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  1. Hi Stan, Just the mention of the Ukulele, brings the thought of the Great IZ, GOOGLE-- "Over The Rainbow" vimeo.com/8578344‎ Goodluck, Fox
  2. We also hired Chino (Ruben) and have nothing but great things to say about him and his sons. Chino came to our home, gave us a couple of options, and explained what needed to be done, for the best protection on our roof. Chino uses nothing but the BEST products available. He came to work when he said he would! Workers cleaned up after themselves and made very sure we were satisfied before leaving. The price was reasonable, for the amount of work that needed to be done. Chino also guarantees his work!! My wife has already heard the sounds of the Rainbirds, so if your roof needs work nows the t
  3. Yep, Lisinopril is available in 10mg tabs as my wife takes it. Ask for the generic brand. Fox
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