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  1. Tomorrow Monday, May 31st the 50-60 age group will be receiving covid vaccine shots at the Instituto Technological on the Libramiento. Usual starting time will be 8 a.m. depending on vaccine arrival. Shots will be given for several days. Usual docs must be presented CURP, VISA, Registration receipt from mivacuna.com, and proof of residence No missed shots for the over 60 group will be given. The acting mayor says that these will be addressed separately. Your friend, Hector España Ramos
  2. Many thanks and blessings to Ruth e D. for her continued support of our community projects. Her donation now puts us at 2000US for the Bomberos drone. We are getting to the goal of 5000US ,but, we still need more support for this project which will help us all! Forest fires, lost and hurt hikers, drowned victims and others, lives may be saved due to you help! Your friend, Hector España Ramos
  3. When we started visiting we were mountain/view people. When we moved here 20 years ago we were Ajijic village people . After 16 years in the village we realized that our wealthier Mexican friends all lived in gated communities. The village got too much for us and we have happily been in a small gated community for the last 4 years, Thus the reason so many give the sincere advice to explore and find your preference.
  4. To be factual Angus, Chapala has had a long standing problem with arsenic in the water.
  5. the VERY FIRST THING you should do is ask to see the officers ID which SHOULD be displayed on his/er chest. This should insure all following events are proper. Also note date time and vehicle plate
  6. HarryB


    I was taught to not eat shell fish in months NOT containing an R
  7. Welcome Back to Manix with Special 2x1 Menu $300p including home made dessert 12 - 9 Monday May 24 Abby Rivera 6 - 8 p.m. * Liver and Onions *Ruben Sandwich *Chicken Parmesan *Mahi Mahi w butter and garlic *B.B.Q. Ribs Dessert Manix Famous Carrot Cake Manix will now be closing Sundays and open Mondays thru Saturdays 12 - 9 Parking Lot 100 meters west on Ocamp Reservations, Takeout, Delivery 376 766 0061 or 331 065 0725
  8. The Bomberos are looking to buy a drone. A drone would enable them to better manage forest fire and apply limited resources more effectively. A drone could also help find lost and / or injured hikers. If you want to help send dollars to paypal (To a friend) address ms1cb@yahoo.com or drop off pesos to Manix restaurant #57 Ocampo ajijic. Mark donations for "Bomberos" and we will report progress to you. To date we have $705 US plus $4500p. Obviously the drone they need has to be heavy duty. It will cost approximately five thousand dollars. It is heat resistant, can travel 7.5 kilometers, has two way communication, a search light. A use I forget to mention would be to find drowning victims. Susan Larsen is working with us and can pickup donations in Chapala We are hoping for more donations. we are awaiting a generous donation from the British Club. I have contacted the two area Rotary Clubs, Chapala Sunrise and Ajijic and am awaiting an answer. I have had no contact from the Hiking Club. Susan Larson was going to contact them. Your friend Hector España Ramos
  9. HarryB

    Mexa Bistro

    We go to the Olive Garden in Naples Florida and love it. Expected to see consistency here and were so disappointed. Outback has been sliding for years and no longer go in the US. The place opposite Chilis on the highway to Guadalajara is still good, Dennys
  10. sure come on down and join the parking lot, sewage, lack of water, unfinished buildings and mountain encroachment!
  11. tHE mEXICANS PASSED A federal LAW AS A HEALTH LAW. sTATES TAND MUNICIPALITIES FOLLOWED BY ADOPTING THE LAW AS HAS cHAPALA( ASSUMEDLY RUN BY MEXICANS AS FOREIGNERS CAN not HOLD PUBLIC OFFICE. I apologize for the caps didn't notice The police can only ask offenders to lower. The reguladores enforce and have power to shut down. Petitions can result in shut downs and loss of business licences. They did stake our a place in La Canacinta and shut it down.
  12. went to Guadalajara yesterday for a 4 p.m. doctors appointment . Construction ongoing, but, not too bad.
  13. HarryB

    Mexa Bistro

    while on restaurants, I am ashamed of the US Chains operating in Guadalajara. I have taken family to Outback, Chilis, and Olive Garden; promising a good meal experience. I was horribly disappointed at all three. Stay out of the US big named chains when in Guadalajara!
  14. Contacting ANYONE in the government is/was/ and will be an exercise in frustration. Part of the issue with home visits is the military will not let any vaccine out of their sight as that is their assigned mission. Followup of missed shots are ALLEGED to be allowed during next group 50-59 application. No official documentation to date. The issue of home shots has been presented without response. Perhaps these will have to wait until doctors are allowed to have vaccines and do home visits. AGAIN NO OFFICIAL INFORMATION.
  15. How many times has Hector said I have no information. No information is NO INFORMATION.
  16. even the municipality has not been kept informed. Do you really think this group would bother with foreign entities? It has been a guessing game from day one.
  17. This is official. From Gob de Chapala "By provision of the State and Federal authorities if your first surname begins with these letters (F to P) tomorrow you can receive your second dose and the rest of the letters will continue for next Saturday, May 15. We regret the inconvenience that these last minute changes may cause, we always work to report responsibly and on time but these last minute changes are not our responsibility. However, we will not stop doing what is in our power to provide a dignified vaccination day to our older adults."
  18. As of 3 p.m. today, Second Vaccinations will begin tomorrow (Thursday) for those with last names letter a - e . Only those who received first shots in Chapala or Ajijic will be attended to. NO FIRST SHOTS OR NONRESIDENTS/ those who got first shots elsewhere WILL GET SHOTS. If you didn't get your receipt, there will be a desk at the gate to give your receipt. You need you CURP and visa. Start time is 8 a.m. They expect to not take more than two hours, but, bring a water and a snack just in case. Your friend Hector Espana
  19. The vaccine that was programmed for tomorrow is being CANCELLED until we have official notice Sorry for the inconvenience , but, it is out of our hands Your friend Hector España
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