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  1. Anyone know of someone who can trap these critters who are demolishing our garden ?
  2. Anyone know where I can rent a couple of loudspeakers for an event?
  3. I have always called 1 800 123 2222 for tech help and then asked for an English speaking agent. It is a Mexican 800 number so do not be using a VPN to call it. Only works within Mexico
  4. I have to say as the original poster of this thread that the topic seems to verge. The problem was "mites" which live outside the house. There are may versions of mites each with their own tendencies. This year (thanks to Laura at Riberas garden store) I put brown pellets all over the grass and to date have had no problems. Maybe the rains will change something about this and they have yet to come but so far so good. Even though invisible I could track their whereabouts by using one of those tennis racket type zappers. I would run it flat over the floor and furniture. I would get the snap crackle and pop near entry ways and screened windows and that would fade away the further from that point. Also they like fabric such as bedcovers and pillows but not leather. They can get through screening by the way. Not what are commonly called Bo Bos which one can see flying in the air or scabies which would be constant by the way.
  5. In Tonala is a store that sells antique old Spanish hacienda style hardware. Fererateria Mexicana- Calle Metamoros 66, 01 33 3792 6565
  6. YES it is local. After years of calling about low low low internet speeds, despite changing modems etc (and it still continues)- I was told a piece of honesty by an operator at Telmex in Mexico City- that 90% of their calls come from the 376 area code and that it is "over subscribed". That means they are selling something they do not have. On weekends here out west it is virtually zero speed. I am looking forward to the new optical fiber line coming in from Joco.
  7. My dermatologist told me the bites were mites (not no seeums). He advised fumigation of some sort. Through research I have found that there are many types of mites or acabas, The most common is a dust mite which does not bite but can cause allergies. . However there are garden types that do move into the house from outside. I have a tennis racket type electric zapper which tells me exactly where they are which is on tile floors near doors and on furniture and bed covers. As the day warms up they enter. I have sprayed the garden twice to no no effect.I have vacuumed to no lasting effect. I have sprayed with raid to no effect.
  8. I have the 389 pkg and still have calls to the US and Europe ! I am lucky out west to get 3.0 download at on weekends 1.0 or less.
  9. We have an infestation of such a tiny bug that it is invisible. They are not in the air but are on floors and settle on upholstery and bed covers. They bite and cause constant scratching, I have read they could be mites (acaros) . They are NOT no see-ums, bedbugs or fleas or bobos etc. They are inside and outside the house. Have not had them in earlier years.Been around for months. They dont like the evening cool but come out in the heat. Anyone else had such a problem and solution? Are there any floor cleaners that have insecticide in them?
  10. Agree and add that Troje is not in the centre of town. It's to the east a few yards at the crossroads where the gas station is as you first come into town.
  11. Thanks for the info. Yes we are on well water in the dry season.
  12. I have a solar hot water system on the roof. This time of year the hot water has a strong sulphur smell and is a bit yellow. Rest of year is fine. Anyone any ideas on how to fix? I could drain the tank and start with new water but that is last resort.
  13. You wrote that you have a bio digestor as do I. I am looking for where to buy locally the bacteria that one puts in and how often.

  14. My question was answered on the mission tile website. Thank you.
  15. Thank you. I have no instructions to follow which is why I am asking just what product will seal them from stains.
  16. Has anyone had experience laying the antique style "mosaico" floor tiles? They are made of stained concrete (not the fire Talavera style). How does one "finish" them ? I have read one seals them or polishes but not both. Any particular products used to do these processes?
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