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  1. Can you sign up for internet/phone if you are on a tourist visa? I heard the rules had just changed. Thanks!
  2. how can I tell if my tip is for three more years after I received my temporal??
  3. has anyone seen powdered buttermilk lately at super lake ?
  4. Are you having the World Cup on tv tomorrow sat?
  5. Chillin, nolajoe,Thanks! I will get back...
  6. Fish and chips, Mamas, across from superlake, no bassa. Try it.
  7. Chillin, can you give me an address? I have to have passed it.
  8. Yes, California. Small world. Hoping these next rains will cut the odor. It wasn't like this last year at all. Not THAT bothered by it. Just wondering.
  9. bmh, I lived in Calistoga, but the water always smelled liked that. Here it just started smelling like that maybe 4 months ago. I pulled the anode on the heater, not that. Chlorine tabs, did not stop it. I did notice that after the last big rain, that it became less smelly 3,4 days later. I'm thinking it may have something to do with the water table. Possible??
  10. I have an appointment with the new guys Mon. very reasonable quote for my problem. i'll report back.
  11. I got a quote today for a MRI from them. they called the hospital in Guad. lower back. 7000 P.
  12. Tue. market also. Smoked trout too.
  13. Thank you. I am going tomorrow. just lost it, still looking...
  14. what do I need to do about a lost temporal visa ?
  15. the cold water smells also. I'll try it , and let you know how it works.
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