapter?

    The BBQ store near the Pemex in Riberas probably has anything you could need for grills and tanks.
  13. barrbower

    just sold my home up in usa..

    Cedros, It depends on your bank. I had to fly to San Antonio and do the transfer in person. Things are changing rapidly and never seem to get easier.
  14. I've only had a couple of traffic stops (for legit reasons) and was treated nicely on both occasions. Was not asked for bribe and I didn't offer one. Didn't get a ticket either. If I ever do get a ticket, I will pay it since I'm sure I have broken so many traffic laws by now that I'd feel like it was finally my karma to get a ticket. Back in 1972, I did bribe two Federales to avoid being deported. That cost me sixteen dollars, two beers, and is another story... Alan
  15. barrbower

    just sold my home up in usa..

    If you plan to buy a home here with part of your proceeds from sale in USA, you will probably be doing a trip back north to arrange the transfer. We had to do it that way and several others I've talked to lately had to also. You can go to any branch of your bank in any US city but it had to be in person. Your real estate agent will provide the info and numbers you need to make the transfer work. Contact your bank ahead of time to see what their policy is. Otherwise, leave almost all of your money in US bank and use a debit card at an ATM. Before you leave the US, have your bank raise your withdrawal limit to whatever you think is reasonable. It needs to be higher here because you will be using a lot more cash than you were used to back home. Alan