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  1. our orders were takeout so no opportunity to complain, my loss.
  2. Of course, I'm not the all knowing large mouth oracle of Chapala! 🤑
  3. I was very disappointed with my chicken dish which was 99% rice and the little chicken was trash parts. My wife had a lamb dish she was content with.
  4. All I've ever read was that the gov stocked Lake Chapala with is Tilapia; having recently done so after fishermen complained that the fishing was depleted. I think the gov is missing out on a huge tourist opportunity by not stocking more Bass as they would draw tournaments and tourist dollars. I know that fishermen have spoken at local Rotaries in support of Bass and tournaments and likewise offered to help organize the tourism services.
  5. I thought it was against Board rules for Peter Kertesz to post as both Pedro and Ned Small. I guess the  vow that Kertesz and his antics would NEVER be allowed back on Chapala.com is as worthless as most people's work here!


  6. My nephew is an avid fisherman and a Bass tournament might even get him to visit
  7. Chapala EXPAT Liaison · we have received 2000 pesos thanks to an anonymous donor! We are now 8000 from buying the drone! Your friend Hector España Ramos
  8. A handicapped auxiliary nursing student is in need of medical appliances like glucose meter, blood pressure cuff, electronic thermometer, etc. If you can donate,please PM me. Thanks for any help anyone can give!
  9. there are many good computer people in the area. I have used Computerland in Riberas on the carretera and have always been treated well, promptly and fairly priced.
  10. https://youtu.be/OrY6LzSRRdU YOUTUBE.COM Mavic 2 Enterprise DUAL & ZOOM | EXTENSIVE REVIEW Visit: https://www.SteelCityFlightAcademy.com | Drone Training Anywhere In The United States-We review all the aspects of the new DJI MAVIC 2 ENTERPRISE DUAL... Get More Messages for Chapala EXPAT Liaison You can add a Messenger button to your post to get more messages for Chapala EXPAT Liaison. 0 People Reached 0 Engagements Boost Post 1Chapala EXPAT Liaison Like Comment Share 0 Comments ⁠this is the Bombero drone. We have received a 2000 peso anonymous donation so we just need 8000 pesos to complete the order
  11. Hey, they have to pay for the Mercedes somehow!
  12. Most of my wealthier Mexican friends live in Gated communities. They must know something!
  13. Chapala EXPAT Liaison We need just 10K pesos to be able to go to Guadalajara and buy the drone for the Bomberos. Training is all setup Please help! If you want to help send dollars to paypal (To a friend to avoid fees) address ms1cb@yahoo.com or drop off pesos to Manix restaurant #57 Ocampo ajijic. Mark donations for "Bomberos" and we will report progress to you. Susan Larson will pickup if you can't get out. She can be reached on Facebook Your friend Hector España Ramos
  14. Chapala EXPAT Liaison June 21 - 25 those 40 and up who haven't received first covid vaccinations can get their first shots at the Instituto Technologico on the Libramiento. Please bring registration doc, ID and proof of residence
  15. Did you forget Fathers' Day? You can still reserve to celebrate at Manix or have the feast delivered! Call 3310650725
  16. Check with Cruz Rojo and LCS. I believe both maintain a blood donor list.
  17. Chapala EXPAT Liaison We have met with the Bomberos' Drone advisor. 1. Training will be provided by a US certified drone pilot. Said certification does not exist in Mexico 2. Specs for an associated computer will be provided to us. 3. The drone is a China manufacture and available for purchase in Guadalajara. Plans for the purchase are pending receipt of the final needed 10k donation. 4. Terms of the contract with the municipality were discussed 5 Further discussion and collaboration were planned. Your friend Hector España Ramos
  18. EVERYONE needs to keep our eyes open! AND show some courtesy!
  19. if over 30 can register on mivacuna for next round when announced.
  20. Exactly, and most who donate to charities have given to beyond their limits. Therefore, Go fund me may very well be a flop especially in the present and foreseeable future.
  21. Absolutely, but, there are no safety nets here. That is my warning!
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