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  1. el bartman

    Beach House

    Cuyutlan area is said to have the best surf in Mexico, check this out...... http://wavecation.com/surf-house-cuyutlan-colima
  2. el bartman

    Recommendation for basic auto insurance.

    I for one would appreciate a person taking the time to suggest they had less than a pleasant experience or a cautionary advisement. I am neither judge nor jury and frankly don`t need nor care nor want to hear the details. Just my pesos worth.
  3. el bartman

    car rentals

    S/S Auto -- google for contact info.
  4. el bartman

    Attracting Techno Tech

    And still the question of infrastructure to support this increase remains.
  5. Gringal I had good luck at the one alongside the phone company past black coffee. Why I liked them was the workers seemed a little better managed and quality of work was better with less jocularity.
  6. el bartman

    Car Rental/Ajijc

    S/S Auto 376-765-4800
  7. el bartman

    Patio set

    It all depends on the quality/cost of your requirements. The normal aluminum sets can be found at Quick Blinds. As you probably know that`s located just west of Superlake and before Fenix Realty on the Carretera. For high end cantera and glass combos try north side of the Carretera by the entrance to Tobolandia. Saw a gorgeous cantera base with a glass top for around 30,000 pesos but no chairs at the bazar in the little strip mall between Rio Bravo and the French pastry place, again on the Carretera.
  8. el bartman


    I did see some in San Juan Cosalá in front of the store on the east side of the first lights as you come into town from the east.
  9. el bartman

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    No, but I do have a problem with a nation offering social benefits to foreigners.
  10. el bartman

    AT&T any local experience

    I love my ATT service and use it here and in the US. Renewing my contract yearly has proven formidable because it seems the ATT left hand doesn`t know what the right hand is doing. Have two phones, one got to keep the previous number the other never did follow through with it despite numerous visits to the office in Ajijic. There was a chap running the Chapala store who was on the ball and I never had a problem. He is no longer there and the current staff can`t seem to resolve the problem. Have not been able to find a troubleshooter with ATT Mexico and ATT USA doesn`t seem to care. Bottom line, they don`t renew your contract but rather start all over as if you`re fresh of the boat and inevitably screw it up. So I would comment Customer Service sucks while reception service has proven better than Telcel for me.
  11. el bartman


    why do you say they are not no see-ums or bed bugs or sand fleas.
  12. el bartman

    Fido in Restaurants

    Here's the deal - if I have my dog lying quietly on the ground and outside the restaurant disturbing no one and you don't like it - move me
  13. el bartman

    Where to buy matchstick roll-up blinds?

    WALMART has always had them, at least in the past.
  14. el bartman

    Induction Range

    I'd pose your question to the folks at Tio Sam's. They can tell you how many they've sold locally and maybe put you in touch with the buyers so you can glean their opinions. I think induction is the future.
  15. el bartman

    just sold my home up in usa..

    Don't know about cashing but I had no problem depositing one into my Lloyd's account yesterday. I maintain a US dollar account and a peso account which can be played back and forth if you're into money market concepts. That said I would suggest to the op that he talk to the various banks in town - multiva, intracam and actinver would be my choices and even an account in each to take advantage of things like debit cards as well as not to keep your eggs in one basket.