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  1. HarryB

    Now I've Seen it All...........

    Some years ago we saw a woman receiving communion at mass while clutching her chihuahua. Her Mexican driver explained after mass that she was extremely agoraphobic. So if that little fellow let her come to mass more power to them both. Are the service dog vests the same as buying a FAKE handicapped pass to park in those spaces??? I have no idea how it works here but in the states Delta society trains you and your dog for therapy visits. You have to pass a bunch of tests to go to hospitals and nursing homes. Seeing eye dogs go through rigorous training. I would assume to get a legit service dog you would need a DR.s letter and some organization will train you and it. There are hearing dogs, seizure dogs, dogs that navigate with someone in a wheelchair and so on. Dogs for people claiming agoraphobia would I suppose to be an easy scam to perpetuate. I have seen stores and restaurants with no mascota signs. So I guess he OP should look for those. I need valium for the dentist maybe I should consider brining my dog 😁 Chris Bublin
  2. HarryB


    The barber in Plaza Bouganvillas does a good job.
  3. HarryB

    Town Hall Results

    1. The Municipal Commandante was trying to demonstrate that he is absolutely serious about not allowing any extorsion among his force. 2.Gordo has been extorting this community for years under many commanders. You have no idea of the power of mexican unions. They require more proof than courts . El Gordo will not be fired. He will be transferred. 3 El Gordo is a state employee, he can't be sent to mexcala. Besides I believe Chapala is responsible for mexcala, I believe and we don't have beat cops, sadly. 4. Hopefully, as of Dec 6 the Municipal Transito will be enforcing all types of safety regs. When I have an opportunity I'll bring up the ATVs and kid drivers. 5. Calling the english cop line wasn't planned. I planned the agenda with Hector. 6. What malecon Patrol?
  4. Sorry, I am working on so many issues, sometimes i mix up my crusades. Effective monday there will be a box at Have Hammers in Riberas for donations. I am told that they are open from 9ish to 4 ish. There is parking. I can't do more Bazaars. I am dancing as fast as I can.
  5. 1. If you are stopped, ask for the reason. The officer has to have his ID displayed. If he doesn't, he is probably planning to shake you down. Ask for the ID and photo it if you can. Don't try to photo him. A representative from State Transito was given the available letters, pictures from Facebook and statements presented at the meeting. Ask for the "folio" and NEVER pay a bribe. 2. If you are harassed in any way , you can call the police to come and protect you. An english speaking officer will answer 332 161 5903. Municipal Transito also can be called 331 566 3440. 3. Have you paperwork in order. CURRENT licence, CURRENT registration, CURRENT insurance, your emissions sticker if due. If an imported car, your CURRENT visa. If you are missing one of these you can be ticketed. If you are missing two, your car can be impounded. 4. Municipal Transito will begin enforcing laws December 6. We alerted them to motorcycle drivers and the intersection in La Floresta at the monument. 5. they will have definitive answers about golf carts in January.
  6. As of this morning, there isa listing by Taner at Lake Chapala Realty. The lot is 10,000 M2@$70/. It is 23.27 meters wide and widens as it goes straight up to the east of the falls.
  7. HarryB


    Please remember to bring your questions in writing. We will have paper and pencils available. No names necessary.
  8. As of this morning Hector was informed that there is an listing for 700,000US for land in Tepalo area. Chapala Realty is alleged to have the listing. Hector went to see moy about this.
  9. HarryB

    Looking for a Maid/ Houskeeper

    Be SURE you get recommendations from previous employers. If someone loses a husband or his job etc the temptation to steal becomes too much.
  10. HarryB

    warm restaurants

    Had dinner at Manix and all indoors and warm. He has a wood burning fireplace in his upstairs dining room.
  11. I didn't even realize it was there.
  12. If you have posted on facebook about el gordo send me a copy without your name. I will present them at the meeting. I have some from BP.
  13. TOB done, thanks for the reminder.
  14. HarryB


    The idea of the meeting is to get the municipality to appreciate how serious this problem is and to find out what the municipality will do to protect its' residents.