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  1. A little head's up. You prepay for everything at the recaudadora office where you pay refrendos (car registration.) They give you a receipt which you take to the license building. I think you will need to make an appointment,which in true Mexican style, will be loosely adhered to. Alan
  2. The Texas power grid was mostly designed for hot weather which drives usage in the summer. They were woefully unprepared for extreme cold. The wind turbines not being winterized was a mistake which they probably won't make again. The turbines that did continue to operate still provided their normal percentage of power to the grid but could offer nothing extra once the gas and coal fired plants went off-line for the same extreme cold conditions. Try to imagine what wind turbines in Denmark or Norway would be facing if their summer temps went to 110 F and stayed there for three months. I'm
  3. We just got our paperwork and circulation card but it seems that windshield stickers are not being used this year. Not sure if that means they have eliminated that completely...or maybe the Chapala office just doesn't have any. Alan
  4. Does that mean that the book library will be open for browsing? Is that considered a scheduled activity? Or will the library only be available online as it has been? Message is not too clear so you might try explaining in a little more detail what you actually mean. I'll renew my membership when the library is back to normal operations with appropriate protocols in place like other businesses have been doing. Thanks, Alan
  5. Seems that the UNOTV is owned by Carlos Slim...so good luck trying to get rid of it. Alan
  6. For those who live in condos or cotos where owners and renters share common areas, there should not be any AirB&B or VRBO operations. The state of Jalisco has very clear statutes that prohibit any kind of business operations including short term rentals for profit. It does not prohibit multiple owners, like families, from sharing a property or having parties. But all condos and cotos can have rules about noise, pool use, kids, etc. As to the business issue, it prohibits everything including things like yoga classes, consulting, hair salons, lawyers, etc. and any kind of VRBO type of bu
  7. We went to WalMart this morning and there was a man standing out front who appeared to be the guy whose job it was to discriminate but he didn't bother us. I was prepared to ask for the manager and point out that the sign says "people over 60 shouldn't shop here" not "can't shop here." When we entered there were lots of older folks in the store but when we were leaving the same guy was having a discussion with a Mexican woman concerning the issue but she was let in also. I think the stores are being put in a bad situation by poorly thought out political mandates. Those mandates were seemin
  8. Water does not come from the lake but does come from wells unfiltered and no chlorine is added. The pipes are also old in many places. We have a settling trap, a sand filter, a sediment filter, and a charcoal filter. Then it goes through an ultraviolet light tube. Been here several years and no problems. You notice that it is hard water and many people use a softener. Not having chlorine added makes calcium easier to absorb, thyroid problems reduced, and your fingernails grow faster and stronger according to the internet which is, of course, 100% accurate. I notice the "swimming poo"l o
  9. Well, since AMLO stated that he was never going to wear a mask until corruption in Mexico was eradicated...everybody around him should have been cautious about getting infected. Let's hope they were smarter than he is. He never grasped that masks are to protect others more than yourself although they help in that way too. Think about doctors who wear masks and gloves when operating. That is to protect the patient. But if a doctor enters a room where somebody has TB, for instance, they wear masks to help protect themselves. I'm not sure why AMLO decided to link two unrelated issues like C
  10. If you are expecting your insurance company to pay the value of the total loss, you will need to get proof of the previous five years of refrendo payments. If you don't have copies, they will look them up and, of course, charge you for doing it. If your car was from another state and converted to Jalisco registration you might not be able to get the proof you need. The insurance agents will not do any of this for you. I just went through all of this for a friend very recently. It also will take a couple of months to get your money from the insurer and they want to do a deposit into your b
  11. Contact Tio Sam's. They have a Bosch stove/oven repair person who comes from Guad with an appointment. Alan
  12. The drive through Aguascalientes takes about 30 minutes and there are several ways to do it. The easiest way is to take the well marked periferico when coming from the north. It is basically a business loop with lots of gas stations, places to eat, etc. Crazy traffic after mostly driving through deserts but just follow the signs and you eventually end up turning left on the highway that takes you towards Guad. You really don't have to make any tricky turns or maneuvers through the old part of town. Alan
  13. After crossing the border into Mexico, we have never had anybody check anything about the dog. They did pet her through the window though. Returning to the states, we had them check her vaccinations record from our Mexican vet so be sure to get that done here before returning. In most vet clinics here they don't keep your pet's history. You keep it in a little booklet. That is changing some as the bigger vet clinics have computerized record keeping. Alan
  14. Most folks from this area use the Laredo area to cross back and forth. There are easier places both south and north of Laredo. Coming from Illinois, you might consider a more northern entry point. Laredo is about 11 hours from here and most drivers make that in one day. If you can't do that, and are planning to spend a night in Mexico, you might consider crossing at Del Rio into Ciudad Acuna. It sort of depends on when you get to the border. But if you stay in Del Rio and cross as early as you can, the entire process will only take you 20 or thirty minutes. As you cross the bridge you e
  15. OK, here we go...all are my opinions only. US plates are no problem as long as you are on Tourist visa or Temporal visa. Tourist visa good for 6 months and your car will require a TIP (temporary import permit) which will require a refundable deposit in cash or credit card which you will pay at the port of entry. Do not leave the border area without getting your TIP. If you think you might need a repair shop while travelling, I'd recommend getting a different car. Repairs are not expensive but waiting for parts could be a problem. And there are roads between here and the border that are v
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