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  1. BMH where exactly are the bags you are mentioning ? Call to delegacion 766 1760 and tell them. They will send some guys to haul off the bags
  2. Earl, I can rent you one. PM me for details.
  3. Kayaking, biking, hiking. In Gdl you can go to see a game of chivas or atlas, Tuesday night are martes de glamour (lucha libre) very funny. Also via recreativa Sunday morning in GDL to see beautiful tapatias.
  4. Dan do you known who was her husband ? Ask for his name and google it. You will be amazed.
  5. This morning there was a meeting in that place, That´s why Dan revived this subject. Advertising
  6. Mainecoons is completely right ! Stand with the neighborhood. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS ILLEGAL BUSINESS. You could be next if this sort of thing is allowed to happen.
  7. Hahahaha OVER exaggerate.. Just don't drink tap water, everything in gonna be all right !!
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