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  1. You need to think about what is bringing them into your yard. They eat almost anything but they love insects like grubs and earthworms. They are also attracted to fallen fruit, smelly trash, and any kind of pet food. Some things are easy to isolate like trash and pet food. Some like insects and fruit not so easy. You can try ammonia soaked rags draped around. It appears to them like potentially dangerous signs of predator urine. Motion activated lights might startle them away also. Be aware that they are possibly either in a den or are searching for one nearby. Check under the hood of
  2. Just in case you are looking for another Home Depot to get in and out of "easier", there is one in Tlaquepaque. It is very near the Forum mall and from Chapala (on the airport road), it is the fastest one to get to. Just don't go on a Sunday because the streets are blocked off for bikes and joggers/walkers in that area. There is some traffic but pretty simple in and out especially the second time you do it. Alan
  3. I could be wrong (wouldn't be the first time...) but I think the N95 is designed to protect the wearer but not so much those exposed to infected folks because the vent design lets breath out easier and can pass virus pathogens through easier than just a regular surgical or even a cloth mask. Correct me if I am wrong about this. Not sure what the difference is between the KN95 and N95 masks. Alan
  4. I think to arrive from lakeside, you will have to continue north to the Costco exit and loop under the freeway to head back south. This is quite a way before you get to the periferico. As you are now heading back south, it is just past the mall where the Fresko store is located and on the same side of Lopez Mateos as the Fresko store. Easy to leave and head south if you are returning to lakeside. Alan
  5. One often tried method, if you speak a little Spanish, is to approach a Telmex car/employee and arrange a cash repair with no resulting paper trail. "Tip" them a couple hundred pesos and everybody is happy. It likely is a corrosion problem which can be fixed quickly by cleaning the connections or just eliminating an unused outlet. Alan
  6. I feel like we now live in an age of easy travel, easy information (not the same as factual truth) and overcrowding. All of these elements were in play to spread the Covid 19 virus. I don't see those things changing here, or anyplace else, any time soon. I think we will get to a point where vaccines will prove effective for a long enough period of time to slow the spread once most of the folks get a vaccine. Do you remember polio and smallpox? Good vaccines were developed and almost universally used so that those viral diseases are no longer a daily worry. But today's information highway
  7. If it is actually a roll-up shade you are looking for, you can usually find them at the Wednesday tianguis in Ajijic. They don't have to be used as a vertical shade but that is how they are marketed. He is normally out near the rug seller on the corner. Alan
  8. None that I know about. Several have a version of new "heart protection" aspirin that is the exact same as the junior aspirin that everybody used to sell. It now costs about eight times as much as the junior. I just buy the cheap 500mg regular aspirin and break it into quarter tabs. Box of 40 costs about 30 pesos and I get 120 doses as opposed to a box of forty heart protection aspirin for about 250 pesos. That's a difference of 1/4 peso vs. 6 1/4 pesos each dose or 25 times more expensive. Same Bayer company, by the way. Thanks big pharma for looking out for us stupid consumers! Alan
  9. A neighbor says the church has a new sacerdote who loves the cohetes and he will be spending donated money on more in the future. Oh boy...Alan
  10. It is all for the Virgin del Pilar, according to the guy shooting off the cohetes. This is her day so should end soon...hoping so anyway. They have not done it before and I think this year they are just bored since most other activities are cancelled or curtailed. They need stuff to explode. Alan
  11. Thanks for helping me understand better why some folks feel better banking locally. You are probably in a majority since there are lots of banks trying to cater to expats. It has just never worked for us. Alan
  12. Still not sure why any expat needs to bank in Mexico. It is easy to access funds in foreign (non-Mexican) banks from here using ATMs. Any type of check could be deposited in US bank and accessed from here. What kinds of problems or issues are folks dealing with that require local bank accounts? Somebody please explain by example. I guess there might be a one time need for a particular event but once that is done just ignore the Mexican bank and either close the account or leave the minimum balance to avoid fees. Alan
  13. Most banks will not exchange dollars or travelers' checks anymore. If you have an account there, Actinver will and Intercam used to if you have an account. Not sure anymore. Some businesses will take dollars but at a bad rate. If you brought down a lot of dollars just hang on to them until you, or somebody you know, might be returning to the states. Use a debit card and an ATM to get pesos. Alan
  14. I can completely understand hard and fast rules in public buildings or spaces where nobody has a choice like government offices, grocery stores, hospitals, airplanes, etc. Private businesses can determine rules for their own establishments and customers and employees can choose to be there or not. There are topless bars which you don't have to enter if you choose not to spend money there. No shoes, no shirt, no service. Mask required to enter. No running allowed in store. Lots of examples. So why can't private business decide what they wish to do in their own business? Besides, MC is
  15. Guad Reporter is saying starting this December that new second hand smoke laws will go into effect. All smoking areas must be outside and completely sealed off from the rest of the establishment. No food or drink will be allowed to be served in smoking areas. Smoking areas must have separate entrance from street. I notice several things here. I don't know of a single place that currently can meet those standards. I have no idea who is going to enforce the new rules...maybe the same ones who "enforce" the noise ordinances. In small communities with close quarters folks are going to have
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