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  1. We have the usual two canister filters with an UV light plus water softener. For our drinking water, we have osmosis. I was told to change the canister filters on the osmosis unit every three months and the osmosis filter every six months.It seems to me that would vary with usage. How does one really know when to change the parts. They are not cheap?
  2. during a discussion of a friend's bad experience with another friend who is a dentist. He said HCPs have to be very careful in Mexico because their profession falls under the criminal laws. He said their mistakes make them criminally liable.
  3. El Gordo has no authority in this area and if he stops anyone,he can't do anything. Call the police, english 3315711327
  4. shovels with squared ends and heavy duty iron rakes.
  5. They have been fighting forest fires for a week. Please bring energy/electrolyte drinks to firehouse on Libramiento .or Ajijic delegation (the south west corner of the Ajijic plaza)
  6. Since two of your documents are out of date, if you are stopped in jalisco your car may be impounded.
  7. Any doctor who is Board certified will be given privileges at SAH.
  8. We have a new local commandante of the state transitos. Gordo is GONE thanks to the good people who wrote letters confirming extortion. Hector is planning a town Hall to introduce the commandante.
  9. when a good Samaritan declines a reward, for them it diminishes the deed, I offer ice cream money for their kids. It always works.
  10. the San Antonio hospital will be having dialysis, June? The Chapala municipality is also working on a clinic, no date as of yet.
  11. Mr. Vegas told me two weeks for my job . It took 4 months including threats from the Delegado and municipal judge.
  12. Juan put clorox in the skatepark bowl while it was the only thing he could do. The plan to fill it in and put another skateboard activity waits on Chapala to do. Some of the art is aspiring artists and has been highly regarded. I've talked to Hector about speaking to the gangs about not defacing the art. Likely this is Guads. I don't know the solution other than to ask the local gangs to police it and protect local art. I've mentioned the 6 gallons of grey paint to juan , but, he has been too busy to get to it, but he will. He is trying to get the Transitos to remove the last of the junk cars before Easter.
  13. the kids have so little to do now.
  14. Lake reporter claims Ajijic delegado too busy campaining to fix skate park. The truth is Juan Ramon had to resign his position in order to be able to run for his position. Any action on his part during the 4 day campaign would be seen as illegal campaigning . Juan Ramon several months ago asked Chapala to fill in the skatepark bowl and cement over it and put another type skate trick for the kids. He is totally dependent on Chapala to get the job done. And as for the junk cars, he has sent letters to offenders and gone door to door to get them voluntarily removed. To get them towed, he has to rely on Transito officers to get it done.
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