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  1. does anyone know of a product like round up that can be purchased in the are? tried Wal mart. thanks.
  2. gringohombre, could you get by with limited Spanish ?
  3. California has a long border. Just got back yesterday . Use google maps for distance . Napa to Ajijic through Tucson, 2008 miles.RickS has been a great help to me. Thanks.
  4. Had a great trip. Mazatlán first night, Hermosillo next night, Scottsdale the next. thanks again.
  5. Any tips on places to stay, routes, misc. info welcomed. first trip back there. (2 or 3 days ) Thanks!
  6. No eggs Benedict . I went in for them on wed. Not on the menu.
  7. Thanks Rick & Pappy. I'll do that tomorrow.
  8. New tags are in the mail.I'll talk to a local agent. Thanks again.
  9. Will do. Forgot about the border guys.
  10. Thanks Pappy.Liability is fine. Anyone you have used.
  11. Going NOB for a month. Any experience on insurance co. that will sell me insurance for 30 days?
  12. Vía de la Colina, Bajío o Barrio Pobre, San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jal. Calle Arroyo Hondo 10 Ajijic a little confusing.
  13. The food court, and Wal Mart are located in San Antonio.
  14. may be the same sausage maker that sells his products to super lake. they were giving samples of all the sausages yesterday. he does a very good job. He also makes liverwurst that is very good.
  15. Tom I sent you a PM

  16. Would you need to by it if you have prime NOB?
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