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  1. If you listen to the licensing office, even one time parties need a permit. Enforcement vs mordida???
  2. There are some meds that he MUST take daily from now on. You could ask the son if the patient is managing his meds OK and if they need help?
  3. transitos will be dispatched from the police office, little more to my understanding
  4. BTW the receiver is VIP722K DVR
  5. my new house had Dish and I'm a Shaw Loyalist. Anyone know what the system is worth/ want it? There is a guy who dismounted the shaw disk from my old house and installed all in the new house, added an outlet in the kitchen and made sure everything worked in the rest of the house for 2000 pesos.
  6. emails are worthless. Pictures posted to facebook are embarrassing and defy the "everything is beautiful" image they try to represent. Remember it is all about tourists!
  7. post to facebook Chapala municipal site
  8. I told you what to do. If you have pictures send them to the Presidente too. It is MINIMAL EFFORT! The only thing that affects them is numbers.
  9. Message sent to Ajijic delegado - Apparently Chapala owns 15 garbage trucks. Only five are in service. Isn't it a no brainer to make changes at the municipal garage?????? Send copies to Chapala facebook page
  10. I've been impressed by home services. On time reasonably priced service, well stocked reasonably priced, english spoken, credit cards, plus garden store
  11. In the US most italian restaurants get bulk supplies from Roma. They do not exist in Mexico and the only authentic component available here is tomatoes.A Sicilian cook wouldn't recognize a Amalfi coast cook. These folks are from Livorno another breed again. I stand by my statement - only authentic Italian pasta and sauce on the Ribera.
  12. The owners are at the new restaurant and hardly ever visit. Arguing is a national sport in Italy. Take that in consideration when talking to guiliani. G had his standards and wasn't about to see Maria's food ruined by hot sauce or catsup. He eventually gave up on cheese on fish dishes and allowed sauce with fried calamari, so he isn't impossible.The waiter is now managing the place and can be lax. He just needs a tune up now and then. it is still the only place on the Ribera where you get hand made pasta AND an authentic sauce!
  13. EZPZ cited some of the progress. I hope no one thinks these things happened on their own. Many hours went into making them happen!
  14. in my 16 years here we have made good progress on both noise and litter. There is a new ordinance about to float, similar to Guadalajara and Zapopan, for noise. There has been quite a bit of voluntary progress. Groups are making presentations in schools on littering and kids are making progress. Groups are adopting areas to work on litter. People are picking up after their dogs. Is it perfect - 100%? NO - but, where is it?
  15. Hopefully, the profesora can explain the level of competency achieved by the graduates?
  16. that is why I would put the person in contact with the profesora to answer questions.
  17. A class of nurses has recently graduated. PM me if you are interested in their services and I will put you in contact with their english speaking profesora
  18. This admin is only interested in Chapala Tourism. Lots of cash flow and opportunities to participate in it. The want Chapala to be PV! Business has too much documentation, Silicon valley type of employers keep too much records?
  19. When we first started coming here 25 years ago it was simple. Chapala was for enlisted and Ajijic was for officers, with all that implies. Chapala is a city and Ajijic has been able to stay a village and wants to stay that way. The houses are more expensive in Ajijic because they are usually updated and up to NOB standards. 60% of Chapala's tax revenues come from Ajijic, but, the votes are in Chapala hence the focus of the politicos.
  20. There is a studio associated with the university complex. I'm sure they'd like an instructor with your credentials.
  21. One of our dogs was attacked years ago and I emptied a full can of pepper spray in the face of the attacker at close range as I had ahold of his collar. It did nothing! A tazers noise usually works
  22. No, you can not just go to the MC army and buy a gun. There is an application process. If approved you can buy one gun per year. maybe the proper term isn't license but maybe Spencer would know.
  23. A "gun licence" from MC allows you to buy one gun per year. I doubt any expat will ever get one. I was turned down once as an expat and once as a Mexican citizen with a gringo name.
  24. They can check who was driving that vehicle that date and time. Director of Public Security Adan Dominguez Leon 3311466775

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