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  1. streets back open with potholes fixed thanks to Hector and Juan Ramon.
  2. They will be working on potholes for the next couple of days at Pedro Moreno/ Aquilles Serdan and the malecon.
  4. HarryB

    Pasta Trenta

    been Italian all my life and NEVER experienced precooked hard pasta, which is what they use. Alex, Tratoria , and the two in La Canacinta make their own pasta.
  5. HarryB

    Pasta Trenta

  6. maybe you should turn your monitor around------Just Joking. Don't know why it isn't coming through. I copied and pasted , didn't file transfer or anything. Hope others are getting it . There is alot of useful info I'll email it to you Pete. Please share with others
  7. Jul 7 at 8:07 AM If someone in our group can translate this, or find it in Spanish I'll post it .. thank you
  8. This is a new invention from Sello Rojo that we do not take..it does not recycle .. wouldn't be a bad idea to avoid purchasing single use plastics like this one.. Here is a recycle chart from the plastics industry. We take: #1 marked PETE and PET, clear or colored. The clear is the most precious ($$) of plastics. #2 , marked HDPE (the milky .. cloudy bottles that are called Leche because it is the most common milk container) we are now discovering that some Suavitel, ammonia and other cleaning supplies are also packaged in this 'milky" plastic and if we remove the labels, they too qualify as "leche". The recyclers pay a better price for 'leche' than for colors. BUT one of the most confusing issues for us are all of the detergent and cleaning supply bottles*, they too are #2 HDPE but they are opaque colors and are sold separately! Separating them has been our biggest problem.. #5 PP is the Electrolyte bottles and some of the 'berry' plastic containers, cottage cheese, etc. .. only the ones that are marked with a 5 inside the triangle and PP underneath. At this time: We do not take #3 and #6 & # 7. #4 I believe this is the bottle 'cap' material which we do not sell separately. We are giving those to the Hospital Civil Children's Cancer project... or leaving them on the containers .. and they go through with whatever class the bottle is included in.. (as of today that is what we think..) subject to change as we get more information. HERE"S THE CHART If anyone knows how to blow this up to be more easily read, please help to do it. As far as specific brands of items and they bottling, there are several odd colors like seen on Ensueno fabric softeners. They come in odd colors, not blue, nor red, nor pink, nor purple, just odd colors. They are trash! There is a new type of white plastic milk bottle that are silver or brown colored inside, they are considered trash .. not recyclable in our program.. We plan to create a photographic page of all the no's very soon and publish it.. My cell is 3314 97 3620, I might not always be able to send our Bazaar truck out, on the spur of the moment to rescue large deposits of cardboard to save them from the rains, but will try. Thank you for your interest and help. Please feel free to share this email with anyone you wish.
  9. I called the number that was in the Guad Reporter 3318621096 friday night. Because a nearby evento which is usually quite good was being excessively loud. I was told they would be there in 3 minutes and they were. Slept well.
  10. Got to drive it somplace to keep it going. Lalo won't let me drive the Triumph as he uses it for weddings and quincieras.
  11. The yellow metal bumps are called tortugas as they resemble turtles. They are easily removed with a crowbar. Drove my MGB from Ajijic to Joco. saturday and only hit the roof twice and scraped the bottom on one tope in SJC.
  12. I have a nephew angler visiting until 11 July and he would like to go fishing. Anyone have a rod I can borrow?
  13. Ruben did my MG years ago and still like new!
  14. My receiver is supposed to get HD.
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