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  1. Ben Bajarin, writing for tech.pinions:

    “When it came to overall customer satisfaction, iPhone X owners in our study gave the product an overall 97% customer satisfaction. While that number is impressive, what really stands out when you do customer satisfaction studies is the percentage who say they are very satisfied with the product. Considering you add up the total number of very satisfied, and satisfied, to get your total customer satisfaction number a product can have a high number of satisfied responses and lower number of very satisfied responses and still achieve a high number. The higher the very satisfied responses, the better a product truly is. In our study, 85% of iPhone X owners said they were very satisfied with the product.”

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  2. My iPhone X works great, 4G LTE, TMobile plan with a US number, via online Apple store delivered in USA.  I got it about 6 months ago.  4G hotspot works great in SJC when telecable goes down.  Apple has over 1 billion users with better customer satisfaction than any other smartphone manufacturer.   The people who attack Apple users as a cult that have been dooped in some way are misguided.   Google and Apple have both won the mobile era, they are merely consumer choices.  There is no one correct choice for everyone.   Price is just one factor in an individual’s buying choice.  It’s like cars, many choices available and all are likely to do their intended job.   Pick the one you like, are comfortable with and can afford.

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  3. Tacos Los Primos in Jocotepec has great al pastor tacos.   On the same street as Farmacia Guadalajara and a block past the Chinese Restaurant on the same side of the street.   Open only in the evenings.  They also make al pastor gringas ( with cheese )


  4. I pay my CFE bill in advance for my own convenience.   I have also paid IIlox in hopes of helping to fund better infrastructure for the area.   Since the costs are relatively small for me, the risk is also small with the potential of great reward ( fast internet ).   It is a simple equation of low risk, high reward for me.   Your mileage may vary, and that’s ok.

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  5. My smoke issues come from San Juan Cosala, I have noticed about 4 different sources close to me.   I should mention that the smoke disappears during the rainy season.  So half the year is usually good.   Most of the time the air is fine, it's just when the people a few blocks away light up their bonfires of trash that smoke then invades our home.  It's not fires for cooking or heating, it's green waste and trash burning.  One source could be agricultural.

    A few more articles on Mexico's air pollution:  



  6. "According to the World Bank, air pollution kills nearly 33,000 Mexicans every year. Nearly 20,000 of these deaths are due to outdoor air pollution, mainly in towns and cities. The remaining 13,000 are from household air pollution, caused by cooking with wood and other solid fuels. This affects mainly rural communities.

    In both cities and countryside, the cause is the same: tiny particles in smoke which we breathe in and which can lead to chronic lung disease and acute respiratory infections, lung cancer, heart disease and strokes. This does not just affect Latin America, but is a global problem causing over 6 million deaths worldwide each year.

    Air pollution is a real problem in Mexico, causing about one in 17 (5.9%) of all deaths in the country. It is the eighth largest cause of death, after factors such as diet, overweight, high blood pressure, alcohol and drugs, smoking and lack of exercise."

    from: http://www.copenhagenconsensus.com/publication/mexico-perspective-air-pollution

  7. One of my pet peeves with the area is air pollution from smoke.   Many locals do not believe in composting their green waste, they burn it.   I enjoy having my doors open all day long.   However, we are always sample sniffing the air because when the smoke comes we have to jump up and close all the doors and windows quickly.   Otherwise our house fills with nasty unhealthy air.  Every day this happens.    The Fracs ban burning but it seems the locals are always torching things.    Sometimes it is even rancid plastic smells.    I know this is Mexico, but isn't burning trash outlawed in the area?   If so has anyone had any success in reducing incineration in their neighborhood?  Can anyone point to the pertinent law?     Yeah, I know, good luck...

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  8. The chicken sandwich and their green salad are amazing.   The salad has more ingredients than any other salad I have found lakeside.   It includes your normal salad items then it includes things like sliced kiwi, pear, cheeses, nuts,dried cranberries, fresh raspberries, black berries...  lots of great things, I order it without the egg and olives.   For those that miss the old Gaucheria chicken sandwich, well this one is even better.    It's located near Panino east of super lake.  Enjoy!

  9. Yes if you want US Netflix.   My LTE hotspot does about 40mb/s down and 8mb/s up.   Fastest internet by far in the area.   Not cheap though.   I pay T-Mobile $95USD for unlimited LTE but that includes only 14 Gigs of hotspot data.  I use telecable until speeds slow to unusable ( with too many subscribers ) then switch over to hotspot.   T-Mobile's normal $75 plan is unlimited data but hotspot is at 3G not LTE.

  10. We have high ceilings and low utility bills.   Almost no energy is spent heating or cooling.  We do not own a heater or a/c.    Our home faces south with a large shaded veranda on the south towards the view.   The passive heating and cooling is about all we need.  Inside our home rarely gets colder than 68F or hotter than 83F.  The shaded south facing veranda is a blessing not a problem.   The concrete and brick construction of the homes in the area provide decent insulation and mass for passive heating/cooling.   There are a few days where a heater would be nice, but it's not essential.   For us noise is a bigger issue than climate so don't ignore that when designing a home ( double pained or laminated glass).  If anything the good climate provides freedom in design like glass door walls, skylights, and large verandas.   The UV radiation is strong here, we ended up putting tinting on the 19 skylights in the living room.   

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  11. Does the RO water taste terrible? In Santa Barbara they use nukes and RO to desal the ocean water. It tasted terrible. We added mineral water so we could drink it. I use fiber/carbon/UV but I don't want to ruin thetaste. I did take a sample of Ajijic water up north to my friends chemical lab and he gave it very high ratingfor quality and taste. I think the carbon filter does more than just clean up odors or we have pretty good water in the village.Z

    We use an under the kitchen sink RO system that runs through a charcoal filter before and after the RO filtration and the water tastes great. As far as the comments about Santa Barbara water - SB does not use the RO desalination plant that was built. The SB desal plant ran for two months in 1991 the year it was constructed. It has been moth balled since. Even when the SB RO system ran for its two month test it would have only been able to supply 20% of water demand for the city. It is unlikely that whatever water you tasted in SB was RO water. As far as the RO system being powered by "nukes" , Diablo Canyon nuclear facility is in San Luis Obispo county and is owned by PG&E. Santa Barbara city electricity is serviced by Southern California Edison. SCE does have a defunct nuclear facility at San Onofre, but that is in the San Diego area and is being decommissioned. Nuclear energy supplies less than 10% of California's electricity now that San Onofre is offline. When Onofre was online nuclear energy accounted for about 16% of California's total energy demand.

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