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  1. 10 of us had dinner at Tabarka last night. In one word......dismal. Reservations were for 6 PM. So, not late.We were told before putting in our orders there was no chicken and only one piece of Dorado. About 10-15 mins. after putting in our orders, we were told there was no pasta, after ordering 3 pasta dishes. While ordering we were told that the paella and risotto  were for a minimum of 2 people at $125 each. At the bottom of the menu it does tell you that in quite small print. So, some of us did order the paella, which was fairly good. Two people had the risotto, which was horrible. More like a fish soup. Don't think they even used arborio rice. They say to allow 30 mins. for the paella. But, it was more like an hour. Two people had the sea bass that was pretty good. Two of us ordered calamari appies at the same time. One arrived fairly quick. The other arrived about 30 mins. later. Both were not good. Very rubbery. One of our party ordered a steak, which was pretty good. But he was finished his meal long before any of the rest of us rec'd our orders. Needless to say, most of us will not be going back. 

    We used to go to Tabarka when they were on the west side of Ajijic. And, always had a great meal. We did not see David last night. So, assume he was not there. If they keep this up, they'll be closed up like so many other restaurants have done Lakeside. Consistency is the key.

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  2. 18 minutes ago, johanson said:

    Several months ago I witnessed a truck come to the side street of Salvador's Restaurant. The workers came into the kitchen and transferred the oil to their truck. I have no idea the name of the business. The good news is that there is a service  that collects used oil. I presume they reprocess it but I do not know.

    Sorry, I should have specified engine oil. Don't think they'd want that. Thanks just the same.

  3. We visited Armando's the other night after not eating there for quite awhile. As usual, our experience was wonderful. As far as I'm concerned his steaks & caesar salad are the best in town. Not to mention his wonderful desserts. I think a lot of us forget about the truly great eating establishments lakeside. If you've never been there, give him a try. Wonderful food & great service with everything prepared table-side.




  4. Posted on Facebook, On the Road in Mexico Just passing it on.

    If you are importing your vehicle because you have permanent residency, DON'T use Grupo Cuevas. We did. It was an unpleasant process and cost a fortune. Then, when we got to Nayarit to get our plates, we found that the fractura for our truck was produced years ago and was for a red Silverado. We have a grey Silverado. Wrong fractura. Beside that, there was no fractura or ownership document with our trailer papers at all! So now, we have to go to a notario to get bonded. And, we found stapled to our papers the fractura from someone else's 4 wheeler. That poor soul is most likely in some hell or limbo without it. Now what?
    I don't know whether it's all a mistake, incompetence or fraud. Most likely a bit of all. Are we even in the system after using a "reputable" import company and paying over $2400 CASH!

  5. We just purchased a home in Upper Riberas(north of the Carretera) My Infinitum sucks. But, other than that, all is good. Quiet area, good water & good septic system. 5 mins. to Chapala & 5 mins. to Wal Mart. This is not an area that we were looking in. But happy that we bought here.

    The previous owner installed 2 tanks. One is for black water & completely sealed except for a line that takes the liquid off the top & flows into the second gray water tank. They built the house 7 years ago & had the black water tank pumped once in 2011. there was only a few inches of crud to pump out. There is never any odor.

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