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  1. Spencer has warned repeatedly about these out of state registrations Pay attention!
  2. and if the cop checks the registration against your address?
  3. Thank you to all have donated thus far to our goal of purchasing a compactor to more efficiently get our plastics to market. On August 9 we received an offer of $3,000 USD matching funds, based on our ability to obtain matching donations up that amount. Since we received that offer we have received $675 USD in donations leaving $2,325 USD left to match. Spread the word! (If you know someone who wanted to give but hasn't yet done so, please encourage them to get involved now.) Today's total (counting the pledged $3,000) is $5001.06 USDpledged or donated.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the Peso account we also received a promise of a matching donation up to $20,000 pesos. We have not yet reached that goal but are far along towards meeting it. As of today, if we count the $20,000 pesos pledge as "money in the bank", we have a total of $30,007.89.. pesos So, thanks to all of you, we are about 90% to our goal. We will have additional expenses to consider, obviously, like the electrical installations to power this baby. Delivery and set up.. BUT thanks to all of you we are almost there! One important note of progress in the program: Starting in one week we will be constructing containers in front of the Recycle Center, to receive donations 24/7 eliminating the unsightliness we have endured up to this point. Today I received $2,000 pesos from a donor towards that construction.. Also, the glass 'smashing' platforms are in the works, in the rear of the facility .. The company that buys our glass have laid plans for construction and they are subsidizing our costs with $10,000 pesos to get that operation up and running.. All good news to a community that has done an incredible job of responding to our calls for help. On behalf of the entire Ajijic Recycle Committee I thank you for all you have done. It is impressive the response we have received! The Committee President P.S. The only part of our program that is not improving is the pick up service. We now have 42 bins located around town and the truck that services them is not reliable and the government is not able to supply a regular service .. so as funds come in we hope to be able to purchase our own truck very soon and improve that MOST IMPORTANT part of the program..
  4. there are companies that make stuff from recyclables, like park benches, docks....
  5. everything recyclable goes in the same bin. They sort.
  6. Does anyone have the switchboard number?
  7. west of Ajijic where the army checkpoint was.
  8. Moy has been called to Mexico City. The meeting has been changed to August 29 at 1 p.m. The Guadalajara noise group will be participating then.
  9. not the first and won't be the last with aging drivers!
  10. There are now federal, state and local laws.
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