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  1. Owner Lisa M from Onpoint Community Credit union Contact Hector Espana at 3310650725 or go to Manix restaurant #57 Ocampo Ajijic.
  2. that is because the gov has nothing to do with the vaccination program. It is run by an independent federal agency.
  3. Our go to place for appliance repair is Camarena in Ajijic Colon one block above carretera 766 2256. Fair pricing, reliable service, will get parts, speak english. Caveat... they are a pain to get an appointment.
  4. Mezcala was done this week . The first time Chapala was a week later. Maybe the 13th?
  5. a house on fire was reported, but, it turned out to be people burning garden trash. Burning anything is NOT allowed without permit!
  6. I have had several rainbird specialists attend my system. They were expensive and did partial work. I just had plumber Arturo attend my system and it works better than ever before. He speaks english and shows up! 3336612193. Tell him Harry sent you. Good luck
  7. our dogs had me up at exactly 7 a.m. The poodle went back to bed and the westie went outside to look for the gardener and play! He had enough sense to come at 8.
  8. there is a repair shop north side of the carretera 1 1/2 blocks west of Colon in Ajijic.
  9. don't bother to go to home depot they have LESS than lakeside Lopez across from and east of Ajijic Guad Pharm
  10. Just a question. How did the average public keep accurate time before radio and tv to tell us?
  11. Dear Friends Both Ajijic Delegado Juan Ramon Flores and I have been receiving many calls asking/ demanding information regarding second vaccinations and/or receipts. Be assured we would dearly love to answer these questions, but, we have no information at all. This is supremely stressful for us as we can't answer you. The organization "Save the Nation" ( SERVIDORES DE LA NACIÓN) is in complete control. Even when they do give us information, i.e. pickup registrations at the malecon thursday and friday, it has turned
  12. Unchecked development with out infrastructure expansion is foolish, but, profitable. Get the $$$$$$ now and let the future worry about the results!
  13. Might a "third world country" be someplace where 40% of the children live in poverty?
  14. Receipts will be issued today and tomorrow between the hours of 9 - 2 at the computer lab on the malecon.
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