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  1. Heidi has an ad as a photographer in the Oho. Both phone and email are listed. I'm sure she would appreciate some feedback.
  2. Despite extensive negative remarks here and on Facebook ( many by mexicans)about the helicopter tours, NO official complaints have been received by the municipal government. Therefore, full speed ahead!
  3. Wednesday, November 20 Mexican Revolution Party Entertainment by Abby Riverra and the Norteno Band Ballet Folklorio Presentation Special Menu $250p p/person not including drinks or tips Manix Molcajete Night Shrimp, BeefArrachera, Mix, Pork,Chamorro or Cornish Hen Vegetarian Options available Dessert Mexican Flan Call 766-0061 for reservations Valet Parking
  4. you do have the right to sue for the loss in value to your property---good luck
  5. Hector is expat community Liaison. Juan Ramon is delegado. He is the one to call.
  6. if no one gives them money they will move on. They must be getting enough to make them stay.
  7. I've asked Hector to find out what steps have been taken since the meeting. He said that there should be an article in the Guad Reporter this week. he says that the govenor has been here twice this week and Dale talked with him. About the trucks, All I know is they came from the state so i assume they are the same as the blue ones we have been seeing. Moy promised Hector and Juan Ramon a truck for village use. but. they haven't gotten it.
  8. People asked for more drunk driver checks and it seems they got them. 4 additional trucks have been donated to Chapala so they could put out more patrols. I don't know if they have officers to man such patrols? Chapala has offered the National Guard property to put their area division. I don't know if anything has been done to catch the home invasion gang. People asked if the street corner drug thug/ watchers could be rounded up.
  9. Basically the limit is one drink. At the recent security meeting people asked for more vigilance on the drunk drivers. Seems they got it.
  10. there will be a free (I think) bus at Black Coffee at 4 p.m. to take folks over to Ixtlahuacan; just got this info. The bus will return at 8: 30. There will be the Ballet Folklorio of Oaxaca, the local Ballet and the little boy who sang in the movie COCO.
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