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  1. As of this morning we have 372 signers! PLEASE continue to help getting signatures. I can't do it alone and this helps so many!!!!
  2. klm, we are not asking for donations, but at some point we may need help paying for the sign materials. Right now we need all the signatures we can get. As of this am we are up to 290 signatures!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. As of now we have 234 signatures. This morning I contacted leaders in the expat community and enlisted their help. This pm Hector is bringing me the phone numbers of three leaders in the mexican community and I will go to see them to enlist their support and buy them a coffee!
  4. He buys the chlorine as needed and we pay, We get other chems==algicide, ph upper,,,,
  5. He buys the chlorine as needed and we pay, We get other chems==algicide, ph upper,,,,
  6. we are half way through our third year with our first pool. We have yet to pay one centavo in electric. My wife likes the pool at 90 degrees, True you have to run the pump 4-5 hours even if you are not using the pool. We are healthier and stronger. We have solar electric, pool heat, and hot water. I have a gas poolheater to give away, all you have to do is remove it without damaging my property. Our gardener gets and extra 500p/ month for pool care + chemicals.
  7. Is there an Ajijic resident who hasn’t had an altercation with a cab driver? Yes, there are individual cabbies whom we all love and I suspect those who aren’t nice, don’t even live in Ajijic. They just come here for our money! I have several objectives for bringing this up. In Ajijic, there are TWO official, yet unsigned for years, handicapped parking spaces. With the continued influx of elderly residents, both expat and Mexican, MORE handicap spaces at the plaza are essential and their lack of is probably a violation of Mexico’s human rights laws. There have been incidents where senior citizen transportation was denied parking by taxi personnel, violating Mexico’s tradition of respect and care for seniors. Therefore, I propose: 1. That the number of taxi parking spaces be cut in half and that the spaces be dedicated to handicap parking WITH signs. Chapala has multiple spaces with signs. 2. That the taxi stand east of Guadalajara Pharmacy and three spaces at the Malecon be activated for taxis in compensation to the cabbies and for the convenience of residents. Elderly customers especially tourists, might not be able to walk to the Plaza to get a cab. 3. That the police monitor the dedicated spaces at the plaza and be instructed to call Transito when unauthorized persons park in these spaces; often personnel from nearby businesses. you need to go to the site to sign see address http://chng.it/MYpJS9Zq
  8. talk to them , it isn't the amount, It is the percent. Perhaps their satellite view shows what looks like an addition? forget the lawyer, maybe you are joking.
  9. call 766 2304. message feature not working
  10. the Chapala expat community liaison could use one. I can pick it up, pm me!
  11. the cells at Transito are especially gross.They like them that way. Some people will pay anything to get out.😁
  12. Manix Dinner, Dance and Show Wednesday, January 22 6-9 p.m. Entertainment by Ricardo and Blanca Tango Show by Anita and Juan Rosa Tango Special Menu Appetizers Garden Salad * Linguine Fruti di Mar a la Curry * Filet Mignon * Chicken Florentine Filet and Chicken served w baked potato, corn souffle and fresh garden veggies Dessert-- Chocolate Mousse $350 not including drinks and tips Reservations 376.766.0061 or 331 0650725 Valet parking Ocampo #57 Ajijic
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