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  1. this is how they look after 5 coats. the bridges that is
  2. 1. The repaving of the Ajijic carretera is a federal project...no local input 2. This morning Hector, Bob Howe and I celebrated the completion of the malecon bridges maintenance. The Garden Guild was invited, but, cited Covid concerns. Fotos to follow. 3 The original wood was supplied by the Lakeside Garden Guild. Other materials were supplied by Inside Lakeside Hosted by Bob Howe, and Chapala Sunrise Rotary. The labor was supplied by the municipality. This to the best of my recollection and the sign.
  3. Ian make a donation and we will show you the receipts?
  4. the workers are collecting for their labor only. We are trying to raise the money for the materials.
  5. I have to apologize again to Bob Howe. He reminds me that the followers of his board did in fact contribute to the bridge project. My apology.... Sorry Bob, no slight intended! Just an old man's failing memory. You are of course invited to a celebratory foto wednesday. Time to follow.
  6. Ian, your expertise and effort are welcome . Why don't you start on the benches. We consulted an engineer whose career is paints and who knows the Rosa Morena wood used in the bridges. The Garden Guild spent 80k pesos for just the wood . The materials being used are as recommended by the engineer. Waiting for the government to do it was why the bridges were in danger of people going through 3 years ago. Good luck with that. I am sure the new regime will welcome your advice. I am a Mexican citizen and after several million pesos in projects they only listen to me if I am bringing something to the table. But I wish you well!
  7. You are right, Bob Howe was a big part of getting the benches on the malecon repaired and painted. I meant no disrespect to my friend! The bridges were rebuilt after many years of neglect, by the Garden Guild. I DONT GET INVOLVED IN SCAMS! I have been engaged in public service projects in Ajijic for many years which is well known! The 8k pesos is the price for sand paper, stain and marine varnish.
  8. Chapala EXPAT Liaison Published by Harry Bublin · JSussthreeum now · Several years ago the Garden Guild funded the rebuilding of the Ajijic Malecon Bridges. Today they need maintenance. In the picture, Tony Carreo who is unemployed is doing the work with Jose Belec. They will have a tip jar. Their drinks and meals are taken care of by Manix Restaurant. They will need cash for their families. You contribution will do more good than you can ever imagine. Now to the materials. We need eight thousand pesos for the materials to keep these bridges in top shape. If you'd like to see these two bridges maintained, you can send dollars to ms1cb@yahoo.com at paypal. Always say sending money to a friend to avoid service charges. If you would like to contribute pesos, you can put it in an envelope marked MALECON and drop off at Manix restaurant, #57 Ocampo, Ajijic 331 065 0725. Dad Harry has already contributed the first thousand pesos so we are off to a good start. We would like to have the work finished by wednesday so thank you all in advance! Your friend Hector España Ramos
  9. On behalf of Mayor Moises Anaya, I would like to express the Mexican community's condolences to the American people and all those who lost loved ones on 9/11. And in this terrible tragedy, all the amazing heroes who ran into danger and gave their lives to save others, we salute your example! Our prayers are with them and all who suffer today! Your friend Hector España Ramos
  10. rules are constantly changing, but, I know many who went to Guadalajara for shots.
  11. wouldn't it be better to block trolls? Take away their audience and fold.
  12. Our doctor told us since we got Sinvac a Phizer(SP?) booster would be better
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